Comedian Shimura Ken Dies From Coronavirus

Comedian Shimura Ken dies from coronavirus

Comedian Shimura Ken, who was hospitalized after being infected with the new coronavirus, has passed away on March 29th at 11:10 am in Tokyo. He was 70 years old. 

Shimura's agency released his medical condition to the public on March 25th. Shimura first felt symptoms of fatigue on the 17th and rested at home. On the 19th, he developed a fever and had difficulty breathing, then was transported to a hospital the following day where he was diagnosed with severe pneumonia and hospitalized. As he had symptoms for the new coronavirus, he was tested and the results came back positive on night of the 23rd. 

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Keyakizaka46's Nagasawa Nanako To Graduate From The Group

Keyakizaka46's Nagasawa Nanako to graduate from the group

Keyakizaka46 member Nagasawa Nanako will graduate from the group on March 31. 

According to Keyakizaka46's official website, after Nagasawa put in her request for graduation, the staff talked it over with her, and accepted her decision. Nagasawa also updated her blog explaining that she wanted to "take a step toward her dream" before turning 23. She stated, "These four years are irreplaceable memories in my life. I feel sad that I won't be able to see my fans after I graduate... However, I will do my best to see everyone again!

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Snow Man's Iwamoto Hikaru To Temporarily Suspend His Activities After 'friday' Article

Snow Man's Iwamoto Hikaru to temporarily suspend his activities after 'FRIDAY' article

It's been reported that Snow Man member Iwamoto Hikaru (26) will temporarily suspend his activities. On the March 27th issue of weekly tabloid magazine 'FRIDAY,' it was reported that Iwamoto consumed alcoholic beverages with a minor back when he was a Johnny's Jr. member in November 2017. 

A statement was released on Johnny & Associates' official website, stating, "We sincerely apologize to all of our fans and supporters for causing worries and troubles due to the article that was published the other day. We are truly sorry that such reports surfaced during these unstable times caused by the new coronavirus.

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V6's New Song 'it's My Life' Picked Up As Theme Song For 'tokusou 9'

V6's new song 'It's my life' picked up as theme song for 'Tokusou 9'

V6's new song "It's my life" has been picked up as the theme song for the drama 'Tokusou 9 season 3' to premiere on April 8. 

'Tokusou 9' is a detective drama starring V6 member Inohara Yoshihiko. On March 26, Inohara participated at a news conference in Tokyo where he commented, "In order to maintain drama and entertainment, you need people to watch them. I don't think people can enjoy them if they don't feel relief, safe, and healthy. I think everyone will be spending more time at home, so please enjoy our drama."

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Ayaka Unveils Details On Her Upcoming Cover Album

Ayaka unveils details on her upcoming cover album

Ayaka has unveiled the details on her second cover album "Yu-on Club ~2nd grade~" that's scheduled to be released on May 13. 

Ayaka's first cover album was released about 7 years ago. Her upcoming album will feature a total of 10 tracks including covers of Mr.Children's "everybody goes ~Chitsujo no Nai Gendai ni Drop Kick~," back number's "Heroine," Hirai Ken's "Love Love Love," Nakajima Miyuki's "Ito," and more. 

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Visuals For Kame To Yamap's Album Revealed

Visuals for Kame to YamaP's album revealed

The visuals for Kame to YamaP's album "SI" dropping on April 29 have been revealed.

Kame to YamaP is a unit comprised of Kamenashi Kazuya (KAT-TUN) and Yamashita Tomohisa. The photos were shot by Fujiwara Hiroshi at Shibuya's MIYASHITA PARK that's currently being built. 

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Shimizu Shota To Release New Digital Single, '416'

Shimizu Shota to release new digital single, '416'

Shimizu Shota will release a digital single titled "416" on April 15. 

"416" comes about 8 months since the singer released his last digital single "Breathe Again" last August. Apparently, there is a hidden meaning behind the title, which will be revealed on the release date.

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Sexy Zone Transfer To Universal Music

Sexy Zone transfer to Universal Music

Sexy Zone, who celebrate their 10th debut anniversary this year, have transferred to Universal Music. They will release a new single titled "RUN" under a new label to be launched jointly by Universal Music and Johnny's & Associates. From now on, they will be active not only in Japan, but overseas as well.

"RUN" will serve as the theme song for drama 'Miman Keisatsu Midnight Runner' starring member Nakajima Kento and Sexy Zone's Hirano Sho. More details such as the new label and CD release date will be revealed at a later date.

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[alexandros] To Be In Charge Of Theme Song For New 'gundam' Movie

[Alexandros] to be in charge of theme song for new 'Gundam' movie

It's been revealed that [Alexandros] will be in charge of the anime film 'Kidou Senshi Gundam Senkou no Hathaway' to open in theaters on July 23. 

This was announced on March 24 during an event called 'GUNDAM FAN GATHERING -Senkou no Hathaway: Heirs to GUNDAM-' held at Zepp DiverCity TOKYO. On selecting [Alexandros] to sing the theme song, producer Ogata Naohiro commented, "Gundam has been popular overseas in recent years, so I wanted an artist who we could go overseas with. As such, we asked [Alexandros]."

Kawakami Yohei (Vo,G), who made a surprise appearance at the event, expressed, "I'm very happy. It's such an honor." More details on the theme song will be revealed later as the band is currently working on the song.

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Kuriyama Chiaki Leaves Agency After 30 Years

Kuriyama Chiaki leaves agency after 30 years

On March 23, actress Kuriyama Chiaki (35) opened her official Twitter account and announced that she has left her agency that she belonged to for 30 years. According to persons concerned, the actress left the agency on March 10 and will be launching her own office. 

Kuriyama tweeted, "At this time, I, Kuriyama Chiaki, have left Space Craft Entertainment and will be going independent. I am only grateful to the agency that has guided me for 30 years."

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Former Kalafina's Hikaru To Make Major Debut With Solo Project

Former Kalafina's Hikaru to make major debut with solo project

Former Kalafina member Hikaru will be releasing her first major debut single "Altern-ate-" under her solo project H-el-ical// on May 20. 

"Altern-ate-" has been picked up as the opening theme for TV anime 'Gleipnir' beginning in April. You can check out 2 promotional videos for "Altern-ate-" below. 

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