Daieisho Wins New Year Grand Sumo Tournament

Daieisho wins New Year Grand Sumo Tournament

Lower-ranking sumo wrestler Daieisho has won his first title in the New Year Grand Sumo Tournament that ended on Sunday in Tokyo.

The year's first tournament started without the participation of the two Yokozuna grand champions due to health problems.

The 27-year-old Daieisho beat Okinoumi on the final day to win his first title with 13 wins and two losses. Daieisho belongs to the Hiramaku group, the lowest of five ranks in the top Makuuchi division.

By the seventh day of the 15-day tournament, he had beaten all seven wrestlers in the Sanyaku, the three highest ranks below yokozuna.

Daieisho kept adding up the wins in the second half of the tournament with his pushing technique and powerful moves.

Daieisho made his debut nine years ago.

He becomes the first wrestler from Saitama Prefecture to win a title.

Nineteen wresters belonging to the Juryo and Makuuchi divisions did not take part in the tournament because of coronavirus infection and other reasons.

No wrestler who took part has been found to have been infected.