New Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Coming To U.s. Through The La Show

New Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Coming To U.S. Through The LA Show

Mitsubishi is going to challenge the Nissan Rogue Sport/Qashqai, and other compact SUVs, with the new coupe-like Eclipse Cross in North America as well.

Announced for the 2017 Los Angeles Auto Show, which starts on November 29 for the international press days, the crossover will celebrate its American premiere, after being presented in Europe earlier this year.

New Mitsubishi Shogun Sport Arriving In Uk In 2018

New Mitsubishi Shogun Sport Arriving In UK In 2018

Mitsubishi will launch the new Shogun Sport -also known as Pajero Sport- in the UK in spring 2018.

The new seven-seat model, which is already on sale in Asian markets, is based on the same underpinnings with the L200/Triton pickup truck and will be exclusively offered with the 180hp 2.4-liter diesel engine paired to an all-new eight-speed automatic transmission and the firm’s Super Select 4WD II system.

If Mitsubishi Made A Mirage Out Of A Micra

If Mitsubishi Made A Mirage Out Of A Micra

After joining the Renault-Nissan Alliance, Mitsubishi is looking to renew its lineup, and besides a new generation Outlander, they're also interested in a more modern supermini.

Source claim that this job has fallen onto the Mirage, which will be replaced by an entirely new generation within the next couple of years.

Mitsubishi Fuso To Launch 'world's 1st' Electric Truck In Japan

Mitsubishi Fuso to Launch 'World's 1st' Electric Truck in Japan (1)

Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corp (Mitsubishi Fuso) announced Oct 19, 2017, that it will start to deliver the "eCanter," which the company claims is the world's first mass-produced compact electric truck, in Japan.

Mitsubishi Fuso is a company affiliated with Germany-based Daimler AG. The eCanter was developed based on the "Canter," whose unit sales is 100,000 per year in the global market. Mitsubishi Fuso developed the lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery of the eCanter in collaboration with Mercedes-Benz, a luxury car brand of the Daimler group. The drive range of the truck is expected to be 100km (approx 62.1 miles per charge).

New Mitsubishi Mirage Reportedly Getting Next-gen Renault Clio Platform

New Mitsubishi Mirage Reportedly Getting Next-Gen Renault Clio Platform

Mitsubishi are looking to challenge the likes of the Opel Corsa and Ford Fiesta with their very own supermini, which will serve as a replacement for the current Mirage.

It remains unknown at this point whether it will keep its moniker, but it will be offered across the European market, based on the same mechanicals as the next generation Renault Clio and Nissan Micra, AutoExpress reports.

Mitsubishi Electric Unveils The Largest Diamond Vision In The Asia Equivalent To Over Five Tennis Courts

Mitsubishi Electric Unveils The Largest Diamond Vision in the Asia Equivalent to Over Five Tennis Courts at SOGO Hong Kong - FareastgizmosMitsubishi Electric today unveiled the Largest Diamond Vision in the Asia Pacific Region at SOGO Department Store in Hong Kong’s iconic Causeway Bay. Measuring approximately 19 meters by 72 meters, equivalent to over five tennis courts, the screen is capable of displaying six vertical images in Full HD (W 1,080 pixels x H 1,920 pixels). Named CVISION for its crystal, color-rich, and captivating quality as well as its iconic location. CVISION incorporates Mitsubishi Electric’s proprietary LED chips with black outer packages, which decrease brightness when off and increase contrast when on. The screen will begin officially operating on October 27.

In addition, short eave-like louvers minimize contrast degradation when sunlight strikes the screen, helping CVISION to achieve 50-percent higher contrast than the company’s conventional screens. CVISION can be viewed easily from side angles or close up in the sunshine, and offers an 80-degree downward viewing angle compared to the standard 45 degrees. Mitsubishi Electric has installed Diamond Vision screens in more than 950 places worldwide, including some of the busiest commercial locations in the world such as ALTA VISION in Shinjuku, Tokyo and 1535 Broadway in Times Square, New York.

Mitsubishi Electric Begins Mass-producing Auto Industry's First Crankshaft Isg System

Mitsubishi Electric Begins Mass-producing Auto Industry's First Crankshaft ISG System for 48V Hybrid Vehicles - FareastgizmosMitsubishi Electric announced today that it has begun mass-producing the auto industry’s first crankshaft-mounted integrated starter-generator (ISG) system for 48V hybrid vehicles, which will be mounted in Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Compared to belt-driven starter-generators, the crankshaft-mounted motor produces higher output power and generates more power, which contributes to better fuel efficiency. The Newly developed transfer-molded power module for 48V systems reduces heat resistance and enhances durability.

The demand for 48V hybrid vehicles, which offer excellent fuel efficiency at relatively affordable costs, is expected to increase, especially in Europe. Mitsubishi Electric developed its ISG system-a crankshaft direct-driven system for idling-stop-start, energy recovery and torque assist-to achieve higher output power and better fuel efficiency in 48V hybrid vehicles.

Mitsubishi Evolution Reborn As Electric Crossover

Mitsubishi Evolution reborn as electric crossover

Forget everything you ever knew about the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution. The potent, raw sport sedan that was a semi-mythical enthusiast fantasy for years is dead. In its place now comes an electric crossover, called the e-Evolution, as the Japanese automaker moves forward in a new era where mobility matters more than performance.

It's a tacit admission that a small company can't afford to compete in the narrowest of niches — sport sedans — and a shrinking one at that. The e-Evolution shows Mitsubishi's new strategic direction, and it will be capable of using artificial intelligence, connectivity and other mobility solutions.

