Tokyo Reports 462 New Cases Of Coronavirus

Tokyo reports 462 new cases of coronavirus

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government says that on Friday 462 people were confirmed to have been infected with the coronavirus.

This is the first time since last Saturday that the daily tally in the capital has topped 400.

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Nippon Steel Appeals S.korean Court Ruling

Nippon Steel appeals S.Korean court ruling

Japan's Nippon Steel says it has appealed a South Korean court ruling over wartime labor compensation that allows the steelmaker's assets to be seized for liquidation.

The company made the announcement on Friday.

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Sweltering Heat Hits Central Tokyo

Sweltering heat hits central Tokyo

Temperatures rose above 35 degrees Celsius in central Tokyo for the first time this summer as a sweltering heat wave continues in Japan.

The Meteorological Agency says a high-pressure system covering vast areas from western through northeastern Japan brought clear skies and high temperatures.

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Nippon Steel Comments On Court Appeal

Nippon Steel comments on court appeal

Nippon Steel says it believes that the wartime labor issue was settled completely and finally by an agreement signed by Japan and South Korea in 1965, when the two countries normalized ties.

The company added that it will continue to deal with the matter appropriately, based on bilateral diplomatic negotiations.

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Sweltering Heat Blankets Many Parts Of Japan

Sweltering heat blankets many parts of Japan

Sweltering weather is hitting Japan on Friday, with temperatures exceeding 35 degrees Celsius in the Kanto region and elsewhere.

The Meteorological Agency says a high-pressure system is covering Pacific coastal areas of western Japan through the southern Tohoku region in northeastern Japan, bringing hot, sunny weather.

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Study: Virus Reemerged In Japan In Mid - June

Study: Virus reemerged in Japan in mid-June

Japanese researchers say they think the coronavirus continued to spread undetected in Japan after the outbreak was thought to have been contained in May.

The National Institute of Infectious Diseases earlier this week released the outcome of its detailed genetic analysis of the coronavirus. The samples were taken from people who contracted the virus in Japan to assess how it had spread across the country.

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Analysis: Coronavirus Death Rate Low In Japan

Analysis: Coronavirus death rate low in Japan

Researchers in Japan say the death rate of hospitalized coronavirus patients was 7.5 percent in the country. This is about one third of the COVID-19 death rates reported in Britain and the United States.

The National Center for Global Health and Medicine on Thursday released the result of its analysis on 2,638 coronavirus patients admitted to 227 hospitals nationwide between March and early July.

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Japan Experts Plan Indexes To Gauge Virus Spread

Japan experts plan indexes to gauge virus spread

Experts advising Japan's government on the coronavirus plan to set up a series of indexes to help local authorities gauge the spread of the outbreak in their regions.

Prime Minister Abe Shinzo said on Thursday that unlike in April, it is not currently necessary to declare a state of emergency.

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Summer Shinkansen Bookings Fall Sharply

Summer Shinkansen bookings fall sharply

More travelers have canceled their summer holiday bookings for Japan's iconic Shinkansen bullet trains as the coronavirus continues to spread.

East Japan Railway says Shinkansen bookings for between August 7 and 17 have dropped to just 16 percent of last year's levels. In late July, bookings for the period stood at 19 percent of 2019's level.

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Tokyo Governor Urges Citizens Not To Travel

Tokyo governor urges citizens not to travel

The governor of Tokyo has called on residents to refrain from traveling to other prefectures during the summer holiday season, amid the continued rise in numbers of coronavirus infections in the capital.

Koike Yuriko told reporters on Thursday that people should remain on heightened alert, as the situation in Tokyo is still extremely severe.

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Ohtani Wants To Continue As 2 - Way Player

Ohtani wants to continue as 2-way player

Japanese two-way player of the Los Angeles Angels Ohtani Shohei says he will work hard to return to the mound next season.

Ohtani has been diagnosed with a muscle injury near his right elbow after he pitched partway in a game against the Houston Astros on Sunday.

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Sweltering Heat Wave Continues In Most Of Japan

Sweltering heat wave continues in most of Japan

Japan continued to experience a sweltering summer heat wave on Thursday with daytime highs of over 35 degrees Celsius recorded in many areas.

The Meteorological Agency says a high pressure system covering vast areas from western through northeastern Japan, combined with an influx of warm air, is bringing clear skies and high temperatures to the archipelago.

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Toyota Posts Profit In April - To - June Quarter

Toyota posts profit in April-to-June quarter

Toyota Motor has managed to weather the global financial downturn of the coronavirus pandemic, posting a profit in the latest quarter.

The automaker's earnings report shows the group stayed in the black for the April-to-June period, despite recording a 40-percent decline in sales from a year earlier in yen terms.

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Japan, Astrazeneca Expect To Reach Deal On Vaccine

Japan, AstraZeneca expect to reach deal on vaccine

Japan's health ministry and the British pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca are expected to reach an agreement shortly on the delivery of more than 100 million doses of an experimental coronavirus vaccine.

The vaccine is being developed jointly by AstraZeneca and Oxford University. It's already in the final stage of clinical trials in Brazil and elsewhere.

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