Sony Releases Several Xperia 5 Ii Masterclass Promo Videos

Sony releases several Xperia 5 II masterclass promo videos

Sony has published a series of videos on the upcoming Xperia 5 II, which gives a closer developer look at key aspects of the phone including design, photography, videography, audio and gaming. If you are considering the phone, then you can check out the videos below. The handset is due to be released in the coming weeks.

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Xperia Play 2: New Images Show What Might Have Been

Xperia PLAY 2: New images show what might have been

Sony Ericsson's pedigree of early Android smartphone launches really set the scene of why so many fans were loyal to the brand. Back in 2010, manufacturers were delivering Android phones in all shapes and sizes, partly why the smartphone space was so interesting. This compares to now where many phones look the same, save for the inclusion of a notch, hole punch or varying bezel sizes.

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Gamer Credits Nintendo's Ring Fit For Helping Him Get Incredibly Shredded

Gamer Credits Nintendo's Ring Fit For Helping Him Get Incredibly Shredded

Fitness-related games aren’t exactly new, but it seems that if you wanted to lose weight or get toned, perhaps you might want to consider the Nintendo Ring Fit game. According to Japanese Twitter user kzm, he posted a photo of his insanely toned body onto the social media platform in which he credits the game for helping him achieve his body.

Kzm claims that he played the Ring Fit for about half a year and where he used the game to help him stay in shape during the pandemic lockdown. According to the screenshots he posted, kzm is said to have logged over 100 hours in the game where he burned a total of 21,000 calories, “ran” 175km, and did 29,000 pushups with the Ring-Con.

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Xbox Remote Play Now Available On Android Devices

Xbox Remote Play Now Available On Android Devices

Are you looking to stream your Xbox games on your mobile device? If you are, then you’ll be very happy to learn that Microsoft has finally made its remote play app available to all Android users. Prior to that, the app was only available to Insiders, but now it seems that the company is rolling it out to everyone.

However, we should point out that this app should not be mistaken for Microsoft’s xCloud game streaming service. Instead, this is more like Steam Link or Sony’s Remote Play where your games are hosted and processed on your Xbox console, but it is then streamed to your mobile device. This means that you only get to play games that you actually own.

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Fujifilm X - S10 Could Be The Company's Next Mid - Range Camera

Fujifilm X-S10 Could Be The Company's Next Mid-Range Camera

According to a rumor from last month, it was suggested that Fujifilm could be working on a couple of new mid-range cameras. Now according to the folks at Fuji Rumors, they have heard that for at least one of the models that the company will be launching, it could be known as the Fujifilm X-S10.

What’s interesting about this is that Fujifilm has used the X-S designation in the past with the Fujifilm X-S1. Back then, the camera was billed as being Fujifilm’s high-end camera and it was released in 2011, but the company has since moved on where its X-T, X-Pro, and X-H series have since taken top billing as the company’s flagship lineup.

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It Looks Like The Nintendo 3ds Has Been Discontinued

It Looks Like The Nintendo 3DS Has Been Discontinued

When the Nintendo Switch was first launched, many wondered about the fate of the 3DS handheld console from the company. After all, the Switch offered similar portability features, but could play more modern games. However, at that time the company stated that they would continue making 3DS consoles.

That might have changed though because according to a report from The Verge, it appears that the 3DS has since been discontinued. This is according to Nintendo Japan’s website which lists the New 3DS LL, New 2DS LL, and 2DS consoles as being “out of production”, with a message on the main page saying that the series has since ended its production run.

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Ps5 Won't Have Backwards Compatibility With Ps3 Or Older

PS5 Won't Have Backwards Compatibility With PS3 Or Older

So what about the Sony PS5? Unfortunately for gamers, it seems that Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan has confirmed in an interview with Famitsu (translated by Siliconera) that the company’s latest console will not be compatible with games designed for the PS3 or older.

