The Pv For Radwimps And Aimyong's Collaboration Song Revealed

The PV for RADWIMPS and Aimyong's collaboration song revealed

The PV for RADWIMPS and Aimyong's collaboration song "Nakidashisoudayo feat. Aimyong" has been uploaded onto YouTube. 

This song is included in RADWIMP's latest single "ANTI ANTI GENERATION" released on December 12. In the PV, Noda Yojiro (Vo, G, Piano) and Aimyong sing to each other while sitting on a swing.

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Hoshino Gen Unveils Pv For 'pop Virus'

Hoshino Gen unveils PV for 'Pop Virus'

Hoshino Gen has unveiled the PV for his new song "Pop Virus." 

This song can be found in the singer's new album "POP VIRUS" to drop on December 19. The PV was shot in just one cut at a subway in a foreign country that was built in a recording studio. In it, Hoshino performs the song in a subway train with graphic art that evokes hip-hop culture.

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Johnny's West's First Single Of 2019 To Be A Double A - Side

Johnny's WEST's first single of 2019 to be a double A-side

Johnny's WEST will release a double A-side single called "Homechigirisuto / Kizudarake no Ai" on January 30. 

Among the two title tracks, "Homechigirisuto" is an energetic number in which the members praise people who do their best everyday. Meanwhile, "Kizudarake no Ai" is currently being used as the opening theme for anime 'Captain Tsubasa,' and it portrays the feelings of someone who is deeply in love. 

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Katori Shingo, Kusanagi Tsuyoshi & Inagaki Goro Release New Song '#singing'

Katori Shingo, Kusanagi Tsuyoshi & Inagaki Goro release new song '#SINGING'

On December 12, Katori Shingo, Kusanagi Tsuyoshi, and Inagaki Goro released a new song titled "#SINGING" under the name 'Atarashii Chizu join Music' via Amazon Music Unlimited. 

"#SINGING" was written and composed by 15-year-old track maker SASUKE. Katori commented, "We let SASUKE-kun, a new talent, freely depict Atarashii Chizu. Let's have a fun party together with music! SASUKE, let's dance!" Besides this song, their previously released songs "72," "Ameagari no Step," and "KISS is my life." are also available on Amazon Music Unlimited. Inagaki's first solo song in 14 years, "SUZUNARI," will also be available beginning December 21. 

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Hyde Pens Image Song For Game 'devil May Cry'

HYDE pens image song for game 'Devil May Cry'

HYDE has penned a new song titled "MAD QUALIA" for Capcom's action game 'Devil May Cry 5.' 

The latest of the 'Devil May Cry' series will be released worldwide on March 8. HYDE had previously revealed that he plays the game and is a fan of the series. You can listen to a clip of "MAD QUALIA" in the trailer below. 

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Ieiri Leo To Kick Off Nationwide Tour In May

Ieiri Leo to kick off nationwide tour in May

Ieiri Leo's seventh nationwide tour 'Ieiri Leo 7th Live Tour 2019' will kick off in May. 

For this tour, the singer will visit Prefectures she's never visited for a tour before, such as Akita, Yamagata, Gunma, Gifu, and Nagasaki. The finale will be held on July 27 at Makuhari Messe in Chiba. 

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Juice=juice & Country Girls To Hold Yanagawa Nanami's Graduation Concert

Juice=Juice & Country Girls to hold Yanagawa Nanami's graduation concert

Juice=Juice and Country Girls will hold a two-man live on February 14 at Zepp Namba and on March 11 at Zepp Tokyo. 

Yanagawa Nanami, who is a member of the two groups, will be graduating from the groups as well as Hello! Project in March. Among the two shows, the Tokyo show will be held as her graduation concert. 

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Miura Daichi Dances In An Ice World In Pv For 'blizzard'

Miura Daichi dances in an ice world in PV for 'Blizzard'

Miura Daichi has revealed the PV for his new song "Blizzard." 

As reported earlier, "Blizzard" will be used as the theme song for the new 'Dragon Ball' film set for release on December 14. The PV was made in the image of the battle scenes that take place in the film. 

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The Rampage Receive First Anime Tie - Up

THE RAMPAGE receive first anime tie-up

THE RAMPAGE from EXILE TRIBE's new song "DOWN BY LAW" has been picked up as the opening theme for anime 'FAIRY TAIL.'

"DOWN BY LAW" is the coupling track to THE RAMPAGE's new single "THROW YA FIST" to be released on January 30. The song conveys a positive message with the theme "the bonds we have with friends who are moving forward the same future."

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Aoi Sola Announces First Pregnancy

Aoi Sola announces first pregnancy

Former Ebisu Muscats member Aoi Sola has announced her first pregnancy. 

Aoi tied the knot with DJ NON in January. On December 11, she wrote, "At this time, I have been blessed with a baby. I am currently 5 months pregnant and have finally entered my stable period." She continued, "It's my first pregnancy so there are many things I'm anxious about, but I will become a mother next May. Please continue to support me."

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Listen To Utada Hikaru & Skrillex's Collaboration Song 'face My Fears'

Listen to Utada Hikaru & Skrillex's collaboration song 'Face My Fears'

A 90-second clip of Utada Hikaru and Skrillex's collaboration song "Face My Fears," both the Japanese and English versions, have been uploaded to YouTube. 

As previously reported, "Face My Fears" will serve as the opening theme for the popular game software 'KINGDOM HEARTSⅢ' and will be released as the singer's new single on January 18. The jacket cover for the single, which has also been revealed at this time, was illustrated by the 'Kingdom Hearts' series director Nomura Tetsuya. He previously illustrated Utada back in 2014 for the promotion for 'Utada Hikaru to Uta.'

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