Olympus Cameras Can Now Double As Webcams For Mac

Olympus Cameras Can Now Double As Webcams For Mac

Back in July, Olympus announced a new piece of software that turns the company’s digital cameras into webcams for the PC. There was no support for Mac yet, but the good news is that if you’re a Mac user with an Olympus camera, you’ll be pleased to learn that Olympus has since released a similar software compatible with Apple’s macOS operating system.

The software will pretty much function the same as the Windows version, where all you’ll need to do is hook up your camera to your Mac computer via the supplied cable, launch the software and set it up, and you’ll be good to go and will be able to choose your camera as the webcam source in your favorite video conferencing app.

Olympus Will Now Let You Use Your Cameras As A Webcam

Olympus Will Now Let You Use Your Cameras As A Webcam

Just the other day, after decades of being in the camera business, Olympus announced that they would be selling off their camera division. This is undoubtedly a sad day for many, especially Olympus camera owners, but it seems that the company is still planning on supporting its users.

In fact, Olympus has recently announced and released the OM-D Webcam Beta Software. As the name implies, this is a software for computers that will easily and quickly turn your Olympus camera into a webcam. This means that all users need to do is download the software, connect their cameras to their computers, and they should be good to go!

Olympus Will Be Selling Off Its Consumer Camera Business

Olympus Will Be Selling Off Its Consumer Camera Business

Many, many years ago, when cameras were either a compact camera or a DSLR, Olympus came onto the scene and helped to popularize the Micro Four Thirds system. This removed the mirror box from the camera’s design, which led to the mirrorless design, resulting in many of the popular cameras we know and use today.

Now it looks like the company is done with cameras as they have announced that they will be selling off its consumer camera business. This business will be sold to Japan Industrial Partners, who for those unfamiliar, is the same company that bought up Sony’s VAIO computer business back in 2014.

Olympus Ceo Says That The Company's Camera Business Could Be Put Up For Sale

Olympus CEO Says That The Company's Camera Business Could Be Put Up For Sale

In the digital camera market, there are many players such as Sony, Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Fujifilm, and Panasonic, just to name a few. However, there are some brands that are definitely more popular and preferred than others, and as such, other brands are starting to suffer as their slice of the market pie is getting smaller.

One of those companies is Olympus, who you could credit for kicking off the mirrorless trend, which has since been dominated by the likes of Sony. Unfortunately for Olympus fans and users, it seems that the company’s camera business is doing as well as they’d like, leading to the company’s CEO Yasuo Takeuchi revealing that they might consider selling their camera business off.

Olympus Orbeye Neurosurgery Camera, Powered Sony Camera Sensors

Olympus ORBEYE Neurosurgery Camera, Powered Sony Camera Sensors

At CEATEC 2019, we spotted the Olympus ORBEYE, a powerful medical camera that is powered by Sony Camera sensors, some of them small enough to fit in our phones.

Many people don’t realize that today’s best mobile camera phones are nearly always powered by at least one Sony camera sensor. We look at this extensively because we have our Camera IQ mobile camera benchmark.

Alleged Olympus Tg-6 Rugged Compact Camera Specs Leaked

Alleged Olympus TG-6 Rugged Compact Camera Specs Leaked

The thing about cameras is that some of them can be quite fragile. This means that using them in extreme weather conditions or settings might not be the best idea. However, Olympus has over the years released cameras part of its Tough TG lineup that have been designed to weather more extreme conditions.

If you liked what the company had to offer with the Tough TG-5 from 2017, then you’ll be pleased to learn that the company could be close to officially announcing its successor. Thanks to the folks at Photo Rumors, they have managed to get their hands on alleged specs of the upcoming camera.

Olympus Om-d E-m1x Mirrorless Camera Announced

Olympus OM-D E-M1X Mirrorless Camera Announced

Earlier this month, Olympus teased that they had a new camera in the works that would be announced today, and sure enough they have. The company has since officially taken the wraps off its latest mirrorless camera in the form of the Olympus OM-D E-M1X, which definitely doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue.

As Engadget points out, the camera feels like a larger version of the OM-D E-M1 Mark II. It’s not necessarily a bad thing and if you don’t have the E-M1 Mark II, then this could be worth considering. However if you already own it, then maybe the upgrade might not be worth paying for.

