Personal Data Of 80,000 People May Have Been Leaked From Osaka Univ.

Personal data of 80,000 people may have been leaked from Osaka Univ.

Osaka University said Wednesday that personal data of around 80,000 students, graduates, staff, former workers and others may have been stolen by hackers.

Data of about 69,000 people such as identification numbers, names and email addresses possibly have been stolen while information on about 11,000 people included in emails of school personnel may have been breached due to unauthorized access of its computer systems between May and July, the university said.

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Window Falls From U.s. Military Chopper Onto Okinawa School Grounds

Window falls from U.S. military chopper onto Okinawa school grounds

A window fell from a U.S. military transport helicopter onto the grounds of an elementary school in Okinawa on Wednesday, triggering renewed concern in the prefecture that hosts the bulk of U.S. forces in Japan.

The 1-square-meter metal-framed window, weighing about 7.7 kilograms, dropped from the CH-53E chopper while some 60 students were taking physical education classes in the playground of a school in the city of Ginowan, located just outside U.S. Marine Corps Air Station Futenma, local officials said.

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High Court Orders Shikoku Electric To Halt Ehime Nuclear Reactor

High court orders Shikoku Electric to halt Ehime nuclear reactor

The Hiroshima High Court on Wednesday revoked a lower court decision and ordered the suspension of a nuclear reactor in western Japan, dealing a blow to the government and utilities aiming to bring more reactors back online.

The first high court suspension order in a series of similar injunction requests demanded that plant operator Shikoku Electric Power Co. shut the No. 3 unit of the Ikata power plant in Ehime Prefecture until the end of September next year.

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Crack Found In Bullet Train In 1st "serious Incident" For Japan Shinkansen

Crack found in bullet train in 1st

A crack and oil leak have been found underneath a running shinkansen bullet train in the first "serious incident" affecting the Japanese high-speed train system since the transport ministry's accident investigation commission was launched in 2001.

Believing that the trouble could have led to a high-speed derailment, the Japan Transport Safety Board on Wednesday conducted a hearing with officials of West Japan Railway Co., operator of the troubled bullet train, among others.

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Sagawa Express's Parent Makes Strong Debut On Tokyo Bourse

Sagawa Express's parent makes strong debut on Tokyo bourse

The parent company of Sagawa Express Co., a major Japanese parcel delivery service, made a strong debut on the Tokyo Stock Exchange on Wednesday in the country's biggest initial public offering this year.

Shares in SG Holdings Co. opened at 1,900 yen ($16.74) on the First Section of the Tokyo bourse, compared with the IPO price of 1,620 yen, bringing the company's value to 608.3 billion yen. SG Holdings ended the day at 1,906 yen.

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Exhibit Recalls Bombing Of Plant

Exhibit recalls bombing of plant

The Yomiuri ShimbunThe area of Musashino, Tokyo, where the Nakajima Aircraft Company's Musashi plant was located during World War II, was hit by a series of U.S. air raids. The plant manufactured aviation engines for the Imperial Japanese Navy's Zero fighters, so Musashino was one of the major targets for aerial attacks.

Seventy-two years after the end of World War II, an exhibition titled "TARGET No. 357 — Musashino, a Targeted Town —" is being held at the Musashino History Museum. Valuable documents and materials regarding the plant were collected in the United States, in order to pass the wartime history on to future generations.

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Russian Security Concerns, Moves Impact Disputed Isles With Japan

Russian security concerns, moves impact disputed isles with Japan

Russian national security concerns are casting an increasingly larger shadow over efforts by Japan to push talks to resolve the contentious issues surrounding the disputed Northern Territories.

Russia has shown great concern for Tokyo's plan to deploy the land-based Aegis Ashore ballistic missile defense system, ostensibly to deal with the growing provocations from North Korea and its series of ballistic missile launches.

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Shinkansen Train Pulled From Service

Shinkansen train pulled from service

A Shinkansen bullet train was taken out of service on Japan's busiest route when a crack and other problems were found in critical parts.

The West and Central Japan Railway Companies say the crew on a Shinkansen train travelling from Hakata to Tokyo on Monday smelled something burning and heard a groaning sound.

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Tokyo Panda Cub Set For Public Debut

Tokyo panda cub set for public debut

A giant panda cub at Tokyo's Ueno Zoo reached a milestone on Tuesday, when she became 6 months old. The baby is in good health ahead of her public debut next week.

Zoo officials say Xiang Xiang weighed in at 12.3 kilograms during a check-up last Saturday. They say the cub is in a cycle of being awake for several hours, then sleeping for 3 to 4 hours. They also say she likes to walk around and climb trees.

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