The Fine Line Between Corporal Punishment And Abuse: Sumo And Society

The fine line between corporal punishment and abuse: Sumo and society

Former-yokozuna Harumafuji left the professional sumo world after a scandal erupted over his assault of a younger wrestler. But the problem is not just limited to the sumo world -- in schools, corporal punishment is passed off as "guidance," and at home, there seems to be no end to child abuse under the name of "discipline." Why is this acceptance of violence still so deeply rooted in the consciousness of society?

At the press conference announcing his retirement, the 33-year-old Harumafuji said of younger wrestler maegashira Takanoiwa, "He lacked politeness and manners, and as his senior, I felt it was my duty to correct his behavior by scolding him," never apologizing for hitting the other man in the head.

Slain Tomioka Shrine Priestess Got Threatening Letters, Calls From Younger Brother

Slain Tomioka shrine priestess got threatening letters, calls from younger brother

"I'm at a loss because I keep getting calls from my younger brother that seem like threats ..."

A stabbing incident that left two women dead, a man injured, and a suspected assailant dead by his own hand occurred at Tomioka Hachimangu shrine in Tokyo's Koto Ward on the evening of Dec. 7. The incident revealed the discord between the late chief priestess of the shrine, 58-year-old Nagako Tomioka, and her younger brother and former chief priest Shigenaga Tomioka, 56, who is suspected of killing her before killing himself. The burst of deadly violence has shocked shrine parishioners and local residents alike, but exactly what occurred at the Shinto shrine affectionately called "Fukagawa's Hachiman-sama"?

Police Recommending Indictment Of Sumo Champ

Police recommending indictment of sumo champ

Police in Tottori Prefecture will file papers with prosecutors next week on the alleged assault by former sumo grand champion Harumafuji.

They say they are recommending that the wrestler be indicted.

Ex-sumo Champ Harumafuji To Be Referred To Prosecutors Soon

Ex-sumo champ Harumafuji to be referred to prosecutors soon

TOTTORI, Japan (Kyodo) -- Police plan to refer former sumo grand champion Harumafuji to prosecutors soon on suspicion of assaulting a lower-ranked wrestler in late October and may also attach a recommendation that he be indicted, investigative sources said Monday.

The 33-year-old yokozuna, who retired from sumo following the scandal, allegedly beat fellow Mongolian wrestler Takanoiwa with his palm and a karaoke machine remote control during a drinking session at a bar in the western Japan city of Tottori on Oct. 25 while they were on a regional tour.

Sumo Association Describes Assault Timeline

Sumo Association describes assault timeline

The Japan Sumo Association has announced the preliminary results of an investigation into yokozuna grand champion Harumafuji's alleged assault against a junior wrestler.

Harumafuji has already admitted to hitting and injuring Takanoiwa during a night out drinking on October 25th. Both wrestlers are from Mongolia.

Sumo: Takanohana To Cooperate With Assault Investigation

Sumo: Takanohana to cooperate with assault investigation

TOKYO (Kyodo) -- Takanohana intends to break his silence and cooperate with an investigation into an assault of a wrestler that cost Mongolian grand champion Harumafuji his career, the Japan Sumo Association said Thursday.

But Takanohana, a former yokozuna who is on the JSA executive board, will only speak to the association's crisis management team once police have finished their investigation of the incident which occurred last month during a regional tour in Tottori Prefecture.

Sumo Star Harumafuji's Retirement Far From "case Closed"

Sumo star Harumafuji's retirement far from

Grand champion Harumafuji's retirement over his assault on another wrestler was seen by many Japanese as inevitable, a consequence of his failure to live up to the dignity any yokozuna must show.

But the 33-year-old Mongolian sumo star's exit should not be considered "case closed," as the sumo world faces the daunting task of ridding itself of violence and restoring an image already tarnished by past scandals.

Medicinal 'chanko' Keeps Sumo Wrestlers Strong, Healthy

Medicinal 'chanko' keeps sumo wrestlers strong, healthy

When thinking of meals served at sumo stables, the first to come to mind is "chanko" hotpot.

At the Shikihide sumo stable in Ryugasaki, Ibaraki Prefecture, the stablemaster's wife, Megumi Muko, who oversees the daily lives of the sumo wrestlers, has come up with a medicinal hotpot that warms the wrestlers from the inside.

Grand Champion Harumafuji Retires From Sumo Over Assault Incident

Grand champion Harumafuji retires from sumo over assault incident

Grand champion Harumafuji put an end to his 17-year sumo career on Wednesday after admitting to injuring a lower-ranked wrestler in an alcohol-fueled assault.

The Mongolian yokozuna -- speaking next to his stablemaster Isegahama who could not hold back tears -- said in a press conference held in Fukuoka he was retiring to take responsibility and avoid damaging the reputation of a top-ranked wrestler.

Sports Agency Chief Meets Sumo Association Head

Sports agency chief meets sumo association head

The head of the Japan Sports Agency has urged the sumo association to quickly get to the bottom of the assault by Yokozuna Grand Champion Harumafuji against a lower-ranked wrestler.

Commissioner Daichi Suzuki met with Japan Sumo Association Chairman Hakkaku at the agency in Tokyo on Tuesday.

Police Quiz Sumo Grand Champ Hakuho As Witness In Assault Case

Police quiz sumo grand champ Hakuho as witness in assault case

Sumo grand champion Hakuho was questioned by police in the city of Fukuoka on Tuesday as a witness of an alleged assault by fellow yokozuna Harumafuji on another wrestler at a bar in western Japan last month, investigative sources said.

The sources said Hakuho's account of the incident that occurred during a drinking session was similar to what Harumafuji had told the police. Hakuho told reporters after the questioning, "I told them everything that I know. I will now leave it up to the (sumo) association and the police."

Sumo: Hakuho Relieved To Finish Difficult Year On Winning Note

Sumo: Hakuho relieved to finish difficult year on winning note

FUKUOKA (Kyodo) -- After a scandal surrounding the national sport ironically drew more attention to the Kyushu Grand Sumo Tournament, tournament champion Hakuho said Monday he was pleased to provide some positive headlines.

Speaking to reporters at the traditional morning-after press conference, Hakuho, who won an unprecedented 40th title in the Nov. 12-26 tournament at Fukuoka Kokusai Center, said ending the year on a winning note means a lot to him.

Hakuho Says Will Tell Truth About Assault To Rid Sumo World Of "pus"

Hakuho says will tell truth about assault to rid sumo world of

The grand champion who won the just-concluded autumn sumo tournament said Sunday he will "tell the truth" about a high-profile assault case involving wrestlers to rid the sumo world of "the pus."

At the end of the Kyushu Grand Sumo Tournament, winner Hakuho said, "A damper has been cast on this tournament. Representing wrestlers, I'd like to apologize to sumo fans across the nation," in reference to an ongoing police investigation into an assault by fellow yokozuna Harumafuji on lower-ranked wrestler Takanoiwa.

Sumo: Hakuho Clinches 40th Grand Sumo Championship

Sumo: Hakuho clinches 40th grand sumo championship

Yokozuna Hakuho clinched the Kyushu Grand Sumo Tournament championship, the 40th title of his illustrious career on Saturday.

Hakuho began the penultimate day of the 15-day event at Fukuoka Kokusai Center one win ahead of No. 3 maegashira Hokutofuji and No. 12 Okinoumi but neither could maintain the pressure on the Mongolian master, who triumphed in the day's final bout.