Fujitsu Develops Security Technology That Safely And Easily Execute Exchanges And Payments

Fujitsu develops security technology that safely and easily execute exchanges and payments in different virtual currencies - FareastgizmosFujitsu Laboratories today announced the development of its – ConnectionChain – a security technology that can safely and easily execute exchanges and payments in different virtual currencies. A great deal of attention has recently been focused on virtual currency exchange among individuals and companies using initia coin offerings (A method of raising capital in which an individual or company issues a proprietary virtual currency), to raise capital from the sale of virtual currencies. Settlement between virtual currencies managed using blockchains, however, requires a reliable application to handle the currency exchange processing at the boundaries between the blockchains, and ensuring transparency in this process has been an ongoing issue.

Fujitsu Deep Learning Technology Successfully Estimates Degree Of Internal Damage

Fujitsu Deep Learning Technology Successfully Estimates Degree of Internal Damage to Bridge Infrastructure - FareastgizmosFujitsu and Fujitsu Laboratories, today announced the development of sensor data analysis technology that can aggregate vibration data with sensors attached to the surface of a bridge, and then estimate the degree of the bridge’s internal damage through the application of “FUJITSU Human Centric AI Zinrai technology,” Fujitsu’s approach to artificial intelligence.

This technology was validated using data obtained from verification tests of fatigue degradation of bridges carried out by the Research Association for Infrastructure Monitoring System (RAIMS). The technology enables enhanced maintenance and management tasks, making it possible to remotely estimate the degree of internal damage to bridge infrastructure.

Fujitsu Livetalk Software Now Facilitates Smooth Communications Between 19 Languages

Fujitsu LiveTalk software now facilitates smooth communications between 19 languagesFujitsu today announced the addition of multilingual translation functionality to FUJITSU Software LiveTalk, a participatory communication tool for the hearing-impaired. LiveTalk is software that recognizes what a speaker is saying-in situations such as a corporate meeting or a lesson in school-and instantly displays the spoken words as text on multiple devices, enabling real-time communication for everyone, including those with hearing impairments.

Fujitsu To Build One Of The Largest-scale Supercomputers In Japan

Fujitsu to build one of the largest-scale supercomputers in JapanFujitsu has received RIKEN‘s order for the Deep learning system, which in terms of operations will be one of the largest-scale supercomputers in Japan specializing in AI research. The RIKEN Center for Advanced Intelligence Project will use the new system, scheduled to go online in April 2017, as a platform to accelerate R&D into AI technology.

Fujitsu Develops World’s First Slide-style Palm Vein Authentication Technology

Fujitsu develops world’s first slide-style palm vein authentication technologyFujitsu today announced the development of the world’s first slide-style palm vein authentication technology. This new technology is compact enough to be equipped to future tablets and other handheld mobile devices. As tablets and other small-scale mobile devices have become widespread, there has been interest in embedding an optical unit for vein authentication into the narrow frames of such devices, but making the optical unit smaller had been difficult. Fujitsu has succeeded in developing a compact illumination component that lights up a rectangular target area with a uniform intensity using a single LED.

Cameron Flings Fujitsu To National Football Title

Cameron flings Fujitsu to national football titleRiding the accurate arm of quarterback Colby Cameron, the Fujitsu Frontiers regained the national title by rolling to a 30-13 victory over Kwansei Gakuin University in the Rice Bowl on Tuesday night at Tokyo Dome.
Cameron threw for three touchdowns, including a majestic 51-yarder to Teruaki Clark Nakamura, as Fujitsu extended the X-League’s dominance over the collegians in the national championship game to eight straight years and 22-12 overall.

Fujitsu City Monitoring Solution Employing Ai Technology

Fujitsu City monitoring solution employing AI technologyFujitsu today announced development of solutions that make use of images from surveillance cameras deployed throughout a city or inside a facility, using high-speed image processing technology cultivated with its Human Centric AI Zinrai artificial intelligence and supercomputer technologies.