Exile Atsushi Reveals Pvs For 'i Think You' And 'more...'

EXILE ATSUSHI reveals PVs for 'I think you' and 'More...'

EXILE ATSUSHI has revealed the PV for his songs "I think of you" and "More..."

The two tracks will be included in ATSUSHI's solo single "Just The Way You Are" to be released on April 11. "I think of you" was recorded in Atlanta with producer T.Kura who composed EXILE's "I Wish For You."  It has the theme "our happy memories" while  "More..." has the theme of "separation."

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Berryz Kobo's Sugaya Risako Gives Birth To A Baby Girl

Berryz Kobo's Sugaya Risako gives birth to a baby girl

Berryz Kobo's Sugaya Risako has announced the birth of her baby girl. 

Last October, Sugaya announced both her marriage and pregnancy. On UpFront Promotion's official website, she commented, "I gave birth to my first child, a healthy baby girl. The moment I heard her cry, my heart filled with happiness and a sense of accomplishment. Since my new lifestyle started, there are many things I'm not used to, and I am exploring new things every day. I hope that the three of us will become a happy family full of smiles. Please watch over us warmly."

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Tofu With Walnut Sauce Features In Expanded Menu For Nara Monks

Tofu with walnut sauce features in expanded menu for Nara monks

The Shuni-e (commonly called Omizutori) ceremony has been held at Todaiji Temple in Nara since the Nara Period (710-784).

Although the large torches that shower sparks on people are famous, they are simply meant to lead the monks to the temple hall. The monks pray for the happiness of all living things and go through the cycle of penitence and prayer.

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Nara - Style Tea Rice Brings About Aroma From The Edo Period

Nara-style tea rice brings about aroma from the Edo Period

Besides teaching Japanese cuisine in Tokyo's Akasaka district, Naoyuki Yanagihara frequents libraries to read documents from the Edo Period (1603-1867). He believes that studying the originality and ingenuity of his forerunners will show him the path he should take.

"I try to learn the changes in the ingredients and cooking procedures and make use of them today," the 39-year-old cooking expert says.

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Strikingly Red, Tomato - Flavored Macaroni Gratin Absorbs 'umami'

Strikingly red, tomato-flavored macaroni gratin absorbs 'umami'

The word "gratin" may conjure images of a white-sauce-based dish. But at Shiseido Parlour's main restaurant in Tokyo's Ginza district, the red color of the tomato-flavored gratin stands out.

"Some guests are surprised to see a dish that is quite different from what they had imagined," says Naohisa Inoue, the 50-year-old grand chef of the restaurant.

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Turn The Heat Up And Beat The Cold With A Rich Black Beef Stew

Turn the heat up and beat the cold with a rich black beef stew

"Become friends with fire" was the key piece of advice Naohisa Inoue was given soon after he entered the kitchen of a restaurant run by Shiseido Parlour Co.

The experienced staffers advised the young cook on the importance of winning the fire over and interacting with it as if they were "kindred spirits."

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Salt Is Key In Sumptuous Twist On Single - Veggie Stir - Fry

Salt is key in sumptuous twist on single-veggie stir-fry

For the last 10 years Midori Takahashi has been spending two days a week in her husband's hometown. When the "food stylist" began visiting Kuroiso in Tochigi Prefecture, she fell in love with a warehouse with a nostalgic feel close to the station.

She felt the town could do with a little more vibrancy, so she and her husband renovated the warehouse and opened the antique shop Tamiser Kuroiso in 2009. They hoped it might attract a few more people to the area.

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Former Akb48's Sato Natsuki Gives Birth To Baby Boy

Former AKB48's Sato Natsuki gives birth to baby boy

Former AKB48 member Sato Natsuki (27) has announced the birth of her baby boy. 

Sato thanked her husband and mom as well as her fans. To her son, she said, "To our precious son, you were the one that was kicking up a storm in my stomach. We finally meet. Since you were in my stomach for a long time, isn't it such a strange feeling to be outside? There will be a lot of fun times, so let's make tons of memories. Thank you so much for choosing us.

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Oguri Shun & Yamada Yu Celebrate 6 Years Of Marriage

Oguri Shun & Yamada Yu celebrate 6 years of marriage

On March 14, model Yamada Yu uploaded a photo on Instagram celebrating six years of marriage with actor Oguri Shun. 

Yamada posted a photo of their anniversary cake with six lit candles. She also used the hashtags "happy," "anniversary," "6years," and "wow."

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Tano Yuka To Graduate From Akb48

Tano Yuka to graduate from AKB48

Tano Yuka has announced her graduation from AKB48. 

The idol made the announcement on March 15 on 'SHOWROOM.' Afterwards, she tweeted, "I announced my graduation earlier on SHOWROOM. At the moment, I can say that the handshake event on August 12 will be my last. I will let you know regarding my graduation concert as soon as it is determined.

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Stu48's Cho Orie To Graduate From The Group

STU48's Cho Orie to graduate from the group

STU48 member Cho Orie will graduate from the group.

A message from Cho has been published on the group's official website, stating, "After challenging myself to various things and meeting different people, I found something that I really want to do. I want to interact with many people from around the world, so after consulting with my family and staff, I chose the path of studies."

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The Full Pv For Watanabe Mayu's Graduation Song Revealed

The full PV for Watanabe Mayu's graduation song revealed

The full PV for AKB48's song "11-gatsu no Anklet" has been revealed via YouTube. 

This was the title track to Watanabe Mayu's graduation single that was released last November. Directed by Hirano Fumiko, the PV focuses on Watanabe's natural expressions. A highlight of the video comes toward the end, where Watanabe and the other members run in the heavy rain. 

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