Defense Ministry To Seek Budget For F - 2 Successor

Defense Ministry to seek budget for F-2 successor

Japan's Defense Ministry has decided to submit an estimate of its budget request for the next fiscal year to cover the development of new stealth fighter jets without providing a specific amount.

The Defense Ministry says it will draw up a detailed budget for the fiscal year that starts in April 2020 for the development of jets to succeed the Air Self-Defense Force's current fleet of 91 F-2 aircraft.

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Defense Ministry Wants Budget To Boost Space Watch

Defense Ministry wants budget to boost space watch

Japan's Defense Ministry plans to make its largest-ever budget request to boost its space surveillance capabilities.

The ministry is likely to ask for about 5.3 trillion yen, or 50 billion dollars, for its budget for the year that starts in April 2020. The defense program guidelines adopted last year call for boosting Japan's defense capabilities in outer space.

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Record Number Of Foreigners Lose Resident Status

Record number of foreigners lose resident status

The Japanese government says a record number of foreigners were stripped of their resident status in 2018.

The Immigration Services Agency says it revoked the resident status of 832 people. The figure is more than double that of the previous year.

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Tokyo 2020 Mission Chiefs Briefed On Preparations

Tokyo 2020 mission chiefs briefed on preparations

Chiefs of mission from Olympic committees around the world have gathered in Tokyo to attend briefings on preparations for next year's Games.

Representatives from 194 of the 206 Olympic committees set to compete in the Tokyo Games are taking part in the three-day meeting that began on Tuesday.

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Japan's Prince Hisahito Meets Bhutanese King

Japan's Prince Hisahito meets Bhutanese King

Japan's Prince Hisahito has paid a courtesy call on the King and Queen of Bhutan.

Prince Hisahito became second in line to the Chrysanthemum Throne following the enthronement of his uncle, Emperor Naruhito, in May.

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More Details Emerge In Road Rage Incident

More details emerge in road rage incident

A man arrested on suspicion of beating another man on an expressway in eastern Japan reportedly says he did it because the victim hit his car.

Police say 43-year-old Fumio Miyazaki punched a 24-year-old man out of rage after forcing the victim to stop.

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Hokkaido Officials Welcome S.korean Tourists

Hokkaido officials welcome S.Korean tourists

Local government officials in the northern Japanese prefecture of Hokkaido have been making efforts to directly welcome South Korean tourists.

It comes with Japan-South Korea ties at a low point over trade and historical issues.

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Zarif To Visit Japan Amid Us Rift

Zarif to visit Japan amid US rift

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif is expected to visit Japan this month, amid a growing rift with the United States.

Multiple diplomatic sources say final adjustments are being made for a visit by Zarif in late August as part of his tour of Asia.

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Japan's Imports Of Us Meat Sluggish

Japan's imports of US meat sluggish

Japan's imports of beef and pork from members of the Trans-Pacific Partnership pact and the European Union increased in the first half of this year. Imports of pork from the United States dropped, while those of beef increased slightly.

The TPP free trade pact took effect in December, and the Economic Partnership Agreement with the EU took effect in February. Tariffs on US imports remained unchanged as Washington withdrew from the TPP.

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Japanese Team To Research Deep - Sea Plastic Waste

Japanese team to research deep-sea plastic waste

A Japanese national research institute says it will launch a major research project on how plastic waste is contaminating the ocean depths and affecting the ecosystem.

The Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology set up a group in April to study marine pollution caused by plastic waste.

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Goldfish Scooping Contest Held In Nara

Goldfish scooping contest held in Nara

More than 2,000 people tested their skills at scooping up goldfish at an annual event in Nara Prefecture, western Japan, on Sunday.

The event was held in the city of Yamatokoriyama, a major goldfish farming region in the country. Participants equipped with a paper scoop each competed to capture as many goldfish as possible in three minutes from a water tank containing about 1,000.

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Man Flees Police Hospital In Tokyo

Man flees police hospital in Tokyo

NHK has learned that a man arrested for theft fled a police hospital in Tokyo, where he was being treated for fractured bones.

The man, who is a South Korean national in his 60s, was found to be missing from the hospital in Nakano Ward at about 7 a.m. on Sunday.

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Man Arrested For Road - Rage Assault

Man arrested for road-rage assault

Police in Japan have arrested a man on a national wanted list who is suspected of forcibly stopping a car and beating the driver on a highway.

Police say they arrested Fumio Miyazaki, whose address and occupation are unknown, on Sunday in Osaka, western Japan, on suspicion of causing injury.

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Senior Japanese Official Meets Iran Fm

Senior Japanese official meets Iran FM

A senior Japanese official and Iran's foreign minister have agreed that the two countries should continue talks on ways to de-escalate tension in the Middle East.

Senior Deputy Foreign Minister Takeo Mori met Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif in Tehran on Saturday.

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