Toshiba Begins To Test Hydrogen Energy Storage System

Toshiba Begins to Test Hydrogen Energy Storage SystemToshiba Corp started test operation of a hydrogen energy storage system that it installed in collaboration with the government of Kawasaki City April 20, 2015.

At the time of disaster, the system, "H2One," can supply electricity and warm water to 300 people for about a week. At normal times, it helps peak cut and peak shift adjustments. The test is scheduled to be finished March 31, 2021.

The H2One is a stand-alone energy supply system consisting of solar power generation facilities (maximum output: 30kW), lithium-ion rechargeable battery (capacity: 350kWh), water electrolysis equipment (maximum hydrogen production rate: 1m3/h), hydrogen tank (capacity: 33m2, 0.8MPa), pure hydrogen fuel cell (maximum output: 3.5kW), etc.