Japanese Cellist Wins In Munich Music Contest

Japanese cellist wins in Munich music contest

Japanese cellist Haruma Sato has been awarded the top prize in an international music competition in the German city of Munich.

The 21-year-old Sato became the first Japanese to win in the cello category in the ARD International Music Competition on Friday.

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Security Tightened On Tokyo 2020 Marathon Route

Security tightened on Tokyo 2020 marathon route

Tokyo police will put into place special terror-prevention measures at the Marathon Grand Championship taking place on Sunday. It is being done in preparation for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

The MGC is a qualifier for next year's Olympics. It will take place on the planned route for the Olympic marathon, except for the start and finish points.

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Power Outage In Chiba Prefecture Continues

Power outage in Chiba Prefecture continues

Efforts to restore electricity to parts of Chiba Prefecture near Tokyo that were left in the dark this week after a powerful typhoon continue. But for many people, it could be two weeks or more before power is fully restored. About 140,000 households are still without electricity.

Members of Japan's Ground Self-Defense Force have been busy clearing roads.

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Pope May Meet Ex - Death Row Inmate In Japan

Pope may meet ex-death row inmate in Japan

Arrangements are being made for a meeting between Pope Francis and a former Japanese death row inmate during the pontiff's visit to Japan in November.

Iwao Hakamada was sentenced to death for the murder of a family of four in 1966, but was later freed after spending decades behind bars. The 83-year-old has been claiming his innocence and seeking a retrial.

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Sdf Personnel Begin Removing Fallen Trees

SDF personnel begin removing fallen trees

Members of Japan's Self-Defense Force have begun clearing debris in Chiba Prefecture, near Tokyo, in the aftermath of typhoon Faxai.

The personnel are removing trees blocking roads in the city of Minamiboso on Saturday to allow access and restore power.

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Power Cuts In Chiba Could Last 2 More Weeks

Power cuts in Chiba could last 2 more weeks

Hundreds of thousands of homes in Chiba Prefecture are still without electricity after Typhoon Faxai ripped through the greater Tokyo area on Monday.

The storm knocked out electricity to as many as 640,000 residences in the prefecture. Two people have died of suspected heatstroke in homes without power.

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Tepco Grants Electricity Bill Extensions

TEPCO grants electricity bill extensions

Tokyo Electric Power Company has announced extensions to electricity bill payment deadlines in parts of Chiba Prefecture amid widespread blackouts resulting from Typhoon Faxai.

The measure applies to households and businesses in 41 municipalities, including the cities of Chiba, Choshi, Tateyama, Yotsukaido and Narita.

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Tepco: 2 More Weeks To Get Power Back To Chiba

TEPCO: 2 more weeks to get power back to Chiba

Tokyo Electric Power Company, or TEPCO, says it expects to restore power within the next two weeks to most areas in Chiba Prefecture that were hard-hit by a recent typhoon.

The areas most affected by Typhoon Faxai, which made landfall early on Monday morning, are the cities of Kamogawa, Minamiboso, Tateyama, and the town of Kyonan in south Chiba.

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Artificial Snow Tested For 2020 Tokyo Games

Artificial snow tested for 2020 Tokyo Games

The committee organizing next year's Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics has tested the use of artificial snow in spectator stands to beat the heat during the games.

The committee held the experiment at the Sea Forest Waterway test canoe meet venue on Friday.

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Ipc Chief: No Problems With 2020 Paralympic Medals

IPC chief: No problems with 2020 Paralympic medals

The head of the International Paralympic Committee has dismissed South Korea's claim that the medals for the 2020 Tokyo Paralympics should be changed because their design allegedly resembles the "Rising Sun" flag.

IPC President Andrew Parsons spoke with reporters on Thursday after meeting in Tokyo with delegates of the nations and territories that will take part in the games.

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Tokyo Govt. Assesses Damage On Izu Islands

Tokyo govt. assesses damage on Izu islands

Tokyo officials are hurrying to assess damage brought earlier this week by Typhoon Faxai on the Izu chain of Pacific islands, where villages and towns are under the jurisdiction of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

The typhoon swept over the region on Monday morning.

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Chiba To Be Without Power For Over A Week

Chiba to be without power for over a week

Japanese Industry Minister Isshu Sugawara says it will take over a week to restore power to parts of Chiba Prefecture that were badly hit by a recent typhoon.

Sugawara says this is the latest information he has received from the utility, Tokyo Electric Power Company, or TEPCO.

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