University In Japan Helps Students To Survive

University in Japan helps students to survive

A major university in Japan has begun distributing food to students in need as many of them have less work amid the coronavirus pandemic.

University of Tsukuba found out that many students are facing economic hardship and asking for support.

The survey conducted by the university in December showed that about 70 percent of the respondents in some departments said their income had declined.

The university called on companies and farmers in the area to donate food to the students in need.

It received more than 20 tons of food, including 7 tons of rice, vegetables, and instant noodles.

Food was given to more than 2,500 students on Friday.

One student from abroad said he is grateful for the help as he does not get any support from his family back home and he lost his part-time work because of the pandemic.

The university says more students need support and that it hopes to call for more donations.