Vietnam Environment Administration And Panasonic Sign Partnership Agreement On Environmental Protection

Vietnam Environment Administration and Panasonic Vietnam Sign Partnership Agreement on Environmental ProtectionOn 8 December 2015, Panasonic Vietnam (PV) and Vietnam Environment Administration (VEA) have signed the Strategic Partnership Agreement to consolidate existing environmental activities and strengthen the partnership between both organisations. Since 2012, Panasonic Vietnam and VEA have collaborated on various environmental outreach and education programmes, as well as eco exhibitions.
The agreement will now function as a springboard for the companies to encourage participation from, and involve the general public and other organisations in caring for the environment.

Working towards Vietnam's sustainable development, PV and VEA will collaborate on a series of joint activities including tree planting festivals, the Eco Learning Programme, "Action for a Green Vietnam" eco contest, and a green battery exchange campaign.

"We support Panasonic Vietnam's commitment in sustainable manufacturing and responsible business activities. We are confident this Strategic Partnership Agreement will enhance the relationship between the Vietnam Environment Administration and Panasonic, and are looking forward to build together the right foundation in environmental protection nationwide," said Mr. Nguyen Van Tai, Director General, Vietnam Environment Administration, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment.

Since 2011, Panasonic Vietnam has been actively involved in the Eco Learning Programme, a global initiative aimed at nurturing leaders of tomorrow who are passionate about environmental sustainability. To date, over 15,000 students from hundreds of schools around the country have joined these interactive lessons and eco workshops organised by Panasonic. Topics range from climate change, biodiversity, energy, to green technology. PV's partnership with VEA will help to bring the Eco Learning Programme to even more students in suburban and rural areas of Vietnam. By 2016, another 1,000 students will have the chance to participate.

In addition, Panasonic Vietnam will work together with local authorities to roll out a green battery exchange campaign to actively promote the use of eco products. Students and the local community can exchange their old batteries with these green batteries at no additional cost. These green batteries are produced using Panasonic's advanced technology. They do not contain any added hazardous substances such as lead, mercury and cadmium, thus making them environmentally safe.

"Under this green battery exchange campaign, we hope the community will be better aware of how to protect the environment by making positive behavioural changes. While it is important to save energy and conserve our limited resources, it is also crucial to limit the discharge of hazardous wastes into the environment," expressed Masahiro Yamamoto, Director, Panasonic Vietnam.

Panasonic Vietnam's eco education activities and environmental protection efforts have contributed to the achievement of the company's regional target of reaching out to 200,000 members of the public in Southeast Asia and Oceania region by March 2016.

The company is also on track to achieve other environmental sustainability targets in the areas of CO2 emission reduction through its suite of eco products and green manufacturing initiatives, resource conservation and chemical substances management.