What If Maison Book Girl Put All Of Their Energy Into Idol Activities?

What if Maison book girl put all of their energy into idol activities?

Maison book girl have revealed a "parallel version" music video for their song "my cut." 

This song was included in the group's first album "bath room" released back in 2015. The "parallel version" video was created as a part of their program 'Maison book girl / Dual' on WOWOW PLUS MUSIC. With the concept, "What if Maison book girl put all their energy into idol activities?" the members express their image of an idol through the video. idomin was in charge of the choreography.

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Tampopo's Shiratori Kumiko Diagnosed With Coronavirus

Tampopo's Shiratori Kumiko diagnosed with coronavirus

Comedian duo Tampopo's Shiratori Kumiko has been diagnosed with the new coronavirus. 

According to an announcement by her agency, Shiratori had an abnormal sense of smell on March 29th, but didn't think anything of it as she has allergic rhinitis. However, on April 3rd, she received news from one of her close friends that they tested positive for coronavirus. As such, she reevaluated her symptoms and realized that she also had a fever. Since then, she has been staying at home and has been in contact with a health care center. 

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Hkt48 Reveal Full Pv For '3 - 2'

HKT48 reveal full PV for '3 - 2'

HKT48 have revealed the full PV for their 13th single "3 - 2" (April 22 release) 

For this single, fourth generation student Unjo Hirona serves as center for the first time. The PV was shot at 5 locations in Fukuoka, and the members do a dance while holding ribbons that symbolize their "proof of determination."

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Shonan No Kaze To Release First Album In 2 Years

Shonan no Kaze to release first album in 2 years

Shonan no Kaze will release their new album "Shonan no Kaze ~Shiho Senpu~" on May 20. 

It's been about two years since the group released their last album "Shonan no Kaze ~Ichigo Ichie~." Their upcoming album will feature a total of 14 songs including the theme song for the PlayStation 4 software 'Ryu ga Gotoku 7: Hikari to Yami no Yukue.' 

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Morisanchu's Kurosawa Kazuko Contracts Coronavirus

Morisanchu's Kurosawa Kazuko contracts coronavirus

Kurosawa Kazuko (41) of comedian trio Morisanchu is the next Japanese celebrity to contract the novel coronavirus. 

According to Yoshimoto Kogyo, Kurosawa developed a fever on March 21st around noon, but returned to normal temperature later that day. After seeing a doctor, she was ordered to stay at home for two days. She then returned to work on the 25th and participated in a shoot for a program. However, she had lost her sense of taste and smell and learned that it could be a symptom of the coronavirus. As such, she cancelled all of her work. 

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Kame To Yamap Reveal Pv For Album Lead Track 'amor'

Kame to YamaP reveal PV for album lead track 'Amor'

Kame to YamaP, a unit comprised of Kamenashi Kazuya (KAT-TUN) and Yamashita Tomohisa, have revealed the PV for their song "Amor." 

This is the lead track off of their first album "SI" to drop on April 29. In the beginning of the PV, the two walk on the beach at sunrise, making you reminisce the last scene of their starring drama. In addition to the beach scenes, there are scenes where they sing while being surrounded by foreigners. 

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Shinoda Mariko Gives Birth To First Child

Shinoda Mariko gives birth to first child

On April 1, former AKB48 member and actress Shinoda Mariko (34) announced that she gave birth to her first child. 

Via her Instagram and Twitter accounts, Shinoda reported, "I apologize for making a personal announcement during this time, but I gave birth to a healthy baby girl the other day. Thankfully, both myself and baby are doing well.

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Ketsumeishi's Ryoji Infected With New Coronavirus

Ketsumeishi's RYOJI infected with new coronavirus

It's been reported that Ketsumeishi's RYOJI (Vo) has been infected with the new coronavirus. 

RYOJI had a high fever since March 22, and after undergoing a PCR test on March 30, he tested positive for the new coronavirus. He still has a slight fever and is devoting himself to getting better as soon as possible. The other members are taking preventative measures to protect themselves from the virus. 

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Former Kobushi Factory Member Inoue Rei To Join Juice=juice

Former Kobushi Factory member Inoue Rei to join Juice=Juice

It's been announced that former Kobushi Factory member Inoue Rei will be joining Juice=Juice. 

This announcement was made on April 1 during a live broadcast on YouTube, commemorating the release of their new single "Pop Music / Sukitte Itte yo." After the group performed four songs, leader Kanazawa Tomoko made the report regarding Inoue's joining the group. She read a letter from Inoue, stating, "I hope to make my dreams come true in Juice=Juice. I will do my best so that everyone can think that it was a good idea for Inoue Rei to join."

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Watch Tokyo Jihen's Pv For 'eien No Fuzai Shomei'

Watch Tokyo Jihen's PV for 'Eien no Fuzai Shomei'

The PV for Tokyo Jihen's new song "Eien no Fuzai Shomei" has been uploaded onto YouTube. 

"Eien no Fuzai Shomei" can be found in the band's upcoming album "News" to be released on April 8 and will be used as the theme song for the movie 'Meitantei Conan: Hiiro no Dangan' premiering on April 17. Directed by Kodama Yuichi, the PV shows the members descending to earth during the leap year.

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