Nishiuchi Mariya Announces That Her Contract With Agency Expired In March

Nishiuchi Mariya announces that her contract with agency expired in March

On July 20, actress Nishiuchi Mariya (24) announced via Instagram that her contract with Rising Production expired on March 31. 

Nishiuchi reported, "It's been awhile. I, Nishiuchi Mariya, would like to announce that my contract with RISINGPRO Holdings Co. ended on March 31, 2018." She expressed, "I am extremely grateful to everyone at the agency who took care of me as well as to everyone who supports me." She also apologized, "I am sorry for worrying everyone for suddenly stopping my updates and activities, and also for making this late announcement.

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Bump Of Chicken To Digitally Release 'bouen No March'

BUMP OF CHICKEN to digitally release 'Bouen no March'

BUMP OF CHICKEN's new song "Bouen no March" will be digitally released on July 23. 

This song is currently being used in the CM for the smartphone game 'Yokai Watch World.' After its release, BUMP OF CHICKEN's live work 'BUMP OF CHICKEN TOUR 2017-2018 PATHFINDER SAITAMA SUPER ARENA' will drop on August 8 in DVD and Blu-ray form. This will include footage from the Saitama Super Arena show of their nationwide tour, which was held to commemorate the band's formation anniversary this February 11.

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Arashi, Hey! Say! Jump, And More To Appear On August 3 Music Station

Arashi, Hey! Say! JUMP, and more to appear on August 3 MUSIC STATION

MUSIC STATION has reveled the artist line up for its August 3 broadcast. 

The upcoming episode will feature performances by Arashi, Saito Kazuyoshi, Sukima Switch, TWICE, Hey! Say! JUMP, and Miura Daichi. Actor Tanaka Kei will also make an appearance to cheer on Sukima Switch. The website for MUSIC STAION is requesting songs for each artist to perform until July 27 at 11:59 pm JST. 

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The Gazette To Hold A Live House Tour At The End Of The Year

the GazettE to hold a live house tour at the end of the year

the GazettE will hold a live house tour titled 'the GazettE Live Tour18 THE NINTH / PHASE #02-ENHANCEMENT- 'from November to December. 

This announcement was made on July 19 which was the first day of their hall tour 'the GazettE Live Tour18 THE NINTH / PHASE #01-PHENOMENON-.' The upcoming tour will kick off on November 6 at CLUB CITTA' in Kanagawa, and will wrap up on December 11 at Shinkiba STUDIO COAST in Tokyo. 

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Kanno Miho Is Pregnant With Her Second Child

Kanno Miho is pregnant with her second child

Actor Sakai Masato (44) and his wife actress Kanno Miho (40) are expecting their second child! 

On her agency's official website, Kanno announced, "At this time, I have been blessed with my second baby. I want to prepare myself for a winter birth." She continued, "I am nervous about pregnancy and childbirth at this age, but the joy of gaining another family member, we are looking forward to that day. I am receiving strength from my husband, our son, and this new life inside of me."

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Spyair Perform At The Wharf In Pv For 'i Wanna Be...'

SPYAIR perform at the wharf in PV for 'I Wanna Be...'

SPYAIR have uploaded the PV for their new song "I Wanna Be..." onto YouTube. 

"I Wanna Be..." is the opening theme for the anime 'Gintama' and will be released as the band's new single on July 25. The PV was shot at a wharf in the midnight hours featuring the members performing in-between warehouses and containers.

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Takeuchi Mariya's New Song To Be Used In The Movie 'aiai Gasa'

Takeuchi Mariya's new song to be used in the movie 'Aiai Gasa'

Takeuchi Mariya's new song "Chiisana Negai" has been picked up as the theme song for the movie 'Aiai Gasa', which will open in theaters on October 26. 

'Aiai Gasa' is based on a stage play of the same title by Takuma Takayuki, who is also the producer of the movie. It tells a story of a parent and child reuniting after 25 years. The protagonist, who searches for her missing father, is played by Kurashina Kana. 

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Shiraishi Mai To Be Absent From A Portion Of Nogizaka46's Tour

Shiraishi Mai to be absent from a portion of Nogizaka46's tour

It's been announced that Shiraishi Mai will be absent for a portion of Nogizaka46's tour 'Manatsu no Zenkoku Tour 2018' due to her schedule. 

The upcoming tour is scheduled to be held from July 21 to September 2. Among the eight shows, Shiraishi will be absent from the following: July 22 at Fukuoka Yafuoku! Dome and August 26 and 27 at Nagoya Dome. 

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Golden Bomber To Release A New Single In September

Golden Bomber to release a new single in September

Golden Bomber will release their new single "Tatsuo... Yome wo Ore ni Kure" on September 1. 

Both the title track and coupling song "Kinjo no Okusan wo Shihai Suru" are written, composed, and sung by Darvish Kenji (Doramu). Because Darvish is in charge of the song, Kiryuin Sho (Vo-karu) plays the drums for these two tracks. "Tatsuo... Yome wo Ore ni Kure" and their new song "Tsuyoizo! Robo Hip" are currently available for download via iTunes Store, mora, Amazon Music, and other music distributing services. 

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9nine To Digitally Release New Song 'kokudou Summer Love'

9nine to digitally release new song 'Kokudou Summer Love'

9nine will digitally release a new song titled "Kokudou Summer Love" on July 27.

This announcement was made on July 18 during a special program on SHOWROOM. On the song, the members commented, "It's THE 'SUMMER' Song," "I really love the rhythm," and "It's a song that refreshes your summer."

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Japan Box Office Report – 7/14~7/15 2018

Japan Box Office Report – 7/14~7/15 2018

Pokemon Movie 21: Minna no Monogatari
劇場版ポケットモンスター みんなの物語
[Adventure, Family, Anime]


Shino-chan wa Jibun no Namae ga Ienai
[Youth, Drama, Rated G]


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Take A Look At Tosaka Hiroomi's Pv For 'full Moon'

Take a look at Tosaka Hiroomi's PV for 'FULL MOON'

Tosaka Hiroomi (Sandaime J Soul Brothers from EXILE TRIBE) has revealed the PV for his song "FULL MOON."

"FULL MOON" is the title track to Tosaka's new album due out on August 8. In the PV, he portrays the worldview of the song by performing at places that resemble historic ruins.

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