Kddi Mobile Network Disrupted Across Japan

KDDI mobile network disrupted across Japan

Japanese mobile phone carrier KDDI says it is experiencing a major disruption to its phone and data communication services across the country.

The company says the problem started around 1:35 a.m. on Saturday.

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Study: Marker For Current Geological Era Found In Japan

Study: Marker for current geological era found in Japan

Researchers say an area of southwestern Japan is one step closer to selection as the part of the world that best defines our current unit of geological time.

Beppu Bay in Oita Prefecture is one of 12 sites being considered as the Global Stratotype Section and Point for Anthropocene, the unofficial period when human activity started impacting the environment.

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Japan Officials Speculate Russia Using Energy Project To Pressure Japan

Japan officials speculate Russia using energy project to pressure Japan

Japanese government officials believe Russia is using a major oil and gas project in the country's Far East to pressure Japan over its position on the Ukraine conflict.

President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on Thursday to replace the operator of the Sakhalin-2 project with a new Russian firm that will be established by the government. The move has put the involvement of two Japanese trading houses in doubt.

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More Scorching Weather Expected On Saturday

More scorching weather expected on Saturday

The scorching temperatures that have gripped wide areas of Japan all week are set to continue on Saturday. Authorities are urging people to take precautions against heat stroke.

The Meteorological Agency says the mercury will likely reach 38 degrees in the cities of Kyoto and Maebashi, and 35 degrees in central Tokyo and Osaka.

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Kishida: Sakhalin Project Decree Will Not Immediately Stop Lng Supplies

Kishida: Sakhalin project decree will not immediately stop LNG supplies

Japan's Prime Minister Kishida Fumio says it is unlikely that imports of liquefied natural-gas from Russia will stop immediately.

Kishida made the remarks after Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on Thursday to replace the Sakhalin-2 project's operator with a new Russian firm. Japanese companies are major stakeholders in the oil and natural gas development project.

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Japan Hotel Stays Jumped In May

Japan hotel stays jumped in May

The Japan Tourism Agency has reported that hotel stays in May were up sharply from the same month last year.

It says the provisional number of overnight stays for the month came to 37.79 million. That's an increase of 82.3 percent from last May, making it the biggest jump so far this year.

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Tokyo Reports 11 Heatstroke Deaths For June

Tokyo reports 11 heatstroke deaths for June

Tokyo officials say at least 11 people in the capital have died of heatstroke in June, the highest figure for the month in at least a decade, as the city wilts under sweltering heat.

According to data provided by the Medical Examiner's Office as of Wednesday, the 11 victims were in their 40s through their 90s, but the majority were elderly, with four in their 70s, and another four in their 80s.

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Evacuation Order Partly Lifted For Fukushima Town 11 Years After Disaster

Evacuation order partly lifted for Fukushima town 11 years after disaster

An evacuation order has been lifted for part of a town hosting the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, more than 11 years after the March 2011 disaster.

About 60 percent of Okuma Town in Fukushima Prefecture had been designated a "difficult-to-return" zone due to high radiation levels following meltdowns at the plant triggered by a massive quake and tsunami.

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Report: Wrecked Japan - Chartered Ship Approached Mauritius Without Sea Chart

Report: Wrecked Japan-chartered ship approached Mauritius without sea chart

Japanese transport investigators say a cargo ship that wrecked off the island nation Mauritius in 2020 did not have a detailed sea chart when it approached the island.

Japan Transport Safety Board published a preliminary report on the cause of the accident, which resulted in a massive leak of fuel oil into the ocean. The vessel was chartered by Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, a Japanese firm.

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Major Japanese Utilities Pass On Higher Costs To Customers

Major Japanese utilities pass on higher costs to customers

Many people in Japan will face higher utility bills in August as major electricity suppliers pass on surging fuel prices to them.

Four of the country's 10 major power companies announced price hikes on Wednesday, citing higher costs for liquefied natural gas and coal for thermal power plants partly due to Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

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Record Heat Across Japan

Record heat across Japan

Japan had another hot day on Wednesday, with record-high temperatures in many areas.

Much of Japan was engulfed by a high-pressure system that brought clear skies and abundant sunshine.

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Power Shortage Advisory For Greater Tokyo To Continue Through Thursday

Power shortage advisory for greater Tokyo to continue through Thursday

Japan's government says a power shortage advisory will remain in effect through Thursday as sweltering heat is expected to continue in greater Tokyo.

Officials are warning millions of people to conserve electricity for a fourth straight day as the region's power reserve ratio could dip below 5 percent on Thursday.

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