2018 Honda Cr-v Pros And Cons

2018 Honda CR-V Pros and Cons

The first-generation Honda CR-V went on sale in 1997 and it helped start the crossover craze that’s still going on today

2018 Accord Named Overall Best Buy Of 2018 As Honda Models Win 7 Of 12 Kelley Blue Book Awards

2018 Accord Named Overall Best Buy of 2018 as Honda Models Win 7 of 12 Kelley Blue Book Awards

The all-new 2018 Honda Accord was named the Overall Best Buy of 2018 by Kelley Blue Book (KBB) as Honda vehicles took top honors in 7 of twelve 'Best Buy' award categories. The all-new Accord bested every other new vehicle in the market because, according to the expert team of editors and evaluators at KBB, "it outclasses the competition in almost every meaningful measure. It also sells for far less than the average new car while providing more features, better fuel economy and a more proven reputation for quality and reliability."

Honda led the industry with seven 2018 Best Buy winners including:

2018 Honda Clarity Plug-in Hybrid Pricing To Start At $33,400

2018 Honda Clarity Plug-in Hybrid Pricing to Start at $33,400

Just in time for the holidays, the 2018 Honda Clarity Plug-in Hybrid will go on sale December 1, 2017 at dealerships nationwide. The midsize plug-in hybrid starts at a Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of $33,400 with highly equipped standard equipment and is offered with a Touring trim for $36,600.1

"The Clarity Plug-in Hybrid takes a big step forward in bringing Honda electrified vehicles into the mainstream with no compromise to performance, range or comfort," said Ray Mikiciuk, assistant vice president of Honda Automobile Sales. "The Clarity Plug-in Hybrid leads the pack with the highest all-electric range rating of any plug-in hybrid sedan and the most comprehensive standard equipment, spacious five-passenger cabin and a roomy trunk – all at an affordable price point."

How The New Honda Civic Type R Avoids Torque Steer

How The New Honda Civic Type R Avoids Torque Steer

One could look at the 2018 Honda Civic Type R and immediately criticize it for having front-wheel drive, particularly since many of its rivals are all-wheel drive.

However, simply dismissing the Type R based on its front-wheel drive layout would be short-sighted. It still provides incredible driving thrills, performance and with the right driver behind the wheel, could keep up with rear-wheel drive supercars along a mountain road.

2018 Honda Civic Type R Chases Down Porsches On The 'ring

2018 Honda Civic Type R Chases Down Porsches On The 'Ring

Even though the new Honda Civic Type R holds the front-wheel drive production car record at the Nurburgring, owners shouldn’t expect to match the car’s 7 min 43.8 sec lap just by jumping behind the wheel.

Nevertheless, French car magazine L'Argus recently took to the iconic German circuit and performed an extremely impressive lap, tackling the track’s most difficult sections with poise and control.

Driving The Honda Nsx, Toyota Supra And Mazda Rx-7 Back-to-back

Driving The Honda NSX, Toyota Supra And Mazda RX-7 Back-To-Back

Throughout the 1990s and early 2000s, many of Japan’s leading automakers built world-beating sports cars that were exceptionally fast, bewilderingly agile and in many ways, ahead of their European and American rivals.

Of all the iconic Japanese sports cars of the time, the first-generation Honda NSX, FD Mazda RX-7 and A80 Toyota Supra are among the most beloved. One fortunate YouTuber had the chance to jump behind the wheel of all three.

Honda Civic, Mazda 3, And Chevy Cruze Batten Down The Hatches

Honda Civic, Mazda 3, And Chevy Cruze Batten Down The Hatches

These days, the market is filled with all sorts of compact hatchbacks, including the (worldwide) popular Volkswagen Golf and Ford Focus .

But what if you wanted to step out of their shadow and go for something different, yet still affordable? Well, then you will have to check out other brands, and in this case, they include Honda, Chevrolet, and Mazda.

Honda Sports Vision Gran Turismo Revealed...virtually

Honda Sports Vision ConceptHonda has unveiled its Sports Vision Gran Turismo in the virtual world. Styled like a miniature NSX, the car will be playable in Gran Turismo Sport, but there’s no real-world version at the moment.

As you’d hope of a compact Honda sports car, the Honda Sports Vision Gran Turismo is seriously light and seriously powerful. Thanks to the extensive use of carbon-fibre, it tips the scales at 899kg.

Honda Unveils Diesel Cr-v Race Car For Race Of Remembrance

Honda Unveils Diesel CR-V Race Car For Race Of Remembrance

Honda UK and Mission Motorsport created the world's first ever CR-V diesel race car, set to compete in the Race of Remembrance at Anglesey circuit in Wales.

The team used a CR-V 1.6 i-DTEC AWD EX model as the foundation for this project, removing everything inside except for the dashboard, while adding a bespoke roll cage, racing seats and harnesses.

Honda La Vista: Company Says It Can't Afford 10 Percent Tariff Following Brexit

Honda La Vista: Company Says It Can't Afford 10 Percent Tariff Following Brexit

Honda has announced it cannot afford to pay a ten percent tariff on British-built cars if the United Kingdom returns to World Trade Organization rules when the country leaves the European Union in 2019.

In a document submitted to the parliament's business committee, Honda said “A 10 percent tariff would make our vehicles uncompetitive and would impose costs we cannot afford to absorb."

You Can Now Drive The Honda Sports Vision Gt In Gran Turismo Sport

You Can Now Drive the Honda Sports Vision GT in Gran Turismo Sport

The Honda Sports Vision Gran Turismo has officially been launched, allowing Gran Turismo Sport players to drive the car in-game.

The Honda Sports Vision GT sent the car world into a frenzy prior to its debut. After Honda patents revealed the design, many thought a so-called ‘Baby NSX’ could be on the way, serving as a spiritual successor to the Honda S2000. It turns out it was just a design for Gran Turismo’s ongoing ‘Vision GT’ program, and now the car has made its official debut.

Honda Cb4 Interceptor: A Futuristic Café Racer Concept

Honda CB4 Interceptor: A futuristic café racer concept

What will a café racer bike of the future look like? Here's Honda's thoughts on the matter, showcased by its new CB4 Interceptor bike concept at the EICMA motorcycle show in Milan.

The black – or 'Total Black' as Honda puts it – concept bike is the work of Honda's research and development department in Rome, and It continues in similar vein as the 'Neo Sports Café' styled CB4 Concept displayed at EICMA 2015, but according to Honda the Interceptor takes a direction towards what it calls Sport Endurance. Under all this buzzword bombardment lies the newly introduced CB1000R; the CB4 Concept two years ago foreshadowed the new CB1000R, but was based on the CB650F instead.