Kabuki Actor Ebizo Returns

Kabuki actor Ebizo returnsKabuki actor Ichikawa Ebizo returned to the stage in Tokyo on Saturday, following a period of refraining from performances due to his involvement last November in a bar brawl in which he sustained severe injuries.

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Japanese Cuisine Unesco Her.

Japanese cuisine as UNESCO heritageJapan’s farm ministry plans to recommend the nation’s food culture as a UNESCO-designated intangible cultural heritage, ministry officials said Wednesday.

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Hiraizumi Encourage Quake Victims

HiraizumiUNESCO's decision to register Buddhist temples and the landscape in this ancient town as a World Heritage site is expected to give courage to victims of the March 11 earthquake and tsunami that devastated northeastern Honshu.

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Anime Blood Donation Room

Akihabara Blood CenterAmid the crowds of cosplayers and "otaku" in Tokyo's Akihabara district sits a branch with an interior that looks like a futuristic cafe. Transparent chairs, computer screens and a wide array of colorful lights greet the visitors.

But instead of being served a space-age cocktail, guests willingly get needles stuck in their arms.

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Gov Tells Kagoshima Of Reloc Plan

Yuichiro Ito

Senior Vice Defense Minister Katsuya Ogawa notified Kagoshima Gov Yuichiro Ito on Wednesday that the government is considering relocating U.S. carrier-borne aircraft landing drills to an uninhabited island in the prefecture from Iwoto Island.

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Univ Kyoto Offer Manga Course

Kyoto Seika University Kyoto Seika University will offer a doctoral course on studies in Japanese manga comics, the first of its kind in Japan, in fiscal 2012, the private university in the city of Kyoto said Tuesday.

Students will study the theory of manga making and actually produce manga, the university said, adding the course will allow for enrollment of four students.

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Toys 'r' Us New Kyoto Store

Toys'R' Us new Kyoto StoreToys “R” Us Japan Ltd will open a new store on July 22 in Kyoto. The Kyoto Station Store will be the company’s second in Kyoto, bringing the total number of stores in the Kansai region to 30 and 167 across Japan.

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Japanese Lifestyle Catch On Chinese

Daiwa House Industry Lu Li is moving to a smaller, but more expensive home. The attraction? Its Japanese features.

Lu bought an 80-square-meter condominium for about 2 million yuan (24 million yen), close to her current condominium of more than 100 square meters.

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Toshiba 2 - 3 Weeks Summer Holidays

Toshiba 2-3 weeks summer holidaysToshiba Corp said Tuesday it will introduce two- to three-week summer holidays between July and September at its offices and production bases to cut electricity consumption in the service areas of Tokyo Electric Power Co.

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Sumitomo Invest In Copper Mining

Sumitomo invest in copper miningSumitomo Metal Mining Co and Sumitomo Corp will invest in a mining project in Chile to acquire copper concentrates equivalent to 9% of Japan’s current imports over some 20 years.

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Storyteller Encourage Victims

Storyteller encourage victims

The traditional Japanese storyteller kneels in front of a room full of families that have lost everything — their loved ones, their homes, their entire town — and his face stretches into a broad grin.

"There once was a samurai who loved to drink sake," he says, and begins to sway as though tipsy.

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Kan Defends Hamaoka Decision

Kan defends Hamaoka decisionPrime Minister Naoto Kan on Friday defended his decision last week to seek the suspension for safety reasons of operation of the Hamaoka nuclear power station in Shizuoka Prefecture, saying that history will be the judge of his decision.

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Central Tokyo Blackouts Excluded

Central Tokyo blackouts excludedTokyo Electric Power Co plans to exclude central Tokyo from a rolling blackout program this summer, company officials said Friday.

Any planned blackout, due to electric power supply shortages triggered by the utility’s damaged nuclear power station, could cause serious confusion in central Tokyo that features a heavy concentration of railway networks, traffic lights, medical institutions and government offices, they said.

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Stars Encourage Japan's People

Stars send messages to JapanJapanese actor Ken Watanabe has brought together a group of celebrities to create videos calling for donations to help Japan recover from its March 11 disaster and express solidarity with the victims.
One video posted on the kizuna311.com website features 35 actors, directors, musicians and other celebrities, including U.S. actor Leonardo DiCaprio, holding handwritten messages of support for the victims of the disasters.

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