Toshiba Showcases New Pc, Laptop And Tablet Range To Uk Tech Experts

Toshiba showcases new PC, laptop and tablet range to UK tech expertsLondon’s Carnaby Street was the venue for launching the latest in Toshiba’s new PC, laptop and tablet range in front of the UK’s tech experts. On show was the new Toshiba U840W laptop - the world’s first with a cinematic 21:9 screen, the Toshiba Portégé  Z930 - the world’s lightest Ultrabook, and the Toshiba LX830 touchscreen PC.   Also there was the powerful new Toshiba U840 Ultrabook, the sleek R9 business laptop range, and last but not least, the Tegra 3-powered Toshiba AT300 tablet.

After a few introductions, it was time for the experts to get hands-on with the new range. We were there too, and managed to catch a quick word with a few of them.

For Pocket-lint’s Chris Hall, it was the Toshiba U840W, which in one sentence he described as “unique,” “crazy,” and “interesting” that caught the eye. The U840W is the world’s first Ultrabook to offer a 21:9 cinematic display. It means you can watch films minus those black borders. Its luxury design, brushed metal finish, and generous grip make it stand out.

“In some ways it's completely crazy, but tucking this laptop under your arm like a folded copy of The Times has a certain je ne sais quoi about it. Toshiba have done something different and I can't help admiring that," Chris told us. 

Ardjuna Seghers from Trusted Reviews was just as impressed. "With its unique 21:9 U840W, Toshiba is doing for laptops what Philips did for televisions in the quest to remove or at least reduce the black bars in shows and movies."

Meanwhile others turned their attention to some of the other new Toshiba products on display. As a current Toshiba Ultrabook user himself, Tech Radar’s Dan Grabham made a beeline for the Toshiba Z930 - the world’s thinnest Ultrabook.   “The Z930 was of particular interest because I’d been using the Toshiba Z830 for a little while now. I think it’s a fantastic Ultrabook, very lightweight, very easy to use and quite nice to look at.” He also commented on the Toshiba Z930’s powerful new Ivy Bridge processors. “Ivy Bridge is going to be quite important for the rest of the year. It should provide a nice boost for people going out to buy an Ultrabook for the rest of the year.” ?

There was even time for a few games on the Toshiba AT300 tablet. Dan Grabham was particularly impressed with its graphics when it came to gaming. “The Tegra 3 is pretty sound, graphically. There’s a lot of power behind it. A lot of tablets will be powered by Tegra 3, and it is a pretty impressive launch,” he said, also telling us the Toshiba AT300 offers good value for money, “I think the pricing is pretty competitive too. Considering what the AT300 can offer it’s a good package. I was quite impressed by it.'

Overall, the UK’s tech experts went away pleased with what they saw. In the days and weeks to come, lots more will be revealed about the Toshiba Portégé, Toshiba U840W, Toshiba U840, Toshiba LX830 touchscreen PC, the Toshiba R9 business range and the Toshiba AT300 tablet.