Cybersecurity Steps Proposed Ahead Of Olympics

Cybersecurity steps proposed ahead of Olympics

A group of experts are urging the Japanese government to take steps to ensure cybersecurity ahead of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics.

The experts for the communications ministry compiled an emergency proposal in a meeting on Monday, amid concerns over a surge in cyberattacks targeting the country during the Games.

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Rank - And - File Wrestler Wins Sumo Tournament

Rank-and-file wrestler wins sumo tournament

In the New Year Grand Sumo Tournament, a wrestler at the bottom of the rankings in the top Makuuchi Division has won the Emperor's Cup.

Tokushoryu beat Ozeki Takakeisho on the final day of the tournament on Sunday, clinching the title with 14 wins and one loss.

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Imperial Family Watch Sumo

Imperial family watch sumo

Emperor Naruhito, Empress Masako and their daughter, Princess Aiko visited Tokyo's Kokugikan arena to watch the main bouts on the 14th day of the New Year Grand Sumo Tournament on Saturday.

The Chairman of the Japan Sumo Association, Hakkaku, and stable masters welcomed them when they arrived at around 5 p.m.

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Hydrogen Fuel To Be Used For Olympic Torch Relay

Hydrogen fuel to be used for Olympic torch relay

Organizers of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics say hydrogen fuel will be used for parts of the torch relay in an effort to promote clean energy and raise awareness of environmental issues.

The torch relay is scheduled to start on March 26 at the J-Village soccer stadium in Fukushima Prefecture. The complex was an operational base for decommissioning work at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant.

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Olympic Symbol Monument Lit Up In Tokyo

Olympic symbol monument lit up in Tokyo

A huge monument featuring the Olympic symbol has been lit up in Tokyo six months before the Japanese capital hosts the Games.

A ceremony was held on Friday in Tokyo's Odaiba area attended by Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike and the president of the Japanese Olympic Committee, Yasuhiro Yamashita.

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Air Team Practices Skywriting Olympic Rings

Air team practices skywriting Olympic rings

Japan's Air Self-Defense Force aerobatic display team has practiced skywriting the Olympic rings to prepare for a ceremony marking the arrival of the Tokyo Games' torch.

The team practiced on Friday, six months before the start of the Olympics.

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Six Months Till Tokyo Olympics Kick Off

Six months till Tokyo Olympics kick off

Friday marks six months before the world descends upon Japan for the start of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. In a span of 17 days, thousands of athletes will compete in a record 339 events across 33 sports.

Preparations are gaining momentum. The new National stadium officially opened on New Year's day. Built inside Tokyo's urban greenbelt, it's earned the nickname "the stadium in the forest."

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Fukushima Adds Futaba To Olympic Torch Relay Route

Fukushima adds Futaba to Olympic torch relay route

An Olympic torch relay committee of Fukushima Prefecture has approved a proposal to add a town hosting the crippled nuclear power plant to the route for the flame relay.

In a previous meeting, the committee members concluded that they will add Futaba Town to the route if the government's evacuation order on the town is lifted. The town is one of three municipalities where the order has been in place since the 2011 nuclear accident.

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Japan's Olympic, Paralympic Uniforms Unveiled

Japan's Olympic, Paralympic uniforms unveiled

The uniforms that Japanese athletes will wear for the opening ceremonies and other official events of the Summer Olympics and Paralympics were unveiled at an event in Tokyo on Thursday.

Six athletes appeared in the uniforms for the opening ceremonies. The uniform comprises a white jacket and a red skirt or trousers. The colors are based on Japan's national flag.

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Train Services To Run Later During Tokyo Olympics

Train services to run later during Tokyo Olympics

The last train schedules in and around the Japanese capital will be extended by up to two hours during the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

Some events at the 2020 Games will end after 11 p.m. As a measure to allow spectators to get home easily from venues, the Tokyo Metropolitan government, the Olympic organizing committee and 19 railway operators agreed to extend the train service hours.

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Olympic Officials Urged To Get Vaccinated

Olympic officials urged to get vaccinated

A medical academic society is calling on officials and volunteers to get vaccinated ahead of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics to curb the spread of infections during the events.

The Japanese Association for Infectious Diseases is set to announce a list of infectious diseases that people need to be wary of during the Games. It is also urging people involved in the event to receive vaccinations against eight diseases. Those diseases include measles, rubella, influenza, and invasive meningococcal disease.

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Endo Suffers 2nd Loss On 8th Day Of Sumo Tourney

Endo suffers 2nd loss on 8th day of Sumo tourney

On the eighth day of the New Year Grand Sumo Tournament on Sunday, Endo suffered his second loss in an anticipated match with another popular rank-and-file wrestler, Enho.

Enho has risen to his best ranking and attracted attention. Endo, who defeated two Yokozunas and one Ozeki wrestler earlier in the tournament, lost the much-watched bout.

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Aerobatic Team Practices Drawing Olympic Ring

Aerobatic team practices drawing Olympic ring

Japan's Air Self-Defense Force aerobatic display team began practice on Friday, to prepare for a ceremony to mark the arrival of the Olympic torch.

The torch will be lit in Olympia, Greece, on March 12 and transported to Japan by plane.

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Olympic Symbol Monument Unveiled In Tokyo Bay

Olympic symbol monument unveiled in Tokyo Bay

A huge Olympic symbol monument has been unveiled in Tokyo Bay, six months before the city hosts the 2020 Games.

The five-ring monument arrived at the sea at Odaiba Marine Park, one of the Olympic venues, on Friday morning. It measures 33 meters long and 15 meters high and will remain on a barge until the end of the Games.

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