Love And Lies

Love and LiesThe Japanese government carries out a program to increase the birth rate in the country. Their program analyzes gene information from its residents and selects a marriage partner for them.
Aoi Nisaka (Aoi Morikawa) is a high school student. She is in a love triangle with childhood friend Yuto Shiba (Takumi Kitamura) and Sosuke Takachiho (Kanta Sato). Sosuke Takachiho is appointed by the government to become her husband.
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Wilderness: Part One

Wilderness: Part OneSet in the year 2021 around Shinjuku, Tokyo, when youth unemployment, suicides and a broken social welfare system plague the public.
Shinji (Masaki Suda) is released from a youth detention center. Kenji (Yang Ik-June) suffers from a speech impediment and extreme shyness.
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Mizuki Nana To Release Greatest Hits Album Early Next Year

Mizuki Nana to release greatest hits album early next year

Mizuki Nana will release a greatest hits album, titled "THE MUSEUM III," on January 10 of next year.

The last time Mizuki released a greatest hits album was over six years ago. Her upcoming album will includes singles from 2012's "Synchrogazer" to her most recent "Destiny's Prelude" and "TESTAMENT," as well as her collaboration songs with T.M.Revolution and Yamadera Koichi. Furthermore, it will contain new songs which will be used as the ending themes for the anime 'Basilisk: Ouka Ninpouchou' to begin in January.

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Keyakizaka46's Watanabe Rika & Nagahama Neru To Release Solo Photo Books In December

Keyakizaka46's Watanabe Rika & Nagahama Neru to release solo photo books in December

Keyakizaka46 members Watanabe Rika and Nagahama Neru will be releasing their solo photo books in December.

They are the first members of the group to get solo photo books. Watanabe's photos were shot in Greece by Abe Chizuru. She spent 4 nights and 6 days in Greece taking various photos with the ancient ruins and Aegean Sea. It will hit store shelves on December 5.

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Akb48 To Hold Annual 'request Hour' Event In January

AKB48 to hold annual 'Request Hour' event in January

AKB48's live event 'AKB48 Group Request Hour Set List Best 100 2018' will be held on January 19 and 20 at TOKYO DOME CITY HALL.

'Request Hour' is an annual event where fans can vote for their favorite AKB48 group songs. The members then perform the fan favorites in the order of ranking. The polling will take place from November 21 to December 11. More details regarding the poll and the event will be revealed via a special website.

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Silent Siren Rocks Taipei, Continues World Tour In L.a. In December

SILENT SIREN rocks Taipei, continues world tour in L.A. in DecemberFollowing live performances in Hong Kong and Indonesia in September, Japanese girls rock band SILENT SIREN completed the Asian leg of their SILENT SIREN WORLD TOUR 2017 "The New World" in Taipei, Tawian, on October 4th. SILENT SIREN ("SaiSai") delighted longtime fans with hits "Stella☆", "Joshikou Sensou", and "Cherry Bomb", plus new songs receiving their first live overseas performances, including "Fujiyama Disco" and their latest single "JUST MEET", released October 11th worldwide.
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Wild Boars Processed Into Raw Ham On Remote Island

Wild boars processed into raw ham on remote island

Hunters in Kamijima, Ehime Prefecture, are taking steps to sell the meat of wild boars that were killed because they damage agricultural products in the town.

In August, an association of local hunters began selling raw ham made from wild boars to businesses, as part of measures implemented by the town and prefectural governments to cope with the harmful animals. The raw ham is the first processed product of its kind in this endeavor.

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Ayaka To Release Her Graduation Song 'sakura'

Ayaka to release her graduation song 'Sakura'

Ayaka has announced the release of her new single "Sakura."

Ayaka is currently in the middle of her live tour "Acoustic Live Tour 2017-2018 ~3-STAR RAW~", which kicked off back in April. She has been sharing "Sakura" with her fans since the very first show. It's a graduation song about the feelings of parents when their children leave the nest. Many fans wanted the song to be released, and Ayaka acted right away as it will be available for purchase at her concerts starting on October 14 at Aubade Hall in Toyama. The CD can also be purchased via the singer's fan club site. 

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Miura Haruma Stars In Takahashi Yu's Pv For 'reportage'

Miura Haruma stars in Takahashi Yu's PV for 'Reportage'

The short PV for Takahashi Yu's new song "Reportage" has been uploaded onto YouTube.

"Reportage" is the title track to Takahashi's new single that's slated for release on November 22. It's the theme song to TV Asahi's drama 'Otona Koukou' starring Miura Haruma. In the PV, Takahashi and Miura, both wearing the same outfit, take turns appearing on screen. It was directed by Yanai Michihiko. Its full version will be included in the Complete Production Edition DVD.

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Toda Erika & Narita Ryo Rumored To Be Dating

Toda Erika & Narita Ryo rumored to be dating

On October 11, it was reported that actress Toda Erika (29) and actor Narita Ryo (23) are in a serious relationship.

According to reports, the two met on the set of drama 'Code Blue ~Doctor Heli Kinkyuu Kyumei~ THE THIRD SEASON.' After filming began, Toda would give Narita advice on his role as a flight doctor in training, and they would spend their time discussing and exchanging opinions about acting. The two started dating soon after and have been spotted on drive dates.

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