Unesco Decides To List Japan's Architecture Skills

UNESCO decides to list Japan's architecture skills

The United Nations' cultural agency UNESCO has decided to register traditional Japanese techniques used in wooden architecture to its Intangible Cultural Heritage list.

The Intergovernmental Committee for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage discussed Japan's proposal and reached the decision in an online panel meeting on Thursday.

Hyatt's Centric Brand Arrives In Tokyo With New Ginza Hotel

Hyatt's Centric brand arrives in Tokyo with new Ginza hotel

Leading U.S. hotel group Hyatt opened its first "Centric"-branded luxury hotel in the Asia-Pacific region in Tokyo's plush shopping district of Ginza on Jan. 22.

The Hyatt Centric Ginza Tokyo, in the capital's Chuo Ward, continues the theme of centrally located "boutique" hotels for the Centric brand, which launched in 2015.

Odakyu Line's Undersea Palace Train Station To Be Rebuilt

Odakyu Line's undersea palace train station to be rebuilt

FUJISAWA, Kanagawa Prefecture--A train station popular with tourists here that appears to be a "ryugujo" (undersea palace) from Japanese folklore is preparing to be rebuilt prior to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

The Katase-Enoshima Station of Odakyu Line will become a full-fledged, ryugujo-like structure by employing "ryugu-zukuri," or construction methods unique to two-story gates of shrines and Buddhist temples.

Gateway To Tokyo Puts On New Face With Granite Square

Gateway to Tokyo puts on new face with granite square

The renovated space in front of JR Tokyo Station was unveiled in its full glory on Dec. 7, displaying a grandeur more commonly associated with palaces than transport hubs.

The 19,000-square-meter area in front of the station's Marunouchi building, in the heart of the capital's commercial district, had been undergoing renovation work in a joint project between East Japan Railway Co. and the Tokyo metropolitan government since August 2014.

Bathhouse Gets Makeover With Photos By Mika Ninagawa

Bathhouse gets makeover with photos by Mika Ninagawa

MATSUYAMA--Photographs taken by film director and photographer Mika Ninagawa have added some pizzazz to the historic Dogo Onsen Honkan bathhouse for the Dogo Onsenart 2018 art event.

The "Dogo Onsen Honkan Installation" features pictures of fireworks shot by Ninagawa in various places across the country. After dark, the bathhouse building is lit up to give it a mysterious glow.

Hotel Splashes The Cash With World's 1st Pure Platinum Bath

Hotel splashes the cash with world's 1st pure platinum bath

KISARAZU, Chiba Prefecture--Even the glistening gold of Donald Trump's penthouse has got nothing on the latest accessory in a hotel here--the world's first pure-platinum bathtub, valued at 380 million yen ($3.45 million).

The Ryugujo Spa Hotel Mikazuki Fujimitei has given the tub pride of place in its large observation bathroom on the 11th floor, from which Mount Fuji can be seen on clear days.

New Capsule Hotel In Osaka Offers More Room Than A Coffin

New capsule hotel in Osaka offers more room than a coffinHanshin Electric Railway Co. will climb aboard the budget accommodation business with a “high-class” capsule hotel that won’t give claustrophobics nightmares.
Unlike many conventional capsule hotels, the new hotel will offer 2.1-meter-high rooms, spacious enough for a guest to stand in, unless they are an NBA center.

Tiburon Bayfront Home A Homage To Japanese Architecture

Tiburon bayfront home a homage to Japanese architectureArchitecture, fine art and culture converge atop solid bedrock in Paradise Cay. Set at the northeastern edge of Tiburon’s peninsula overlooking San Francisco Bay, a striking display of Japanese architecture overlooks boat slips and the sea.
Alfred Klyce, a fourth generation Mill Valley architect who trained in Japan, designed 225 Martinique Ave., a four-bedroom revolving around an open-air courtyard.

Old Wooden House In Wakayama Pref. A Popular Place To Stay With Foreign Tourists

Old wooden house in Wakayama Pref. a popular place to stay with foreign touristsAn old wooden house that was vacant for over a decade has become a popular lodging facility among foreign travelers after the building was renovated to accommodate just one group of guests per night.
According to lodging operator Nankimirai, a joint venture by public and private sectors, the occupancy rates of the "Konya Machiya" house between April and December last year was 53.5 percent, and some 60 percent of the guests were tourists from overseas.

Architecture Is More Than Public Works

Architecture is more than public worksArchitecture is now a common topic for everyone, even referred to in tabloids and on TV variety shows. You probably remember the debates in 2015 about the construction costs for the new National Stadium for the 2020 Olympic Games, and last year’s discussions on the relocation of Tokyo’s Tsukiji wholesale market to Toyosu.

"megaphone-shaped" Holiday Home In Japan Prioritises Garden

"Megaphone-shaped" holiday home in Japan prioritises garden This holiday home by Japanese studios Taku Sakaushi Architects and OFDA has a tapered form that broadens towards a garden, but narrows where it meets a road, creating a secluded getaway in Karuizawa.
The site is hemmed on its northern edge by a street and by neighbouring properties on its other sides, so Taku Sakaushi and OFDA tried to create a design that ensures the house is not overlooked.

Japanese Retailer Muji To Open First Canadian Pop-up Store In Vancouver

Japanese retailer MUJI to open first Canadian pop-up store in VancouverMUJI is finally making its way to Vancouver—as a pop-up shop, at least.
Popular for its streamlined home, fashion, and stationery goods that forgo branding and excess packaging, the Japanese retailer has announced on its Canadian Facebook page that it will be participating in Japan Unlayered, an exhibition showcasing contemporary Japanese architecture, design, and culture at the Fairmont Pacific Rim (1038 Canada Place) from January 27 to February 28, 2017.