Catch One Ok Rock's Concerts On Youtube

Catch ONE OK ROCK's concerts on YouTube

Fans will be able to watch six of ONE OK ROCK's concerts via YouTube starting on April 17. 

There will be a total of 6 concerts released including their 2016 outdoors live at Nagisaen and their orchestra live held in 2018. The concerts will not be archived, so make sure you tune in when they are released! 

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Aimyon Stars In A Tv Cm For The First Time

Aimyon stars in a TV CM for the first time

Tabe Mikako and Aimyon star in the latest TV CMs for Kirin Beer's 'Tanrei Green Label.' 

This is Aimyon's first time starring in a TV CM. In the 'New Green' version, Tabe enjoys 'Tanrei Green Label,' while Aimyon plays the guitar in the meadow. Meanwhile, the 'GREEN JUKEBOX' version is the eighth in its series, and you can see Aimyon playing the guitar and singing "Haru no Hi." Artists such as Fukase (SEKAI NO OWARI), Noda Yojiro (RADWIMPS), and Shimizu Iyori (back number) have starred in this CM in the past. 

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Superfly Releases 9 Years Worth Of Concerts Via Youtube

Superfly releases 9 years worth of concerts via YouTube

Superfly will upload 7 of her concerts onto YouTube under 'Superfly Live Archives Festival on YouTube' for a limited time.  

You will be able to watch almost all of Superfly's live works from 2008 to 2017. You can check out the release dates for the seven titles below. 

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Emi Records Artists Start A Relay On Tik Tok

EMI Records artists start a relay on Tik Tok

Artists belonging to Universal Music's label EMI Records have started a relay on Tik Tok. 

In addition, EMI Records have launched their official YouTube channel. They will gradually upload concert footage by 10-FEET, AI, HKT48, SiM, Inoue Sonoko, Tokyo Jihen, Sheena Ringo, Matsutoya Yumi, and Matsuda Seiko. 

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Kame To Yamap Postpone Release Of 'si'

Kame to YamaP postpone release of 'SI'

Kame to YamaP, a unit comprised of Kamenashi Kazuya (KAT-TUN) and Yamashita Tomohisa, have postponed the release of their new album "SI" due to the Emergency Declaration issued in Japan. 

The postponement was decided "to consider the temporary closure of stores that sell CDs, DVD, and Blu-rays as well as the safety of fans who are asked to refrain from nonessential outings." The new release date will be announced later. 

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Listen To A Clip Of Utada Hikaru's New Song 'time'

Listen to a clip of Utada Hikaru's new song 'Time'

A teaser of Utada Hikaru's new song "Time," which will be released digitally on May 8, has been revealed via YouTube.  

"Time" was written as the theme song for NTV's drama 'Bishoku Tantei Akechi Goro,' which started on April 12. In addition to the teaser, the single's jacket cover has also been released. 

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Nissy Opens Official Youtube Channel

Nissy opens official YouTube channel

Nissy has opened 'Nissy channel' on YouTube.

On 'Nissy channel,' you can watch past music videos and lives as well as a documentary footage called 'Road to Nissy.' He commented, "To everyone refraining from nonessential outings. To everyone working at hospitals. To everyone who has to report to work. I hope I can help lessen your anxiety even if it's just a little bit. Also it would make me happy if you would include me in your time at home."

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Watch Babymetal's 2016 Tokyo Dome Concerts On Youtube

Watch BABYMETAL's 2016 Tokyo Dome concerts on YouTube

You will be able to watch BABYMETAL's Tokyo Dome concerts from September of 2016 via their official YouTube channel on April 10 and 11. 

Due to the worldwide spread of the novel coronavirus, BABYMETAL postponed their Asia tour 'METAL GALAXY WORLD TOUR IN ASIA', which was scheduled to be held in March and April. BABYMETAL wrote "LET'S MOSH'SH AT HOME!" on their SNS accounts hoping that their fans will enjoy their lives at home. The details can be seen below. 

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Johnny's & Associates Open Twitter And Instagram Accounts For 'johnny's Smile Up! Project'

Johnny's & Associates open Twitter and Instagram accounts for 'Johnny's Smile Up! Project'

Johnny's & Associates have opened Twitter and Instagram accounts for their project 'Johnny's Smile Up! Project.' 

This project was launched to support disaster-stricken areas from the heavy rain and flooding in summer of 2018. As a result of the spreading of the new coronavirus, Johnny's & Associates have been carrying out various awareness activities. All activities from here on out will be held as a part of the 'Smile Up! Project.'

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Flumpool Go Nude In Jacket Covers For 'real'

flumpool go nude in jacket covers for 'Real'

flumpool have revealed the jacket covers for their new album "Real" that's slated for release on May 20. 

You may remember the jacket covers for flumpool's debut mini album "Unreal" (released in November of 2008) in which the members were pictured nude from behind. In order to portray the worldview of the album, that shows the current way of living after experiencing a period of setbacks and conflicts, the band decided to use the same studio and photographer to shoot the jacket covers. 

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Aimer Releases 10 Music Videos On Youtube

Aimer releases 10 music videos on YouTube

Aimer has released music videos for 10 of her songs on her official YouTube channel. 

These 10 videos were uploaded to commemorate 1 million subscribers on YouTube, as well as the hit of her latest single "Haru wa Yuku / marie" released last month. Below are the 10 videos that have been uploaded at this time.  

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Super Beaver Drummer Fujiwara Hiroaki Falls Ill With Coronavirus

SUPER BEAVER drummer Fujiwara Hiroaki falls ill with coronavirus

It's been reported that SUPER BEAVER drummer Fujiwara "31-sai" Hiroaki has fallen ill with the novel coronavirus. 

On April 1st, Fujiwara developed a fever and rested at home after consulting a health center. He received the PCR test on the 3rd, and the results came back positive on the 6th.  While his health showing improvement, he is still recuperating at home. Reportedly, fellow member Uesugi Kenta (B) is also currently in poor health and has been ordered to stay at home from the health center. 

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Miyavi Unveils Lyric Video For 'need For Speed'

MIYAVI unveils lyric video for 'Need for Speed'

MIYAVI has unveiled the lyric video for his new song "Need for Speed" via YouTube. 

"Need for Speed" was released digitally on April 8 and will be included in his new album "Holy Nights" to drop on April 22. It has an edgy sound, and the lyrics portray one's wishes of moving forward.

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