Olympus Eyetrek Smart Glasses Pack A Tiny 2.4mp Camera Into An Ar Wearable

Olympus EyeTrek smart glasses pack a tiny 2.4MP camera into an AR wearable

Olympus has launched a wearable, augmented reality system that positions a tiny screen and camera near the wearer's eye. Called EyeTrek Insight, this open source device resembles Google Glass, but is larger and intended for enterprise applications rather than general consumer use. The wearable features a 2.4MP forward-facing camera and the maker's own Pupil-Division Optical System.

EyeTrek Insight is designed to attach to the ear pieces of a pair of glasses, whether they're prescription frames or safety glasses. The unit has an integrated touch bar enabling users to control the device using their finger, as well as an optional microphone attachment for issuing voice commands. Both WiFi and Bluetooth enable EyeTrek to connect with various networks and devices, and while the device has only a 1hr run time per charge, Olympus has an optional adapter for plugging the smart glasses into a USB power source.

Olympus Announces Spinsr10 Super-resolution Imaging System

Olympus announces SpinSR10 Super-Resolution Imaging System - FareastgizmosOlympus today announced a new product in its scientific business -SpinSR10, the super-resolution imaging system. A super-resolution microscope is a microscope with resolving power that surpasses the limits of conventional optical microscopes. The minimum resolving power of general optical microscopes is around 200nm, but a super-resolution microscope has high enough resolving power to observe internal cell structures, which used to be difficult to observe, in fine detail.

Olympus Launches Gx53 Inverted Metallurgical Microscope

Olympus launches GX53 Inverted Metallurgical Microscope - FareastgizmosOlympus today announced the immediate worldwide launch of the GX53 inverted metallurgical microscope. GX53 is a new product from its Scientific Solutions business for the observation and inspection of metal components. A new version of the Olympus Stream software v. 2.3 for analyzing observations has also been released. Olympus Stream image analysis software v. 2.3 can combine different darkfield illuminations (partial illumination of the sample from different directions) to provide clear images with minimal halation, even from highly reflective samples. The new Olympus GX53 microscope features an LED light source for ultra-long life and low power consumption.

Olympus 45mm And 17mm F1.2 Pro Lenses Emphasize Bokeh Quality

Olympus 45mm and 17mm F1.2 Pro lenses emphasize bokeh quality

Olympus has announced 17mm and 45mm F1.2 Pro primes, offering high-end fast 35mm and 90mm equivalent lenses. The lenses use the same 60mm filters that the existing 25mm F1.2 Pro uses and, like that lens both are weather sealed and dust proof.

The two lenses expand the company's series of F1.2 lenses, which are equivalent to 35 and 90mm F2.4 lenses for full frame. This allows Micro Four Thirds users to achieve very shallow levels of depth-of-field at the focal lengths where they need this capability. The lenses are designed to be consistent in size with one another.

Ifa 2017: Olympus Om-d E-m10 Iii Offers 4k Video, Bigger Dials And Beginner-friendly Ui Adjustments

Olympus OM-D E-M10 III offers 4K video, bigger dials and beginner-friendly UI adjustments

Olympus has announced the OM-D E-M10 Mark III, a subtle update to its entry-level OM-D body. The addition of a TruePic VIII processor brings 4K video capture at 30/25/24p, and an ergonomic update introduces bigger dials and a curved handgrip to the still-diminutive camera.

The E-M10 III continues to use its predecessor's 16MP Micro Four Thirds sensor, meaning image quality is largely unchanged, though you will be able to apply a new Bleach Bypass Art Filter to your images. The E-M10 II's 81 autofocus points have been upped to 121 points, and burst shooting gets a smidgen faster: up to 8.6 fps compared to 8.5 fps.

This Olympus Om-d E-m5, Lenses And Accessories Are Made Entirely From Paper

This Olympus OM-D E-M5, lenses and accessories are made entirely from paper

Japanese paper artist Kamihasami (his artist name means 'paper-scissors' in Japanese) has recreated the Olympus OM-D E-M5, a few lenses, and accessories using nothing but paper and paste.

The faithful recreation is identical to the original models, and includes things like an SD card, battery and battery charger, underwater housing, and flash. In fact, the models are so precise that the paper lenses can be attached to and removed from the paper camera body!

