Tokyo Soccer Fans Cheer For Japan, Belgium

Tokyo soccer fans cheer for Japan, Belgium

Soccer fans in Tokyo cheered as the national teams from Japan and Belgium competed in their round of 16 match at the FIFA 2018 World Cup underway in Russia.

About 400 people gathered at a public viewing event near Tokyo Tower before sunrise on Tuesday morning to watch the game on a large television screen. Many of them wore "Samurai Blue" uniforms to support the Japanese team.

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Euphoric Soccer Fans Clog Shibuya Intersection

Euphoric soccer fans clog Shibuya intersection

Jubilant soccer fans have overrun a famous intersection near Tokyo's Shibuya Station in reaction to Japan's advance to the knockout stage of the World Cup finals in Russia.

The progress to the last 16 prompted supporters wearing the blue uniforms of the national squad to swarm onto the scramble intersection and chant "Japan!"

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No One Applies For Sumo Apprentice Tests

No one applies for sumo apprentice tests

The Japan Sumo Association may have a problem. It has been forced to cancel its recruitment checkups for fresh apprentices. Nobody applied.

This is only the second time in sumo history that no one applied to become a professional wrestler. 11 years ago the same thing happened.

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Man Attacks Police Box, Killing 2

Man attacks police box, killing 2

A man has killed a police officer and a security guard in an attack in Toyama Prefecture, central Japan. Police have shot and detained a 21-year-old suspect.

Police say the man used a knife to attack the Okuda police box in Toyama City around 2 PM on Tuesday. They say he stabbed officer Kenichi Inaizumi and stole his gun. Inaizumi was later confirmed dead.

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Ftc Looks Into Olympic Boxing Ban On Former Pros

FTC looks into Olympic boxing ban on former pros

Japan's Fair Trade Commission has asked the country's Amateur Boxing Federation to consider allowing retired professional boxers to compete in the Olympics.

People familiar with the matter say the antitrust watchdog visited the federation on Monday to inquire about a case involving former minimum-weight world champion Katsunari Takayama.

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Soccer Fans In Tokyo Cheer For Japan

Soccer fans in Tokyo cheer for Japan

Soccer fans in Tokyo cheered for Japan in their second match, as the team played Senegal at the World Cup in Russia.

About 450 people watched the game on a large screen at a public viewing event near Tokyo Tower. The landmark was lit in blue, the squad's color.

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Fans Cheer On Japanese Soccer Team At Maid Cafe

Fans cheer on Japanese soccer team at maid cafe

Supporters of the Japanese soccer team are cheering on its players in the central Russian city of Ekaterinburg... at a maid cafe. Japan will play Senegal in the World Cup.

Japanese supporters are arriving in Ekaterinburg.
Some of them have joined local supporters at a cafe where Russian women dressed in maid costumes serve visitors. The establishment is based on maid cafes popular in Japan.

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Popular Baseball Comic To Conclude

Popular baseball comic to conclude

A popular comic series about a high school baseball team will complete its run later this month after being published on and off in a weekly magazine for more than 4 decades.

The publisher, Akita Shoten, says the "Dokaben" series, first published in 1972, will conclude in the June 28th issue of the weekly Shonen Champion magazine.

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Soccer Fans Elated At Japan's Win Over Colombia

Soccer fans elated at Japan's win over Colombia

Japanese soccer fans have been celebrating their national squad's 2-1 win over Colombia in its first group match in the World Cup finals.

In Tokyo's Shibuya district, hordes of fans sporting replica uniforms exchanged high fives as they passed a crossing near a railway station.

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Nihon Univ. Football Team Recruiting New Coaches

Nihon Univ. football team recruiting new coaches

Nihon University is recruiting new coaches to rebuild its scandal-hit American football team. Former players on the team will not be considered.

The university announced on its website on Tuesday that it will accept applications through June 28th.

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Olympic Medals To Be Made Of Recycled Metals

Olympic medals to be made of recycled metals

Officials at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics will be giving out thousands of medals to the world's top athletes. Organizers say they hope to make the gold, silver and bronze awards from recycled metals.

About 5,000 will be manufactured from materials extracted from donated electronic devices.

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Helping Olympic Visitors To Cope With Summer Heat

Helping Olympic visitors to cope with summer heat

The Japanese government is drawing up measures to help foreign visitors cope with sizzling summer heat during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics.

A government panel tasked with working out anti-heat measures met in Tokyo on Thursday. Officials of the Tokyo Games organizing committee and the metropolitan government were among those taking part.

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Disgraced Football Coach Resigns From School Board

Disgraced football coach resigns from school board

The disgraced former head coach of a college American football team in Tokyo has resigned from the school's board as controversy continues over a malicious foul.

Nihon University's board of directors on Friday approved Masato Uchida's resignation as managing director.

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