Xbox Exec Says Sony 'still Isn't Listening To Gamers'

Xbox Exec Says Sony ‘Still Isn't Listening To Gamers'

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Sony has taken a lot of flak recently from gamers over its stance on cross-play. Sony CEO Kenichiro Yoshida tried to explain the company’s reasoning behind the move at IFA 2018 by saying that one of the main reasons why cross-play isn’t supported on its platform is because the PlayStation 4 offers the “best experience” for gamers compared to the other platforms. That remark has earned a response from Xbox engineering lead Mike Ybarra who says that Sony “still isn’t listening to gamers.”

Yoshida’s comments were in response to the criticism that Sony has faced over its decision to not allow cross-play and progression in Fortnite on PlayStation 4. Gamers can’t take their progress to or from the PlayStation 4 to another platform even though it’s the same game.

They also can’t play against other players who are not running Fornite on a PlayStation 4. That’s not a restriction that Xbox puts on its console owners. No wonder Ybarra had a response to Yoshida’s comments.

He addressed the matter on Twitter, saying that the company is still not listening to gamers. “All games should be cross play and progression with the right input flexibility and gamer options.” Sony appears to be in no mood to change its stance, though, and even as the industry tries to push the company in that direction it seems unlikely that it will happen any time soon.

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