Toyota Camry's Hud Shows 10 - Inch Video 2.5m Away From Driver

Toyota Camry's HUD Shows 10-inch Video 2.5m Away From Driver

Toyota Motor Corp employed a full-color head-up display (HUD) for the "Camry" mid-size sedan, which was released July 10, 2017.

The HUD realizes a "large screen" by showing about 10-inch video about 2.5m away from the driver's eyes. It seems to be supplied by Denso Corp. Toyota employed the high-performance HUD that it developed in cooperation with Denso, which has a close relationship with Toyota, instead of a product of Yazaki Corp, which supplies an HUD for the fourth-generation Prius.

An HUD is an automotive device that shows information such as vehicle speed and route guidance several meters away from the driver's eyes as a virtual image. Video generated by an LCD display, etc is reflected several times inside its mechanism and enlarged. Then, it is shown on the windshield, combiner (display unit), etc.

As a result, the driver can obtain necessary information without looking at a car navigation system, center meters, etc, improving safety at the time of driving a car.

The distance of 2.5m is about 0.5m longer than in the case of the Prius. As the distance becomes longer, the driver adjusts the focal point less frequently at the time of driving a car, reducing fatigue and improving safety. In addition, the method to display video directly on the windshield contributed to increasing screen size.

Video is seemingly generated by a TFT (thin-film transistor) LCD display equipped with a backlight unit. It is reflected three times by a reflector, magnifier, windshield, etc so that it is enlarged and shown at a distance.

"An HUD employed by Germany-based BMW can display the largest video in the industry," Toyota said. "But the HUD of the Camry can display even larger video."

The HUD is available to some models of the new Camry. "G Leather Package," which is the high-end model, comes with the HUD as a standard feature. For "G," it is available as an option at a price of ¥43,200 (approx US$385). It cannot be used for "X," which is the lowest-price model.