Japan Keeps Urging Uk, Eu To Avoid No - Deal Brexit

Japan keeps urging UK, EU to avoid no-deal Brexit

The Japanese government is continuing to call on Britain and the European Union to avoid Brexit without a deal on trade rules.

The government believes a no-deal Brexit will have serious adverse implications for Japanese companies operating in Britain.

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Many Around Nuclear Plants Lack Iodine Tablets

Many around nuclear plants lack iodine tablets

An NHK survey shows that more than 40 percent of the people living around nuclear power plants across Japan have not yet received iodine tablets as a precaution in the event of a nuclear accident.

Radioactive iodine may be released into the environment during an accident at a nuclear plant. The substance could cause cancer when taken into the thyroid gland. Use of iodine tablets is a preventive measure.

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Tokyo And Okinawa Divided Over Reclamation Plan

Tokyo and Okinawa divided over reclamation plan

Japan's central government and Okinawa prefecture remain divided over the planned landfill work to relocate a US military base within Okinawa.

Defense Minister Takeshi Iwaya and Okinawa Governor Denny Tamaki met in Tokyo on Thursday, one day before the defense ministry is expected to begin the landfill work off the coast of Nago City in Okinawa.

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Japan Protests S.korea Takeshima Drills

Japan protests S.Korea Takeshima drills

Japan has lodged a protest following South Korea's announcement that it would start 2 days of routine military drills on Thursday around the Takeshima islands in the Sea of Japan. South Korea controls the islands. Japan claims them.

South Korea's military said the country's navy, marine corps and coast guard would take part in the drills aimed at thwarting an attempt to land on the islands.

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Researchers: 60% Of Japan's Beaches May Disappear

Researchers: 60% of Japan's beaches may disappear

Researchers say up to 60 percent of sandy beaches in Japan could disappear by the end of this century because of rising sea levels brought by global warming.

The group of scientists from Japan's National Institute for Environmental Studies and 27 other entities analyzed data from the 2014 report of the UN climate change panel and other sources.

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Program To Bring In More Foreign Workers Drafted

Program to bring in more foreign workers drafted

The Japanese government is drawing up a draft of policies for a new system that will enable more foreign nationals to find employment in Japan.

The revised immigration law which takes effect in April of next year will permit more foreign workers to enter the country. The government plans to provide a full picture of how the new program works before the end of this year.

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Japan To Showcase Ninja Culture To World

Japan to showcase ninja culture to world

Japan will showcase ninja culture for the world to attract more foreign visitors.

Mie Governor Eikei Suzuki and several lawmakers met with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at his office in Tokyo on Wednesday. They wore ninja costumes to the meeting. What is today Mie Prefecture was home to the "Iga ninja" group.

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Kono, Kang Discuss Wartime Labor Rulings

Kono, Kang discuss wartime labor rulings

The foreign ministers of Japan and South Korea have held phone talks amid strained ties over the South Korean Supreme Court's rulings on wartime labor.

Japanese Foreign Minister Taro Kono and South Korean Foreign Minister Kang Kyung-wha spoke for about 30 minutes before noon on Wednesday.

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Chinese Man Arrested Over A Minor Fire At Yasukuni

Chinese man arrested over a minor fire at Yasukuni

Tokyo police have arrested a Chinese man on suspicion of entering Yasukuni Shrine without justifiable reason after papers were found burnt at the site.

Papers resembling newspaper were found burning on a path inside the premises of the shrine on Wednesday morning. The flames were quickly put out by firefighters, and the shrine's buildings did not sustain any damage.

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Japan Fm Ignores Questions On Russia

Japan FM ignores questions on Russia

Japanese Foreign Minister Taro Kono has ignored some questions from reporters over Russia's strong stance in negotiations with Japan on a territorial issue.

At a news conference on Tuesday, Kono was asked for his views on remarks by senior Russian officials.

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Japan Plans To Prevent Dispute Over Procurement

Japan plans to prevent dispute over procurement

Japan plans to ensure that its decision to change the procedures on procuring telecom equipment, which could exclude Chinese makers, will not affect the 2 countries' relationship. Beijing is urging Japan not to exclude them.

The Japanese government decided to revise the procedures for procurement to take into account national security risks from next fiscal year, which starts in April.
The revision is aimed at preventing data leaks by cyberattacks.

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Nobel Laureate Honjo Speaks At Swedish Parliament

Nobel laureate Honjo speaks at Swedish parliament

The co-winner of this year's Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, Japanese scientist Tasuku Honjo, has given a speech at the Swedish parliament.

Honjo was invited to speak on Tuesday, a day after he attended an award ceremony and a banquet.

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Safes Found At Ghosn's Apartment In Rio

Safes found at Ghosn's apartment in Rio

Nissan Motor officials found safes in an apartment in Rio de Janeiro provided to its ousted chairman Carlos Ghosn. They suspect that the safes may contain assets that Ghosn allegedly purchased illegally.

Court filing shows that Nissan officials found 3 locked safes on November 30th as part of an in-house probe into the alleged financial misconduct by Ghosn. They are seeking permission from a court in Brazil to open them.

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