Video : Sony Ps4 Exclusive Racer Driveclub 18 Min Gameplay

VIDEO : Sony PS4 Exclusive Racer Driveclub 18 min GameplayA video showing some 18 minutes of off-screen footage of the upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive racing game, Driveclub, has emerged from this year's edition of Gamescom, held in Cologne, Germany.

The video shows a hefty chunk of gameplay, recorded from the demo provided by publisher Sony and developer Evolution Studios, on the show floor at Gamescom, giving gamers a preview of what's coming their way in October.

The video shows a ton of interesting stuff from the upcoming racer, including a wide variety of tracks and camera views, internal as well as external, also showcasing the various game menus and highlighting the car damage implementation, as the drivers often found themselves firmly planted in the guard rails.

The game looks pretty good, the cockpit view being particularly impressive, and it seems that handling will require some serious skills, especially in multiplayer. Additionally, judging from the footage, it seems that developer Evolution Studios has also implemented some sort of collision penalty to make the game feel more authentic.
VIDEO Sony PS4 Exclusive Racer Driveclub 18 min Gameplay