Toshiba At300 Tablet: 10 Things You Need To Know

Toshiba AT300 tablet: 10 things you need to knowThe Toshiba AT300 is our latest tablet, bringing entertainment, web surfing, and gaming in one slim portable device that you can cradle in the palm of your hand. The Toshiba AT300 is powerful, fun, functional and stylish. To explain how, we’ve taken a look at the top ten things to live about the Toshiba AT300.

The latest Nvidia Tegra 3 processor If you love games, you’ll find that thanks to the latest quad-core Nvidia Tegra 3 processor performance all-round is very quick. Whether you’re browsing web pages, flicking through apps, or playing games, you’re guaranteed a smooth user experience.

Up to ten hours of battery life Thanks to the efficiency of its Nvidia Tegra 3 processor, the Toshiba AT300 is able to enjoy a battery life of up to 10 hours of a single charge, making the AT300 the ultimate all-day tablet for the professional, mobile gaming fan and avid web surfer. 

Two integrated cameras? For taking pictures and making video calls, the Toshiba AT300 comes with a 5-megapixel camera on the rear, with flash, and a 2-megapixel camera on the front. The AT300’s 10.1-inch Gorilla Glass offers plenty of room to enjoy the photos you take, and video chat tablet-style.

One of the most intuitive experiences seen on a tablet? When you pick up a Toshiba AT300, you also get your hands on one of the best, most fluid tablet experiences around. Everything just works effortlessly, and according to your preferences. Customised homescreens let you personalise your AT300 experience with the widgets and apps that are most important to you. It means that no two AT300 tablets are ever the same as you make it your own. ??   A wealth of apps ? Thanks to the ability to download apps, the Toshiba AT300 offers a wealth of possibilities. From apps that let you watch the latest on-demand films, to the latest portable games - the AT300 will always keep you entertained.

Enjoy tablet content on your television If you want to transport your portable media content to a bigger screen, you can easily do so thanks to a micro-HDMI output that lets you playback video on the big screen, enjoy the latest mobile games on a grander scale, or just browse the web on something larger.   Enhanced stereo sound The Toshiba AT300 always sounds great thanks to its integrated stereo speakers, boosted by Toshiba SRS sound technology that delivers punchy audio with plenty of power and clarity, making movies, music and games an enjoyable experience for eyes and ears.

Excellent connectivity ?Flexibility is another of the AT300’s talents. And that means plenty of connectivity options. The AT300 has a full size SD card slot (up to 64GB), and a micro-USB port for connecting other devices such as external hard drives. Optional mobile broadband lets you browse the internet wirelessly when on the move. ?   Access Toshiba Music ? The Toshiba AT300 comes pre-loaded with lots of useful software, including access to Toshiba Places such as Toshiba Music - where you can access millions of music tracks to preview and purchase, and even listen to a free radio station that you can customise according to your own music tastes.

Read e-books Download e-books to save space on your bookshelf. Reading digitally is growing in popularity. And with digital books costing less than physical copies, there’s every reason to get downloading. The AT300’s 10-hour battery life will leave you plenty of time for reading on-the-go.

From its powerful processor to its awesome entertainment abilities, the Toshiba AT300 tablet has everything you need in a slim device kitted out for the best user experience.