Supplementary Lottery For Tokyo Olympic Tickets

Supplementary lottery for Tokyo Olympic tickets

Organizers of next year's Tokyo Olympics say they will hold an additional online ticket lottery for more than four million people who came up empty-handed in the first one.

Officials of the event's organizing committee on Tuesday say that about 4.16 million people failed to get any tickets in the first round. The winners were announced in June.

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Design Chosen For Commemorative Olympic Coin

Design chosen for commemorative Olympic coin

The design for a Japanese coin commemorating next year's Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics has been decided by a public vote.

People voted for their favorite out of three shortlisted designs via Twitter and other means. The winning design will be used for a 500-yen coin, and is the first of 37 coins to be minted for the Games that was selected by the public.

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Tokyo 2020 Olympic Medals Unveiled

Tokyo 2020 Olympic medals unveiled

Organizers of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics have revealed the design for the medals that will be presented to the winners.

An unveiling ceremony was held in Tokyo on Wednesday, exactly one year before the opening of the Games.

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Bach Attends Pre - Olympic Event In Tokyo

Bach attends pre-Olympic event in Tokyo

An event to give people a taste of Olympic sports was held in Tokyo on Wednesday, exactly one year before the start of the 2020 summer games there.

International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach attended the event at the Tokyo International Forum.

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One - Year Countdown To Tokyo Olympics Begins

One-year countdown to Tokyo Olympics begins

Wednesday marks one year until the start of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, with preparations for the event progressing on schedule.

Japan will welcome people from around the world from July 24 to August 9 next year for its first summer Olympics since 1964. Over the course of 17 days, thousands of athletes will compete in a record 339 events across 33 sports.

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Kakuryu Wins 6th Sumo Title In Nagoya

Kakuryu wins 6th sumo title in Nagoya

Sumo yokozuna grand champion Kakuryu clinched his sixth title in Nagoya on Sunday, beating fellow grand champion Hakuho on the final day.

The two Mongolian top-ranked yokozuna wrestlers went head to head, and Kakuryu came out on top, forcing out Hakuho to seal his first title in seven tournaments.

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Mochizuki Rises To No.1 In Junior Tennis Rankings

Mochizuki rises to No.1 in junior tennis rankings

Japanese tennis sensation Shintaro Mochizuki has risen to number one in the international junior rankings after winning the boys' singles title at Wimbledon.

The International Tennis Federation released the junior world rankings on Monday.

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Olympic Torches For Tokyo Games On Display

Olympic torches for Tokyo Games on display

The relay torches for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics have gone on display at the Tokyo metropolitan government building.

The exhibit began on Wednesday, exactly one year to the day when the Tokyo leg of the torch relay will get underway.

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Nagoya Sumo Tournament Opens

Nagoya sumo tournament opens

The July Grand Sumo Tournament opened on Sunday in the central Japanese city of Nagoya.

Yokozuna Grand Champion Hakuho returned to the ring after skipping the May tournament due to an injury.

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3.22 Million Tokyo Olympic Tickets Sold

3.22 million Tokyo Olympic tickets sold

Organizers of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics say at least 90 percent of people who won the chance to buy tickets in a lottery last month have paid for their tickets.

The organizing committee said on Friday that a total of 3.22 million tickets have been sold.

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Olympic Organizers Mulling 2 More Ticket Lotteries

Olympic organizers mulling 2 more ticket lotteries

Sources say the organizers of next year's Tokyo Olympics may hold 2 more ticket lotteries after many people came up empty in the first one.

In the first lottery, millions of people are believed to have accessed the 2020 Olympic Games ticketing website before online applications were closed on May 31.

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Nishino To Coach Thai National Soccer Team

Nishino to coach Thai national soccer team

Former Japan national team manager Akira Nishino will coach Thailand's national soccer team with an eye to the World Cup in 2022.

The Thai football association announced on Monday that Nishino had accepted the offer to become the new head coach of the Thai team.

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Tokyo Olympics Ticket Winners Notified

Tokyo Olympics ticket winners notified

Organizers of next year's Tokyo Olympics have released the results of a ticket lottery.

The Games' organizing committee made the announcement on Thursday on its ticketing website, which is accessed by registered personal IDs.

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