Wii U Problems Will Enable Nintendo Creativity Says Miyamoto

Wii U Problems Will Enable Nintendo Creativity says MiyamotoShigeru Miyamoto, the leading video game developer working at Nintendo, believes that the current problems that the Wii U home console is facing might be a blessing in disguise for the company, because it will give it the energy it needs to power up its famous creativity.

He is quoted by Gamasutra as saying that, “Certainly we've had tough times before, but the numbers have never been as bad as they are now. In my years with Nintendo what I've found is that it's always in those difficult times that we have a tendency to find that next new thing.”

Nintendo was expecting to sell more than 9 million units of the Wii U during the 2013 fiscal year, but has only managed to deliver about 2.8 to gamers.

Shigeru Miyamoto says that the effects of creative design from the company can already be seen in the recently launched Mario Kart 8, which is one of the titles that have managed to increase sales of the home console on launch.