Vr System Reproduces Fire Scene For Fire Extinguishing Drill

VR System Reproduces Fire Scene for Fire Extinguishing Drill

NEC Corp, NEC Networks & System Integration Corp and MX Mobiling Co Ltd (Koto-ku, Tokyo) will release a system that uses VR (virtual reality) and enables to experience fire extinguishing in September 2017.

The system, "VR Fire Extinguishing Experience Simulator," does not require special facilities for training fire-extinguishing techniques. Therefore, an emergency drill can be performed in various places both indoors and outdoors.

The new system consists of Samsung Electronics Co Ltd's "Galaxy Gear VR with Controller" head-mounted display (HMD), "Galaxy S8" (or "Galaxy S8+") smartphone, a fire extinguisher for training, dedicated software and a monitor for an instructor.

The user wears the HMD and smartphone and handles the extinguisher while watching video of a fire scene displayed on the screen. Video being seen by the user can also be output to an external monitor so that the instructor can give advice in real time.

In many conventional fire-extinguishing training methods, a water extinguisher for training is used to aim at a target. While the operation procedures of a fire extinguisher can be learned, it is difficult to experience fire extinguishing with a realistic fire being extinguished.

The new system enables to experience fire extinguishing by using a VR video creation technology to reproduce realistic flames and smoke. Currently, the system can simulate an office on fire (as a standard feature), and a kitchen and a stove are scheduled to be added in future updates.

The price of the system starts from ¥1 million (approx US$9,088, excluding tax). NEC, NEC Networks & System Integration and MX Mobiling aim to sell 1,000 units of the system in three years to disaster control/fire extinguishing-related organizations and the disaster control departments of corporations.