Toshiba Image Recognition Processor In Denso Safety System

Toshiba Image Recognition Processor in Denso Safety SystemToshiba today announced that Denso is deploying Toshiba’s TMPV7506XBG image recognition processor in its latest front-camera-based active safety system. Vehicles equipped with DENSO’s camera system will reach the market in fall of 2015. The TMPV7506XBG image recognition processor IC supports multiple camera-based Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) functions, including lane detection, vehicle detection, pedestrian detection and traffic sign recognition. It concurrently executes multiple applications with low power consumption.

Toshiba is developing a family of automotive image recognition processor solutions. Products include TMPV7528XBG, which adds an ARM Cortex -A9 MPCore, and the TMPV7608XBG, which offers Toshiba’s original color-based pattern recognition technology, ideal for pedestrian recognition at night.