Trd Drops A Pair Of Wild Toyota Gr 86 Concepts

TRD drops a pair of wild Toyota GR 86 concepts

Toyota, by way of its performance Toyota Racing Development arm, has unveiled a pair of hotted-up GR 86 concepts. TRD created the pair of street fighters to showcase the parts that TRD is developing for the upcoming second-generation GR 86.

Just a warning before we proceed, though: The names are quite a mouthful. There's the Toyota GR 86 GR Parts and the Toyota GR 86 GR Parts Concept. Yes, the names have multiple instances of "GR" in them, and are separated only by the word "concept." Technically, TRD should be in there somewhere too, it seems.

The former is the road-legal version of TRD's take on Toyota's lightweight, rear-wheel-drive sports coupe. It take the frankly somewhat plain styling of the GR 86 and adds an aggressive front lip, side skirts, and rear bumper. Naturally, there are canards and a rear deck spoiler as well.

Performance-wise, there's no mention of anything under the hood. However, the car has a TRD performance exhaust, adjustable suspension, GR monoblock brake calipers with vented rotors, and thin-spoked 19-inch TRD wheels.

Normally, we don't condone the addition of visual busy-ness, but it'd be a lot more fun to see this thing zipping down the freeway than the stock GR 86. We'd probably pass on that carbon-and-bolts fuel door though.