Nogizaka46's Takayama Kazumi Joins Instagram

Nogizaka46's Takayama Kazumi joins Instagram

Nogizaka46 member Takayama Kazumi has joined Instagram (@takayama.kazumi.official).

On April 21, Takayama hosted a show on SHOWROOM to commemorate the paperback release of her novel 'Trapezium' (April 24). This is where she announced that she would be opening an Instagram account. In one of her posts, she explains where the title of her novel came from, "My editor and I came up with a bunch of titles to decide on temporarily. The final two were 'trapezium' and 'rectangle,' so we went with 'trapezium.'"

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Experience Another World In Miyavi's Pv For 'bang!'

Experience another world in MIYAVI's PV for 'Bang!'

The PV for MIYAVI's song "Bang!" has been uploaded onto YouTube. 

"Bang!" can be found in MIYAVI's latest album "Holy Nights," which dropped on April 22. It's currently being used as the CM song for Rakuten Mobile. The music video begins with a high schooler listening to music on her smartphone, then transported to another world through the device. 

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The Music Video For Go!go!vanillas' New Song 'amazing Race' Was Shot In One Take

The music video for go!go!vanillas' new song 'Amazing Race' was shot in one take

The music video for go!go!vanillas' new song "Amazing Race" has been uploaded onto YouTube. 

"Amazing Race" marks the comeback of Hasegawa "Pretty" Keisuke, who was injured in December when he was struck by a large vehicle while walking in Tokyo. This video was shot in early-March at one of the live houses that the band was scheduled to perform at, but was cancelled due to the coronavirus outbreak. The performance scene was shot in just one take. 

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Sixtones Postpone Release Of 2nd Single 'navigator'

SixTONES postpone release of 2nd single 'NAVIGATOR'

SixTONES have postponed the release of their second single "NAVIGATOR" (originally June 3 release). 

According to Sony Music, the postponement was decided due to the fact that they aren't able to make the preparations for the CD release as well as the postponement of the song's tie-up anime 'Fugou Keiji Balance:UNLIMITED.' 

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Kame To Yamap Unveil Track List For 'si'

Kame to YamaP unveil track list for 'SI'

Kame to YamaP have unveiled the track list for their album "SI." 

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the unit postponed the release of "SI" until further notice. The album will be available for purchase in three different versions: Complete Production Edition, Limited Edition, and Regular Edition. All versions will come with eight tracks including their lead track "Amor." In addition, the Regular Edition will include "Seishun Amigo (2020ver.)", which was the ending theme for the special edition of TV drama 'Nobuta wo Produce' that aired on April 18.  

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V6 Reveal 2017 Tour Footage For A Limited Time

V6 reveal 2017 tour footage for a limited time

V6 have revealed the footage for their live tour 'LIVE TOUR 2017 The ONES' via YouTube for a limited time.

'LIVE TOUR 2017 The ONES' was held back in 2017 hosting a total of 21 shows. In March of 2018, the footage was released on DVD and Blu-ray. Beside the concert itself, you can also watch a documentary of the tour.

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Hamasaki Ayumi To Release Collection Of 'm' Performances, Additional Concerts

Hamasaki Ayumi to release collection of 'M' performances, additional concerts

Hamasaki Ayumi will release a 50-minute compilation video consisting of her live performances of "M" via YouTube on April 18 at 6:00 JST. 

In this video, you can enjoy ten different performances from her year 2000 countdown live 'ayumi hamasaki count down live 2000-2001 A' to 2016's countdown live 'ayumi hamasaki COUNTDOWN LIVE 2016-2017 A: Just the beginning -20-.'

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Gesu No Kiwami Otome. Reveal Details On 5th Album

Gesu no Kiwami Otome. reveal details on 5th album

Gesu no Kiwami Otome. have revealed the details on their 5th album "Streaming, CD, Record." Originally, the album was scheduled to be released this month, but it will now be available digitally on May 1. 

Through the album, the band want their fans to enjoy music in various ways. Besides the digital album, there will be a special package available too. 

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Former Kalafina's Keiko Starts Her Solo Activities

Former Kalafina's Keiko starts her solo activities

Former Kalafina's Keiko will be starting her solo activities as KEIKO. 

Kalafina was a vocal unit that formed as a project to sing the theme songs for the anime film 'Kara no Kyoukai.' After the group disbanded in 2019, KEIKO is finally ready to kick off her solo singing career. 

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Ayaka's Pv For 'friends' Revealed

Ayaka's PV for 'Friends' revealed

The PV for Ayaka's cover of REBECCA's "Friends" has been revealed. 

This will be included in Ayaka's second cover album "Yu-on Club ~2nd grade~" that's scheduled for release on May 13. The PV was created with the concept "visualization of sound," and it stars dancer Aoi Tsuki. 

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Kyary Pamyu Pamyu To Release 100 Songs Worth Of Live Footage On Youtube

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu to release 100 songs worth of live footage on YouTube

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu will upload her past live footage on YouTube until May 17. 

This is a part of ASOBISYSTEM's project '#OuchiASOBI" to deliver entertainment that people can enjoy at home. From 'Doki Doki Waku Waku Pamyu Pamyu Revolution 2012 in Kira Kira Budokan' to 'JAPAMYU HALL TOUR 2018 Hoshikuzu no Cherry Martini,' fans will be able to enjoy 100 songs worth of live footage. 

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