Mitsubishi Reportedly Plans To Spend Billions To Get Back In The Game

Mitsubishi reportedly plans to spend billions to get back in the game

Japanese automaker Mitsubishi Motors reportedly plans to inject more than 600 billion yen ($5.35 billion) in capital spending and research and development over the next three years through fiscal 2019 in a bid to turn around its business after recent scandals.

The Nikkei newspaper said the new plan calls for spending 5 percent of annual sales on equipment and the same proportion on R&D. Funds will be used by the company for the development of electrified vehicles such as the new e-Evolution concept and for production in China and Indonesia. Mitsubishi Motors will release the specifics of the new medium-term plan on Wednesday, the business daily said. ($1 = 112.1600 yen) Reporting by Sumeet Gaikwad

Mitsubishi Electric Unveils Emirai 4 Autonomous Ev Concept For Tokyo

Mitsubishi Electric unveils Emirai 4 autonomous EV concept for Tokyo

Mitsubishi Electric – a separate arm from Mitsubishi Motors ­– specializes in electronics. That includes things like air conditioning and refrigerators, but also covers a number of automotive systems and parts ranging from engine control units to power steering to electrification products. Now, Mitsubishi Electric is putting that expertise to use in the field of future mobility, unveiling an entire concept car, called the Emirai 4, for the Tokyo Motor Show.

The Emirai 4 is electric, and can switch between normal and autonomous driving. It has a head-up display that uses augmented reality, powered by high-accuracy 3D mapping and positioning tech, to emphasize lane markings, making them more visible at night or in lousy weather. A central display is equipped with a sliding knob that can be assigned various functions, and is intended to help the driver keep their eyes on the road.

Mitsubishi Eclipse Gets Morphed Into A Polaris Slingshot Xl

Mitsubishi Eclipse Gets Morphed Into A Polaris Slingshot XL

The Polaris Slingshot is one of the more unique vehicles on the market and it apparently inspired this bizarre abomination.

Recently posted on Reddit, this distinctive car is based on the second-generation Mitsubishi Eclipse convertible and has a relatively familiar appearance until you step around back. As the grainy photo shows, the rear of the car has been completely gutted and replaced with unique bodywork.

Mitsubishi Electric's In-vehicle Driver Monitoring System Simultaneously Monitor Driver And Front Passenger

Mitsubishi Electric's in-vehicle Driver Monitoring System Simultaneously Monitor Driver and Front Passenger with one wide-angle camera - Fareastgizmos
Mitsubishi Electric today announced the development of the first in-vehicle driver monitoring system using one wide-angle camera to detect the driver and front passenger simultaneously. Conventional driver-monitoring systems generally use a camera to analyze the driver’s face for inattentiveness or drowsiness. Recent imaging systems monitor not only the driver but also the front passenger for added safety and convenience.Mitsubishi Electric has now developed a technology that uses just one wide-angle camera to monitor both the driver and the front passenger and warn them about potentially dangerous driving behavior, such as looking off to the side or sleepiness, and to identify face and hand gestures for enhanced assistance, such as changing air conditioning settings.

The wide-angle camera can be installed flexibly within the vehicle and eliminates the need to install a second camera for the front passenger. Mitsubishi Electric will exhibit its driver monitoring system during the 45th Tokyo Motor Show 2017 at the Tokyo Big Sight exhibition complex in Tokyo from October 27 to November 5.

Mitsubishi E-evolution Concept Ev Has Ai That Can Teach You To Drive Better

Mitsubishi e-Evolution concept EV has AI that can teach you to drive better

Following a teaser last month, Mitsubishi has revealed additional details, and a couple more images of the e-Evolution concept. The new teasers show a car with a pretty wild profile. The windshield is incredibly long and raked, and it generally has an angular, wedge-like shape. It's also an extremely cab-forward design, which is possible because it is fully electric, and there isn't an engine up front to take up lots of space.

That's bad news for anyone hoping Mitsubishi might just hybridize a high-strung turbo engine. But it is still all-wheel drive, courtesy of a trio of electric motors. There's one motor up front for the front wheels, and a pair at the back for the rear wheels. These rear motors can apply different amounts of power for torque vectoring.

Mitsubishi Ka-band Gan-hemt Mmic For Satellite Earth Stations Offers High Output Power

Mitsubishi Electric's Ka-band GaN-HEMT MMIC for Satellite Earth Stations Offers High output power and low distortion - FareastgizmosMitsubishi Electric announced today it will launch a Ka-band (26-40GHz) 8W gallium nitride (GaN) high-electron mobility transistor (HEMT) monolithic microwave integrated circuit (MMIC) amplifier for satellite earth stations. Satellite networks are used for high-speed communication during natural disasters and in areas where ground networks are difficult to construct, are currently implemented mainly in the C-band (4-8GHz) and Ku-band (12-18GHz), but higher frequencies are increasingly being used. Also, market demands for deployments in the higher-frequency Ka-band are increasing.

Mitsubishi Electric’s new Ka-band GaN-HEMT MMIC will help meet the growing demand for higher frequency deployments, as well as facilitate the development of satellite communications equipment capable of extra-high output power and efficiency. The new MGFG5H3001, which offers industry top-level low distortion and output power rating of 8W, boasts a small footprint that will help to downsize power transmitters. Mitsubishi Electric will begin shipping samples on November 1.