Japan Coach Moriyasu: New Future Awaits Samurai Blue

Japan coach Moriyasu: New future awaits Samurai Blue

The coach of Japan's national soccer team has praised what his squad accomplished in their World Cup campaign, which came to an end with a penalty shootout loss to Croatia.

Moriyasu Hajime said his men opened a new chapter for Japanese soccer, though the team failed to advance beyond the round of 16.

Japan Fans Delighted With Samurai Blue's Win Over Germany

Japan fans delighted with Samurai Blue's win over Germany

Soccer fans flocked around the famous scramble crossing near Tokyo's Shibuya Station after Japan beat Germany 2-1 in the World Cup in Qatar.

A university student said he watched the match at a nearby restaurant. The 20-year-old said he thought Japan might lose when Germany opened the scoring, and he was very happy the Samurai Blue prevailed.