According to Ryan, “We keep in mind the engineering specialized for the PS5, as we produced the device. In the midst of that, the PS4 already has 100 million players; we thought they ought to want to play PS4 titles on the PS5 as well indeed, so we included compatibility with the PS4. While implementing that, we also focused our efforts on taking in the high-speed SSD and the new controller DualSense at the same time. So, unfortunately, we couldn’t reach the implementation of such compatibilities.”

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Spider - Man's Tom Holland Could Play Link In Netflix's Zelda Show

Spider-Man's Tom Holland Could Play Link In Netflix's Zelda Show

Word on the street is that Netflix is apparently looking to develop The Legend of Zelda for its streaming platform that could either debut as a TV show or a movie (or possibly both). Nothing official has since been announced, but a report from We Got This Covered has revealed some additional details.

According to the publication, they claim that apparently Netflix is interested in bringing Spider-Man’s Tom Holland on board where he will be taking up the mantle of Link, the main character in the game. While we’ve never really thought about who could play Link before, Holland’s youthful looks certainly makes it seem like he would be a good fit.

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Xperia 5 Ii: First Hands - On Photos

Xperia 5 II: First hands-on photos

We have seen a huge number of renders for the Xperia 5 II over the last few weeks, as the phone was heavily leaked. Now that the phone was formally revealed earlier today, we have now caught sight of the first hands-on photos of the device. It shows you what the handset will look like in the flesh across all four colours (Black, Blue, Grey and Pink). Check out a selection of pics below and hit the source links for more information. Do you like what you see? Let us know in the comments below.

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Sony Teases New God Of War Title For Ps5

Sony Teases New God Of War Title For PS5

The last time Sony released a new God of War title for the PlayStation platform was back in 2018. However, the title released back then marked a slightly different approach Sony has taken in the past, where Kratos would be the main character. Instead, in this particular release, we saw Kratos share the spotlight with his son.

For those who love the God of War franchise and would like to see a new title, you might be in luck because towards the end of Sony’s PS5 event, a logo appeared on the screen that teased the next God of War title that would be coming to the PS5 in 2021. It will be a direct sequel to the 2018 title, but beyond the release date, not much else is known about the game for now.

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The Sony Ps5 Dualsense Controller Will Cost $70 Each

The Sony PS5 DualSense Controller Will Cost $70 Each

Sony recently announced its PS5 where it is priced at $499 for the regular version, and $399 for the digital version. However, both versions will come with a single controller, also known as the DualSense controller, so what if you wanted to play a local co-op game with your friends? You’d need to buy a new controller.

So the question is, how much will a new DualSense controller cost you? According to Sony, DualSense controllers will be priced at $70 each. This isn’t too expensive, but it’s an additional cost you might want to take note of if you were planning on buying the PS5 and plan to play local co-op games with your friends.

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Final Fantasy Xvi Announced For The Ps5

Final Fantasy XVI Announced For The PS5

Square Enix released Final Fantasy XV back in 2016, so if you think that maybe it’s about time that the company follow up with a sequel, you’ll be happy to hear that during Sony’s PS5 announcement, Final Fantasy XVI was announced alongside it as well, although not much is known about the game at the moment.

According to the announcement, the next information reveal about the upcoming game will be revealed in 2021, which means that we won’t be able to expect the game to be released this year. While there’s a chance that it could be released next year, you probably shouldn’t hold your breath until more information is made available.

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Sony Ps5 Will Be Launching November 12

Sony PS5 Will Be Launching November 12

As for other markets, the console will be available for the rest of the world on the 19th of November, save for China where according to Sony, “PS5 launch date for China is still under exploration and will be announced at a later date.”

In terms of pricing, it seems that the PS5 will indeed be more expensive than its predecessor. According to Sony’s pricing, the PS5 will be priced at $500 for the version that accepts discs, but if you don’t mind downloading all your games digitally, the Digital Edition of the PS5 will cost $400, so you’ll be able to save yourself $100 in the process.

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