Youtube For The Nintendo Switch Could Be In The Works

YouTube For The Nintendo Switch Could Be In The Works

These days consoles are more than just machines for gaming. They also double as entertainment devices, where gamers can watch movies, videos, surf the web, chat with friends, and more. So far as far as the Nintendo Switch is concerned, the console has remained largely a device for gaming.

Hulu did launch for the console for gamers who wanted to stream shows (although it does require a Hulu subscription), and now it looks like YouTube could be coming to the console next. A post on ResetEra (via Nintendeal; via 9to5Google) has revealed that there are some users who are spotting the YouTube app in the suggested section on Nintendo’s website.

Now it should be noted that this doesn’t necessarily confirm that YouTube for the Switch could be coming, but it definitely seems a good sign of things to come. It is also sort of a no-brainer that YouTube for the Switch could be in the works, as this would benefit both YouTube and Nintendo to have their app and platform accessible on the Switch.

Also given that YouTube is starting to pay more attention to gaming and gaming streams, it could potentially allow gamers to stream their games onto YouTube as well (although with how strictly Nintendo controls content that appears on YouTube, this could be tricky). Either way we’ll keep our eyes peeled for if and when the app does launch.

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