Former Toshiba Chip Unit Postpones $14 Bil. Ipo

Former Toshiba chip unit postpones $14 bil. IPO

Major Japanese memory-chip maker, Kioxia Holdings, has shelved its plans to go public next week, amid growing uncertainty surrounding its business. The escalating tussle between Washington and Beijing over tech firms was behind the move.

The company is a spin-off of electronics giant Toshiba's memory chip business. Its board made the decision on Monday.

Toshiba Has Officially Exited The Laptop Business

Toshiba Has Officially Exited The Laptop Business

There are many laptop makers in the market today, but it looks like we can now take Toshiba off that list as the company has quietly announced that they are exiting the laptop business. The company has revealed that they have since transferred all of their remaining stake in its personal computing business over to Sharp.

Toshiba’s exit shouldn’t really come as a surprise if you have been following the news. Back in 2018, the company had actually sold 80.1% of its personal computer business to Sharp, and now it looks like Sharp will pretty much own all of it while Toshiba will stop selling laptops completely.