Olympus Tg-5 Rugged Digital Camera For The Adventurous Type

Olympus TG-5 Rugged Digital Camera For The Adventurous Type


Check out this new rugged digital camera from Olympus, the TG-5. Designed for the adventurous type, this waterproof, freezeproof, shockproof, crushproof and dustproof camera is equipped with a 12MP BSI CMOS sensor, a 4x optical zoom f/2 lens, a 25-100mm (35mm equivalent) lens, a 3.0-inch 460k-dot LCD monitor, an SD/SDHC/SDXC card slot, a micro-USB 2.0 port, a micro-HDMI output port and built-in WiFi & GPS for connectivity.

New Olympus Tg-5 Improves 'toughness', Brings New Sensor And Tracking Functionality

New Olympus TG-5 improves 'toughness', brings new sensor and tracking functionality

Olympus has announced its latest 'tough' camera, the TG-5. It's the follow-up to the TG-4, one of our favorite rugged cameras, and features a new sensor and processor, advanced tracking capabilities, 4K video capture, Wi-Fi and more.

Where the TG-4 used a 16MP BSI CMOS sensor, the TG-5 has dropped to 12MP, in order to improve image quality (according to the company). It uses the same TruePic VIII processor found in the E-M1 Mark II. The 25-100mm equiv. F2-4.9 lens is mostly the same, although Olympus has added dual panel glass to prevent 'foggy' due to rapid changes in temperature. The lens can still focus down to 1cm/0.4in in its 'microscope' mode. 

Olympus Ex-managers Ordered To Pay Compensation

Olympus ex-managers ordered to pay compensation

The Tokyo District Court has ordered former executives of Japan's major precision equipment firm Olympus Corporation to compensate the company for covering up massive losses.

It was revealed 6 years ago that former managers at Olympus had concealed investment losses of more than 900 million dollars at the current exchange rate during the bubble economy.

Olympus Brings Down The Curtain On The Legacy Four Thirds System

Olympus brings down the curtain on the legacy Four Thirds systemIt probably shouldn't be a surprise but it's still a little sad to see it in print: the latest catalogue from four-thirds.org states that production of Olympus's Zuiko Digital line of Four Thirds lenses has been discontinued.
It's been six and a half years since the launch of the last Four Thirds mount camera, so it's understandable that Olympus has decided to move on, but we thought we'd look back at Four Thirds: what it meant and where it led.

Olympus Working On 8k Video For Micro Four Thirds

Olympus working on 8K video for Micro Four ThirdsIn an interview with French publication Focus Numerique senior representatives from Olympus have revealed a number of interesting insights about what consumers can expect from the Japanese manufacturer in the future, for example Micro Four Third image sensor that support 8K video.

Throwback Thursday: Olympus C-211 Zoom Digital Printing Camera

Throwback Thursday: Olympus C-211 Zoom Digital Printing CameraIf you want to see a truly rare camera, look no further than the Olympus 'Camedia' C-211 Zoom Digital Printing Camera. The big feature of the C-211 Zoom ($800 at launch) is immediately obvious – it's a camera and photo printer in one. Even if you found a C-211 in a thrift shop you probably couldn't even print anything, as it uses the now-defunct Polaroid 500 instant film.

Olympus Announces World’s First Dustproof, Splashproof And Freezeproof Macro Flash Stf-8

Olympus announces world’s first dustproof, splashproof and freezeproof Macro Flash STF-8Olympus today announced the world’s first dustproof, splashproof and freezeproof compact, lightweight Macro Flash STF-8. When combined with the dustproof and splashproof performance of the OM-D series and an M.Zuiko lens, this macro system is highly mobile in any shooting environment, whether indoors or outdoors. Users can shoot with confidence even in rain or morning dew-splashed outdoor scenes.

Olympus Announces Highly Functional Camera Backpack To Store The Entire Om-d E-m1 Mark Ii System

Olympus announces highly functional camera backpack to store the entire OM-D E-M1 Mark II systemOlympus today announced highly functional camera backpack to store the entire OM-D E-M1 Mark II system-CBG-12. The Camera Backpack CBG-12 is designed entirely by Olympus as the ultimate in functionality and quality that is optimized particularly for OM-D users. It has excellent storage capacity for the entire Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II system with room to spare, and is compact enough to be carried on aircraft.