Toshiba Wearable Fitness Tracker Visits The Fcc

Toshiba Wearable Fitness Tracker Visits The FCCToshiba might have rolled out a wireless hard drive as well as an enterprise class tablet, but this does not mean that the company is not involved in other kinds of consumer electronics. In fact, we have spotted this unique wearable fitness tracker that hails from Toshiba over at the FCC. This means that the device should be close to a release over here in the US, after being launched in Japan earlier this summer.

A user manual that was spotted over at the FCC points to this particular activity tracker fitting right smack into a wristband, allowing you to wear it all through the day so that it can get to work, monitoring your physical activities that will range from walking to running and sleeping. It will work nice with either iOS or Android-powered devices via a Bluetooth in order to have it share the collected data with a mobile app.
Apart from that, one can pop the charger out of the wristband and place it in a charging base so that the battery can be recharged.