In-depth Review Finds Very Few Faults With 2018 Toyota Prius

In-Depth Review Finds Very Few Faults With 2018 Toyota Prius

If you're in the market a practical and fuel efficient hatchback, the only thing that might keep you from considering buying a Prius straight up could be its looks.

Let's face it, it does look futuristic, but it's not the prettiest thing on the road. However, if you move past this aspect (or better yet you like the way it looks, since this is highly subjective), you'll likely end up enjoying your purchase.

Toyota Recalls C-hr For Faulty Electric Brake, Prius Phev Over A Fuse

Toyota Recalls C-HR For Faulty Electric Brake, Prius PHEV Over A Fuse

Toyota's North American arm is conducting two separate recalls that include 68,500 units of the 2018 C-HR and 2012-2015 Prius PHEV.

The first campaign revolves around some 28,600 units of the crossover, whose electronic parking brakes may not disengage or apply, thus resulting in a noncompliance with the federal safety standard.

Toyota Hilux Goes To Thailand For A Rugged Facelift

Toyota Hilux Goes To Thailand For A Rugged Facelift

Introduced just a couple of years ago, the current Toyota Hilux won't be due for replacement anytime soon. But it is receiving a bit of a facelift – in one country that is, anyway.

Looking a bit more like the Tacoma we get in the States (particularly up front), the refreshed Hilux is being rolled out first in Thailand, which may seem a somewhat random location until you realize how many pickups we've seen produced and introduced there in the past few years alone (including other versions of the Hilux).

Toyota Still Doesn't Think Electric Cars Are Ready For Mass Consumption

Toyota still doesn't think electric cars are ready for mass consumption

FRANKFURT (Reuters) - Battery-powered cars are not ready for mass production yet, the chairman of Japan's Toyota Motor Corp told a German magazine, adding that he did not see U.S. electric vehicle pioneer Tesla as a role model. "Battery-powered cars with a long range are very expensive and it takes a long time to charge them," Takeshi Uchiyamada was quoted as saying by Der Spiegel. "Such cars do not fit in our program." Toyota in September established a venture to develop electric vehicle technology with partner Mazda, seeking to catch up with rivals in an increasingly frenetic race to produce more battery-powered cars. Both automakers are somewhat behind their peers, with neither having a fully electric passenger car on the market yet. This contrasts with Tesla, which late on Thursday unveiled an electric heavy duty truck as well as a new roadster. "Tesla is not our enemy and not our role model," Uchiyamada said. "I think it's the German manufacturers that rather see Tesla as a competitor." BMW and Mercedes are betting they can mass produce new electric cars based on conventional vehicles, defying skeptics who say they will need more radical designs to head off the threat from Tesla and other start-up carmakers. Uchiyamada said that Toyota was working on a new type of solid-state battery that is able to store more power and can be recharged much more quickly than current types. "This technology will be a big development step. But that will still take time. We expect mass production in four to five years." On Friday, Toyota and Suzuki Motor Corp said they had agreed to cooperate in selling electric vehicles in India from around 2020, aiming to give each other a leg up in emerging markets and in low-emission technology. (Reporting by Christoph Steitz; Editing by Hugh Lawson)

Toyota Ft-ac Concept Teased

Toyota FT-AC concept teased

Toyota has released a shadowy teaser of its new Future Toyota Adventure Concept (FT-AC) ahead of a global unveiling at the Los Angeles motor show.

Not much has been revealed about the new vehicle, but it’s clearly an SUV-styled model.

Amid Global Electric-car Buzz, Toyota Bullish On Hydrogen

Amid global electric-car buzz, Toyota bullish on hydrogen

TOYOTA, Japan--At a car factory in this city named after Toyota, the usual robots with their swinging arms are missing. Instead, workers intently fit parts into place by hand with craftsmanship-like care.

The big moment on the assembly line comes when two bulbous yellow tanks of hydrogen are rolled over and delicately fitted into each car's underside.

New 2018 Toyota Rush Leaked Ahead Of Next Week's Unveiling

New 2018 Toyota Rush Leaked Ahead Of Next Week's Unveiling

Details about the 2018 Toyota Rush have surfaced, with the car indeed looking like a production version of the Daihatsu FT Concept from 2015.

Of course the Toyota Rush and the upcoming Daihatsu Terios should be very similar, and features found on the Toyota will probably be there on the Daihatsu as well.

This Is The Cheapest Mkiv Toyota Supra In The U.s.

This Is The Cheapest MKIV Toyota Supra In The U.S.

What you’re looking at is one of the cheapest fourth-generation Toyota Supras in the United States and no, it isn’t as fast as you may expect.

YouTuber Tavarish purchased the white and red Japanese sports car earlier this month for a cool $23,000. Incredibly, that price was for an example fitted with the naturally-aspirated 2JZ engine, not the desirable twin-turbo 2JZ that has gone down in automotive folklore.

Toyota Teases New Ft-ac Off-road Concept

Toyota teases new FT-AC off-road concept

Ahead of this year's L.A. Auto Show, Toyota has released a teaser image and a name for its latest concept. It's called the FT-AC, which stands for "Future Toyota Adventure Concept." That name alone implies something rugged and off-road-ready, and what we can tell from the image confirms it.

We can see that the truck has big, chunky plastic fender flares and thick roof rails. At the top of the windshield are auxiliary off-road lights that complement the big LED fog lights in the bumper. The bits of sheetmetal we can see also look angled with simple lines to emphasize toughness.

2018 Toyota Hilux Gets A Beastly Make Over

2018 Toyota HiLux gets a beastly make over

Images of the 2018 Toyota HiLux facelift have surfaced online, revealing a new front end and a rugged, off-road oriented model for the Thai market.

The pictures, published by MZ Crazy Cars on Facebook, show the range of HiLux exterior visual changes, along with interior updates and a model called the ‘Rocco’.

Toyota Says Ices Will Die By 2050

Toyota Says ICEs Will Die By 2050

Toyota says the internal combustion engine will be dead by 2050 and become far less common than electric powertrains by 2040.

In an interview with Autocar, Toyota’s head of advanced R&D and engineering, Seigo Kuzumaki, said clampdowns on CO2 emissions will force car manufacturers to fully embrace electrification.

Driving The Honda Nsx, Toyota Supra And Mazda Rx-7 Back-to-back

Driving The Honda NSX, Toyota Supra And Mazda RX-7 Back-To-Back

Throughout the 1990s and early 2000s, many of Japan’s leading automakers built world-beating sports cars that were exceptionally fast, bewilderingly agile and in many ways, ahead of their European and American rivals.

Of all the iconic Japanese sports cars of the time, the first-generation Honda NSX, FD Mazda RX-7 and A80 Toyota Supra are among the most beloved. One fortunate YouTuber had the chance to jump behind the wheel of all three.