Melting Snow Creates Gigantic 'dragon Eye' On Mountain

Melting snow creates gigantic 'dragon eye' on mountainHACHIMANTAI, Iwate Prefecture--As the seasons change, the melting snow has revealed the "Hachimantai dragon eye" at Kagaminuma swamp near the top of Mount Hachimantai, which borders Iwate and Akita prefectures.

Snow remains near the peak of the 1,613-meter-high mountain. The swamp, about 50 meters in diameter, is said to look like a huge "dragon eye" when seen from above.


Yonezu Kenshi To Release New Album After 2.5 Years

Yonezu Kenshi to release new album after 2.5 years

Yonezu Kenshi will release his fifth album "STRAY SHEEP" on August 5. 

His last album "BOOTLEG" sold over 600,000 copies, and won the Grand Prix at the '10th CD Shop Awards' as well as Album of the Year Award at the '60th Japan Record Awards.' The upcoming album comes about two and a half years later, and it will contain a total of 15 songs including his previously released numbers "Lemon," "Uma to Shika," and his self-cover of "Paprika." The jacket cover seen above was illustrated by Yonezu himself.


Generations Reveal Unreleased Song 'you & I'

GENERATIONS reveal unreleased song 'You & I'

GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE have revealed their unreleased song "You & I" on YouTube.

"You & I" was written after the group concluded their dome tour in 2019, and with 2020 activities in mind. They had planned on releasing the song in summer, but decided to release a video including messages from the 7 members hoping that we will be able to overcome this current situation together. 


Learn How To Draw Totoro At Home!

Learn how to draw Totoro at home!

Studio Ghibli producer Suzuki Toshio has released a video message for children who are  staying at home due to school closures.

Schools in Japan as well as all over the world have been closed in an effort to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus. To cheer up those children staying at home, the Nagoya Board of Education launched a special website. 


Okai Chisato Retires From Showbiz

Okai Chisato retires from showbiz

It's been announced that Okai Chisato's contract with her agency JP Room has expired on April 30th, and as such, she has retired from showbiz. 

Okai passed Hello! Project's kids audition at the age of eight back in 2002. After C-ute disbanded in June of 2017, she had been making various appearances on TV. However, last April, she suddenly announced that she would be taking a break from her activities. 


Yoshiki To Do A Live Broadcast On Hide's Death Anniversary

YOSHIKI to do a live broadcast on hide's death anniversary

YOSHIKI (X JAPAN) will hold a live broadcast on May 2 from 7:00 pm JST on Nico Nico Namahousou. 

May 2 is the death anniversary of fellow X JAPAN member hide who died back in 1998. YOSHIKI will be broadcasting himself live from his home in Los Angeles. As he will be handling things on his own, he warned, "There's a possibility that the live stream will not be successful."


Ikimonogakari's Yoshioka Kiyoe Sings Nursery Rhymes For New Project

Ikimonogakari's Yoshioka Kiyoe sings nursery rhymes for new project

Ikimonogakari's Yoshioka Kiyoe has launched a YouTube channel for her new project called 'Yoshioka Kiyoe no Mainichi ga Douyoubi ~Kazoku de Utaou!~'.

Through the project, Yoshioka plans to introduce nursery rhymes and others songs she sang as a child. The first song revealed is "Koinobori" sung by Yoshioka accompanied by eji on the piano. Shirokuma Nanami was in charge of the illustration.