Skater Kihira Joyful After Grand Prix Final Win

Skater Kihira joyful after Grand Prix Final win

Japanese figure skater Rika Kihira says she is truly happy to have won this year's women's title at the Grand Prix Final in Vancouver, Canada, in her debut season.

The 16-year-old star spoke to reporters on Sunday, the day after besting PyeongChang Olympic champion Alina Zagitova of Russia and other competitors.

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Kihira Wins Figure Skating Grand Prix Final

Kihira wins figure skating Grand Prix Final

Japanese figure skater Rika Kihira has won the women's event at the Grand Prix final in Vancouver, Canada, in her debut season.

16-year-old Kihira defeated PyeongChang Olympic champion Alina Zagitova of Russia on Saturday.

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Sumo Wrestler Quits After Admitting Assault

Sumo wrestler quits after admitting assault

A professional sumo wrestler has retired from the sport after admitting to assaulting his attendant, a 23-year-old junior wrestler from the same stable.

The Japan Sumo Association said on Friday that it has accepted Takanoiwa's resignation.

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Takanoiwa Likely To Retire From Sumo

Takanoiwa likely to retire from sumo

Sources say that top-division sumo wrestler Takanoiwa is likely to retire from sumo for his act of violence against an attendant.

Takanoiwa admitted that he committed the violence to a Japan Sumo Association inquiry on Wednesday. The wrestler told the association that he hit the attendant several times with his open hand and with his fist in a hotel room in the city of Yukuhashi in southwestern Japan on Tuesday night. He was staying at the hotel for a regional tour match. Takanoiwa did not take part in the tour after that.

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Sumo Association: Takanoiwa Assaulted Attendant

Sumo association: Takanoiwa assaulted attendant

The Japan Sumo Association says a top division wrestler has used violence against an attendant, resulting in an injury.

Association officials said on Wednesday that Takanoiwa hit his attendant several times with his open hand and fist at a hotel room in the city of Yukuhashi, southwestern Japan on Tuesday night. Takanoiwa stayed at the hotel with other wrestlers ahead of matches the following day as part of a regional tour.

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2020 Olympic Cycling, Rugby Starting Times Changed

2020 Olympic cycling, rugby starting times changed

Officials preparing for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics say they will change the starting time for 2 sports, one of the cycling and rugby events, to avoid the peak daytime temperatures.

Japanese organizing committee president Yoshiro Mori and chair of the International Olympic Committee's Coordination Commission John Coates announced the changes on Wednesday at the end of their 3-day talks.

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2020 Tokyo Games May Have 2 Olympic Cauldrons

2020 Tokyo Games may have 2 Olympic cauldrons

The Japanese government and the organizers of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics have formed a plan to make 2 cauldrons of the same design to hold the Olympic flame during the Games.

Attention is focused on where the flame will burn during the Games, as the main stadium now under construction lacks a permanent site for a cauldron.

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Japanese Finish 1st And 2nd At French Grand Prix

Japanese finish 1st and 2nd at French Grand Prix

16-year-old Japanese figure skater Rika Kihira has secured her place at the Grand Prix final after winning her second gold at a qualifier on Saturday in Grenoble, France.

Kihira was placed second following the short program at the Internationaux de France on Friday.

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Earlier Start For Tokyo Olympic Marathon

Earlier start for Tokyo Olympic marathon

Tokyo Olympic officials are likely to move the starting time of the Olympic marathon to around 6 in the morning to avoid the expected severe heat during the day.

The organizers had decided to start the marathon at 7 AM. They were calling for daylight savings time to be introduced for the 2020 summer when the Games will be held.

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Nihon Univ. Football Team Member May Have Lied

Nihon Univ. football team member may have lied

NHK has learned that a member of a college football team may have lied in a statement that led to the recognition that former coaches instructed a player to commit a dangerous tackle during a game.

A Nihon University player injured a Kwansei Gakuin University quarterback in a tackle long after the ball was passed during an inter-college game in May.

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2 Grand Champions To Skip Sumo Competition

2 grand champions to skip sumo competition

In professional sumo, 2 yokozuna, or grand champions -- Hakuho and Kakuryu -- have pulled out of the year's 6th and final sumo competition.

The news came on Thursday, 3 days before the start of the Kyushu Grand Sumo Tournament.

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Japan Sports Body Endorses Unicef Policy

Japan sports body endorses UNICEF policy

The Japan Sport Association has endorsed the new 10-point UNICEF guidelines aimed at protecting children under 18 from violence at the hands of their coaches, or other excessive practices during sports training.

Executives of the association met on Thursday and agreed that the ground-breaking guidelines, titled "Children's Rights in Sport Principles," will greatly contribute to the association's aim of providing an improved sports environment for children, as a legacy of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games.

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Table Tennis Star Ai Fukuhara Feels 'lighter'

Table tennis star Ai Fukuhara feels 'lighter'

Japanese table tennis star Ai Fukuhara says she feels "lighter" now that she has reached her well-thought-out decision to retire from competition.

The 29-year-old told reporters on Wednesday that she'd long mulled whether to call it quits.

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