Video : Sony Smartwatch 2 – 400 Apps, New Styles And *new* Features

VIDEO : Sony SmartWatch 2 – 400 apps, new styles and *new* featuresWe’d just like to bring you up to speed with some of the latest SmartWatch 2 developments…
Last month we announced an exciting new addition to SmartWatch 2’s app portfolio – the world’s first wearable boarding pass with Vueling.

So… we’ve now got around (just under) 400 dedicated SmartWatch apps… no doubt helped by the fact that when we launched SmartWatch 2 our developer partners were pretty much averaging production at one extension a day.

Secondly, you might’ve seen we launched a few more stylish editions – firstly “Business”, and from this week “Brazil” – to celebrate SmartWatch 2 being an official accessory of the upcoming 2014 FIFA World Cup.\\And lastly (but, as you’ll see not least-ly) from today, we’re excited to roll a software update for SmartWatch 2 that both fixes some little bugs, but also introduces a range of fresh & useful features.

Here’s a rundown of what’s included;

Customisable watch faces

You can now customise your watch faces from your wrist or phone through a simple drag and drop feature, just like on our Xperia smartphones. Just choose a watch face and add the widgets you want to have displayed. You can choose from date, weather, calendar, Bluetooth, notifications, battery indicator and an alarm as well as a host of other options. As the platform is open to 3rd party developers, new widgets and watch faces are constantly being developed – keep an eye out for more new designs coming soon.


Also customisable from your wrist are our new wallpapers. The six unique and stylish wallpapers are now available and work independently from your smartphone.


For those of us who aren’t ‘numbers’ people, a calculator has been included in the update. It features as a native app that’s not dependent on your phone, meaning you can use your calculator when your phone is in your bag or pocket.

Oh, and maybe key in a certain number and see what happens? Let us know if you know…

Improved Gmail and Facebook apps

Thanks to some of your feedback, we’ve made some slight tweaks to the Gmail and Facebook functionality on SmartWatch 2. Tweaks include improving the Gmail synchronisation between phone and watch, and making the posts on the Facebook app more “scrollable.” Have a look around and tell us what you think.

Notification drawer

We’ve also tweaked the notification drawer. You can now scroll through all of your calendar appointments and mark any events as ‘read’ straight from the watch.

Bluetooth connect/disconnect vibration settings

You can now choose to turn vibration settings off for when Bluetooth connects and disconnects.

This latest update represents a significant step forward in the capabilities of SmartWatch 2 and we’re very pleased in where we’ve brought the platform in terms of user experience, however, we’re always looking at new options in this sector and there are all sorts of exciting developments coming from our smart wearables teams… stay tuned for more news soon!
VIDEO Sony SmartWatch 2 – 400 apps, new styles and *new* features