Tokyo Still Crowded Despite State Of Emergency

Tokyo still crowded despite state of emergency

Many people were seen commuting in Tokyo on Monday morning, one day after the third coronavirus state of emergency took effect.

The declaration for the capital and three western prefectures will be in place through May 11. The government is asking people to work from home so that the number of commuters can be reduced by 70 percent.

But the area around Tokyo Station was crowded on Monday morning.

A 35-year-old woman said the Yamanote loop line was more crowded than usual. She said, "It was difficult to move in the train."

She said she had been worried about going to a supermarket during the first state of emergency last year, but she doesn't hesitate to go out now.

A man from Yokohama, near Tokyo, said, "My firm doesn't promote teleworking because it's not a big company." He said he had felt some pressure during the first state of emergency, but the latest one is not so strict, and he is getting used to it. But the 64-year-old added that he is worried about becoming infected because of his age.

A 31-year-old man said his company had urged its employees to work from home during the first state of emergency. He said he is going to the office because his firm has relaxed its policy and he thinks he may be getting careless.