Olympus Pen E-pl9 Mirrorless Camera Announced

Olympus PEN E-PL9 Mirrorless Camera Announced

Mirrorless cameras come in a variety of price points, with some priced incredibly expensive like the Sony A7 and A9 series of full-frames. However if you don't really have the need for such a high-end camera, Olympus might have something that is more wallet-friendly in the form of the recently announced Olympus PEN E-PL9.

This is the company's latest mirrorless camera and for $600 for the body-only, it's not too bad of a deal and could help encourage consumers to adopt the camera and get into the game. The camera will sport a 16.1MP sensor and will use the TruePic VIII image processing system. There is also a 121-point contrast-detect autofocus system and is also capable of shooting in burst mode of up to 9fps.

Olympus Pen E-pl9 Digital Camera Announced

Olympus PEN E-PL9 Digital Camera Announced

If you're in the market for a new digital camera, Olympus might have you covered. The company has recently announced the Olympus PEN E-PL9 which is the PEN E-PL8 launched back in 2016, which means that the camera is almost two years old and is probably due for a hardware refresh.

For those unfamiliar, the E-PL8 was launched as an entry-level mirrorless camera and it looks like its successor will be following in its footsteps, except that it will come with some hardware upgrades to make it more suitable for modern day photography and videography. For starters, the camera will pack a 16MP Live MOS sensor and the TruePic VIII processor which is also used in the Olympus E-M10 Mark III.

Olympus Eyetrek Smart Glasses Pack A Tiny 2.4mp Camera Into An Ar Wearable

Olympus EyeTrek smart glasses pack a tiny 2.4MP camera into an AR wearable

Olympus has launched a wearable, augmented reality system that positions a tiny screen and camera near the wearer's eye. Called EyeTrek Insight, this open source device resembles Google Glass, but is larger and intended for enterprise applications rather than general consumer use. The wearable features a 2.4MP forward-facing camera and the maker's own Pupil-Division Optical System.

EyeTrek Insight is designed to attach to the ear pieces of a pair of glasses, whether they're prescription frames or safety glasses. The unit has an integrated touch bar enabling users to control the device using their finger, as well as an optional microphone attachment for issuing voice commands. Both WiFi and Bluetooth enable EyeTrek to connect with various networks and devices, and while the device has only a 1hr run time per charge, Olympus has an optional adapter for plugging the smart glasses into a USB power source.

Olympus Announces Spinsr10 Super-resolution Imaging System

Olympus announces SpinSR10 Super-Resolution Imaging System - FareastgizmosOlympus today announced a new product in its scientific business -SpinSR10, the super-resolution imaging system. A super-resolution microscope is a microscope with resolving power that surpasses the limits of conventional optical microscopes. The minimum resolving power of general optical microscopes is around 200nm, but a super-resolution microscope has high enough resolving power to observe internal cell structures, which used to be difficult to observe, in fine detail.

Olympus Launches Gx53 Inverted Metallurgical Microscope

Olympus launches GX53 Inverted Metallurgical Microscope - FareastgizmosOlympus today announced the immediate worldwide launch of the GX53 inverted metallurgical microscope. GX53 is a new product from its Scientific Solutions business for the observation and inspection of metal components. A new version of the Olympus Stream software v. 2.3 for analyzing observations has also been released. Olympus Stream image analysis software v. 2.3 can combine different darkfield illuminations (partial illumination of the sample from different directions) to provide clear images with minimal halation, even from highly reflective samples. The new Olympus GX53 microscope features an LED light source for ultra-long life and low power consumption.

Olympus 45mm And 17mm F1.2 Pro Lenses Emphasize Bokeh Quality

Olympus 45mm and 17mm F1.2 Pro lenses emphasize bokeh quality

Olympus has announced 17mm and 45mm F1.2 Pro primes, offering high-end fast 35mm and 90mm equivalent lenses. The lenses use the same 60mm filters that the existing 25mm F1.2 Pro uses and, like that lens both are weather sealed and dust proof.

The two lenses expand the company's series of F1.2 lenses, which are equivalent to 35 and 90mm F2.4 lenses for full frame. This allows Micro Four Thirds users to achieve very shallow levels of depth-of-field at the focal lengths where they need this capability. The lenses are designed to be consistent in size with one another.