Reactions To Trump's Decision On Inf

Reactions to Trump's decision on INF

Some people in the Japanese atomic-bombed cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki are criticizing US President Donald Trump's announcement that he would withdraw his country from the nuclear missile treaty.

A 72-year-old man in Hiroshima, whose parents and sister suffered the 1945 attack on the city, says the disastrous scenes he heard from his parents as a boy are deeply etched in his mind. He says in order to achieve world peace, countries should not possess nuclear weapons. He says the Japanese government needs to clearly oppose Trump's decision.

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Opposition Against Ldp Amending Constitution

Opposition against LDP amending Constitution

Japan's main ruling Liberal Democratic Party is aiming to present the party's plan on a Constitutional amendment in the upcoming extraordinary Diet sessions starting Wednesday. Those opposed, including the largest opposition party, the Constitutional Democratic Party, are concerned that the issue will be put on a table without their consent.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe reshuffled his cabinet members and key party officials on the 2nd of this month.

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Guidelines Issued For People Evacuating With Pets

Guidelines issued for people evacuating with pets

Japan's Environment Ministry has created guidelines that pet owners should follow when seeking refuge in evacuation shelters during disasters.

Many people evacuated with their pets after the 2011 earthquake and tsunami that hit northeastern Japan, and after the earthquakes in Kumamoto Prefecture in 2016.

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Empress Michiko's Book Published In Vietnam

Empress Michiko's book published in Vietnam

The Vietnamese edition of a book written by Japan's Empress Michiko has been released.

An event celebrating the publication of the book, "Building Bridges: Reminiscences of Childhood Readings," was held in Hanoi on Saturday, the Empress's 84th birthday.

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Ex - Tepco Exec: Preventing Accidents Is Difficult

Ex-TEPCO exec: Preventing accidents is difficult

A former vice president of the operator of the damaged Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant says it is difficult to say what could have prevented the 2011 nuclear accident.

Ichiro Takekuro testified at the Tokyo District Court on Friday in the trial of 3 Tokyo Electric Power Company executives.

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70 Structures Identified In Seismic Damper Scandal

70 structures identified in seismic damper scandal

Japanese firms that falsified data for seismic shock absorbers have identified 70 of the affected structures. The buildings identified so far are all local or central government offices.

Tokyo-based KYB and its subsidiary, Kayaba System Machinery, manufactured and sold seismic dampers whose test-data were altered.

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70 Buildings Named In Data Falsification Scandal

70 buildings named in data falsification scandal

A Japanese firm that has admitted to falsifying data for potentially substandard seismic dampers has identified 70 of the affected buildings.

The KYB group and its subsidiary earlier this week acknowledged that they had manipulated the test results for the earthquake shock absorbers over several years.

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Fireball Observed Over Hokkaido

Fireball observed over Hokkaido

A fireball appeared in the sky over Hokkaido, northern Japan, on Thursday. An expert says it may have been a fragment of an asteroid or some other object entering the Earth's atmosphere.

NHK's cameras positioned across the prefecture captured the flash of light in the sky at around 8:56 PM. The cameras are installed on Mount Hakodate and the island of Rishiri and in the town of Shari.

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Japan, Germany Stress Compliance With Trade Rules

Japan, Germany stress compliance with trade rules

The leaders of Japan and Germany have agreed to work together to promote compliance with international trade rules.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Chancellor Angela Merkel held talks in Brussels, Belgium, on Thursday on the sidelines of the Asia-Europe Meeting.

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Bulgarians May Be Responsible For Graffiti

Bulgarians may be responsible for graffiti

Japanese police are questioning staff from the Bulgarian national opera after being notified by the opera company that they are suspected of scrawling graffiti in the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park.

The park is home to the landmark Atomic Bomb Dome, which was damaged in the 1945 bombing.

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Msdf Kaga Destroyer Making Port Call In Singapore

MSDF Kaga destroyer making port call in Singapore

A Japanese destroyer has made a port call in Singapore after taking part in drills with India and the Philippines.

Japan's Maritime Self-Defense Force invited media to its largest destroyer, the Kaga, on Thursday at a naval base in Singapore.

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Japan, Us To Discuss Helicopter Safety

Japan, US to discuss helicopter safety

Japanese Defense Minister Takeshi Iwaya and the commander of the US forces in Japan, Lieutenant General Jerry Martinez, have agreed to speed up talks on safety inspections of US helicopters.

Iwaya met Martinez on Thursday at the Defense Ministry in Tokyo. It was their first meeting since Iwaya's appointment in the recent cabinet reshuffle.

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Japan Lodges 3rd Protest Against Russian Drills

Japan lodges 3rd protest against Russian drills

Japan has protested to Russia for the third time this month over the country's military drills in waters near the 4 Russian-held islands claimed by Japan.

On Tuesday, Russia notified Japan that it will conduct missile firing drills from Wednesday until October 31st.

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