Toshiba Qosmio Dx730 Uk Tech Experts Test Our First All - In - One Pc

Toshiba Qosmio DX730 UK tech experts test our first all-in-one PCPacking intuitive touchscreen technology, stunning performance and the latest high-definition multimedia features, the Toshiba Qosmio DX730 isn't just the first all-in-one PC we've created; it is also one of the very best you can buy.

And now that the UK technology press has got their hands on it and given it a thorough testing, it seems they agree. So we've been looking at all they've had to say, to find out what they've liked most about the Qosmio DX730.

First up were the IT experts at Reg Hardware, who wasted no time in praising the DX730, awarding it a fantastic score of 80 per cent and saying, "[its] top-notch display, audio and video features make this a classy entertainment PC."

The sleek and stylish design quickly caught the reviewer's eye, with them noting, "the slim-line system is neatly designed, with the screen and wireless mouse and keyboard all finished off in the same glossy precious black."

And the great touch usability was another strong point, as they said, "...the DX730 felt smooth and responsive..." and "[I had] a bit of a Minority Report moment when realised I could use my fingers to flick through the options."

Next up were the PC enthusiasts at PC Advisor, who called the Qosmio DX730, "...a great Blu-ray enabled HD multimedia centre with superior sound quality and a built-in TV tuner" and awarded it a score of four out of five.

Again it was the multimedia features that really stood out, with the reviewers saying, "It offers a built-in hybrid digital/analogue TV tuner... a BD-capable drive [and] a superior sound system with Onkyo-branded stereo speakers...."

Noting that "it has plenty of RAM and a huge 2TB hard drive for storage, they also loved the Qosmio DX730's elegant design, saying, "[it] has a rather executive feel to it so it wouldn't look out of place in an office."

And finally Channel's 5's The Gadget Show took a close look at the DX730 and came away calling it, "...a great bit of kit that comes with all the features one could want for gaming, enjoying the latest films and television shows."

Kicking off their review with, "There's plenty to love about the [DX730]", they particularly liked the great specification, calling it "a well stocked bit of kit" and noting, "If you're going to invest in a high-end [PC], [the Qosmio] fits the bill."

And finishing up by saying, "As desktop packages go, this is one of the most well-rounded", the Gadget Show were yet another team that were won over by the Qosmio DX730's fantastic mix of power, features and great usability.

Offering fantastic hi-def entertainment potential and unbeatable features, the Qosmio DX730 is by far one of the best all-in-one PC's you can buy, so why not check it out today and see why the press loves it just as much as we do?