'miraculous' 859 - Year - Old Mandarin Trees Still Producing Bumper Crops In Oita Pref.

'Miraculous' 859-year-old mandarin trees still producing bumper crops in Oita Pref.The mandarin orange trees standing on a gentle slope in this city's Kamiaoe neighborhood have survived a lot in their lives, now in their 859th year. In that time, the oldest "ko-mikan" (small mandarin) trees have been assaulted and nearly killed repeatedly by winds and storms, but some deep vitality always pulls the venerable old trees back from the brink to live and thrive again.
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Influenza Outbreak Slow In Arriving Due To Warm Weather

Influenza outbreak slow in arriving due to warm weatherA warm winter is delaying the arrival of the seasonal influenza epidemic in Japan, forcing the government not to announce a flu outbreak even after the onset of the new year for the first time in nine years. Normally, a seasonal flu outbreak is announced in December.
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Author Discloses History Of Down Syndrome To Raise Awareness

Author discloses history of Down syndrome to raise awarenessDavid Wright of Canada is specialized in the history of medicine and disability, and has a younger sister with Down syndrome.
In his book, "Downs: the history of a disability," the author focuses on Down syndrome as well as intellectual disability along with his personal experiences. The book was recently translated into the Japanese language with the supports from avid researchers in Japan.
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Rare 'living Fossil' Deep Sea Sharks Go On Show

Rare 'living fossil' deep sea sharks go on showMarine life lovers now have a rare chance to see two deep sea sharks known as “living fossils” up close.
The goblin shark and a frilled shark, which retain characteristics of ancient shark species, are stalking an aquarium at Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise after being caught in Sagami Bay off the coast of Yokosuka, Kanagawa Prefecture.
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2 Turks Arrested Over October Scuffle In Tokyo

2 Turks arrested over October scuffle in TokyoTokyo police have arrested 2 Turkish men over injuring police officers in a scuffle in October in front of the Turkish Embassy in Tokyo.
The police arrested on Thursday Colak Ali, a Turkish man of Kurdish descent living in Saitama Prefecture, near Tokyo, and Bayav Ercan, a resident of Aichi Prefecture, central Japan.
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Tokyo Police Boost Security At Embassies

Tokyo police boost security at embassiesTokyo police are boosting security at the embassies of Saudi Arabia and Iran after the 2 countries cut off diplomatic ties.
Police say they've increased the number of patrols at the 2 embassies in Tokyo's Minato Ward, while security companies continue to provide their usual services.
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Jcp Ends Diet Opening Ceremony Boycott, Looks To Opposition Unity

JCP ends Diet opening ceremony boycott, looks to opposition unityThe Japanese Communist Party attended its first Diet opening ceremony in almost seven decades on Jan. 4, marking a new phase in its drive to gain a higher profile.
Party head Kazuo Shii said the JCP decided to end the boycott to eliminate any public misunderstanding that it opposes the emperor system and to show closer cooperation with other opposition parties ahead of a key Upper House election this summer.
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Tsukiji Fish Market Holds Last Start - Of - Year Auction

Tsukiji fish market holds last start-of-year auctionTokyo's Tsukiji fish market held its last start-of-the-year auction Tuesday ahead of its relocation scheduled for late 2016.
The aging market is set to be replaced by a new fish and greengrocery wholesale market opening in Tokyo's Toyosu area in November.
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