Kabuki Actors' Name Boards Put Up At Kyoto Theater

Kabuki actors' name boards put up at Kyoto theater

Wooden boards with the names of kabuki actors scheduled to star in yearend performances have been put up outside Minamiza Theatre in Kyoto City.

In the annual event called "maneki-age," workers hoisted the "maneki," or name board, of living national treasure Kataoka Nizaemon on Thursday morning after putting up 53 others over the night.

The names had been written on the boards in calligraphy.

When the work was finished, theater officials threw salt and prayed for successful performances.

The theater's manager Kobayashi Yujiro said the maneki-age represents the actors' resolve to continue traditional performances that date back to the Edo period from the 17th to 19th century.

Kobayashi said he will do all he can to meet people's high expectations.

The performances are scheduled to run from December 2 through 23.