Toshiba Medical Equipment Production Facility In Brazil Begins Operation

Toshiba Medical Equipment Production Facility in Brazil Begins OperationToshiba Medical Systems Corporation (TMSC; headquarters: Otawara, Tochigi Prefecture, Japan; president and CEO: Satoshi Tsunakawa) has started operation of a newly established medical equipment production facility in Campinas, São Paulo State, Brazil. An opening ceremony was held in Campinas on March 13th.

TMSC established Toshiba Medical do Brasil Ltda (headquarters: Barueri, São Paulo, Brazil; president: Gerardo Schattenhofer) in 1974 and has been involved in the sales and service of Toshiba medical equipment in the South American region through this subsidiary. The healthcare market in South America, centered around Brazil, is expected to undergo steady expansion due to continuing advances in healthcare technology and improvements in healthcare infrastructure. In order to further strengthen our presence in the Brazilian healthcare market, we must adapt ourselves to local circumstances, including governmental policies which tend to favor domestically produced medical equipment.

For the above reasons, we have recently established a production division within our Brazilian overseas subsidiary and have now launched a new production facility. The facility will receive PPB (Processo Produtivo Básico) approval from the Brazilian government and will begin the manufacture of CT systems and diagnostic ultrasound systems as Brazilian domestic products at this facility. It should be noted that Toshiba will be the first international manufacturer to receive PPB approval for the domestic production of ultrasound systems . At our new production facility, we will promote the local procurement of parts within Brazil and will manufacture medical equipment under the highest quality control standards comparable to those in Japan. We are committed to producing safe and reliable medical equipment with excellent cost-performance to satisfy growing demand not only within Brazil but also throughout the entire South American region.

[Outline of the new production facility]

Location Campinas, São Paulo State
Systems produced CT systems: Activion 16, Alexion/Advance Edition, Alexion/Access Edition
Ultrasound systems: Aplio 300, Aplio 400
Area of the facility Approximately 2500 m2