Toshiba To Introduce This Winter New Flagship Regza 4k Hdr Tv With Best Shine And Contrast

Toshiba to introduce this winter new flagship REGZA 4K HDR TV with best shine and contrast Toshiba launched a new teaser site that features a product that can be seen as a new flagship LCD TV REGZA.
The new REGZA series are expected to be launched this winter during the holidays 2015.
It will be powered by the 4K REGZA engine HDR PRO which will offer incredible picture shine and contrast.

Toshiba says that it aims to be the best Regza ever.

For now we know just a few specifications like : 58-inch display size, 4K resolution ( 3,840 × 2,160 dots ), brightness of 7,000 nits and a power consumption of 2,000W.

7,000 nits is a very high brightness, high-end TVs currently only feature 400-500 nits.