High Fuel Costs Hit Hot Spring Attraction

High fuel costs hit hot spring attraction

Soaring fuel prices are taking a toll on business in a hot spring resort northwest of Tokyo.

The town of Kusatsu in Gunma Prefecture is a popular destination for visitors who come to see the traditional method of cooling hot spring water "yumomi" by stirring it with large wooden paddles.

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Japan To Recommend Online Consultations For Mild Covid Cases

Japan to recommend online consultations for mild COVID cases

Japanese health authorities are considering urging people with fevers to consult doctors online if they have a low risk of developing serious coronavirus symptoms.

The plan is aimed at reducing the burden on medical institutions, as experts at the health ministry are predicting that seasonal influenza may spread earlier than usual this winter.

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Japan - Australia Special Operations Units Conducted Joint Drill

Japan-Australia special operations units conducted joint drill

Japan's Ground Self-Defense Force has announced that Japanese and Australian special operations units have conducted a joint drill. It is rare for the Japanese forces to release highly confidential information about the elite units.

The GSDF says that the drill included target practice. It says that the exercise was conducted in Australia in August.

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Capybara Bites Two Children At Wildlife Park In Gunma, Northwest Of Tokyo

Capybara bites two children at wildlife park in Gunma, northwest of Tokyo

A capybara at a wildlife park in Gunma Prefecture, northwest of Tokyo, has bitten two small children and injured one of them seriously.

Officials at Gunma Safari Park say a one-year-old boy was knocked down from behind and had his back bitten by a capybara on September 25. The child was playing in a section where visitors can have direct contact with capybaras.

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Nobel Prize Winner Paabo Is Regular Visitor To Zen Temple In Hiroshima

Nobel prize winner Paabo is regular visitor to Zen temple in Hiroshima

The winner of this year's Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine, Svante Paabo, has been visiting a Zen temple in Japan regularly for more than 20 years, writing a book during his stay there in 2013.

The Swedish-born scientist was awarded the prize on Monday for his major contribution to the genetic study of human evolution through his groundbreaking work to establish technologies for deciphering the genome of Neanderthals and other extinct human species.

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Ngos, Hibakusha Urge Japan To Take Action For Nuclear Disarmament

NGOs, hibakusha urge Japan to take action for nuclear disarmament

Atomic bomb survivors and anti-nuclear NGOs have urged senior officials at Japan's foreign ministry to take concrete measures toward abolishing nuclear weapons.

Members of the Japan NGO Network for Nuclear Weapons Abolition submitted a petition at the foreign ministry in Tokyo on Thursday.

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Two - Way Star Ohtani Finishes Historic Season

Two-way star Ohtani finishes historic season

In Major League Baseball, Ohtani Shohei of the Los Angeles Angels was a starting pitcher in the final game of the season against the Oakland Athletics on Wednesday.

The Japanese two-way star became the first player to qualify for both the batting average title and the earned run average title in the same year since Major League Baseball began its two-league system in 1901.

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Ana To Increase Upcoming Winter Bonuses To Pre - Pandemic Levels

ANA to increase upcoming winter bonuses to pre-pandemic levels

Major Japanese carrier All Nippon Airways has proposed to its labor union an increase in bonuses to be paid in the upcoming winter to pre-coronavirus pandemic levels.

In the proposal to the union on Wednesday, ANA management says they are ready to pay bonuses equivalent to two months' salary this winter.

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Kishida To Visit Australia In Late October

Kishida to visit Australia in late October

NHK has learned that Japanese government officials are making final arrangements for Prime Minister Kishida Fumio to visit Australia this month.

Government sources say Kishida is planning the visit for late October if the Diet's deliberation schedule allows.

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