Takajo Aki Gives Birth To Baby Boy

Takajo Aki gives birth to baby boy

Former AKB48 member Takajo Aki (28), who married professional soccer player Takahashi Yuji (26) in February, gave birth to their first child on November 7. 

Takajo announced on Instagram, "I have an announcement for everybody who always supports me. I have birth to my first baby, a son, on November 7 at 12:25 am." She continued, "Both myself and baby are healthy. I will do my best to build a family full of smiles and fun.

Former Akb48's Takajo Aki Marries Pro Soccer Player Takahashi Yuji

Former AKB48's Takajo Aki marries pro soccer player Takahashi Yuji

It's been reported that former AKB48 member Takajo Aki (27) and Takahashi Yuji (25) professional soccer player for Sagan Tosu, tied the knot on February 15. 

On her SNS account, Takajo commented, "Please excuse me for this personal matter, but today, I have registered my marriage with Sagan Tosu's Takahashi Yuji-san. By supporting each other as husband and wife, I hope to build a cheerful and peaceful family. I am still very immature, but please continue to support me." Takahashi wrote a similar message on his SNS account. 

Sid Bassist Aki To Make His Solo Debut

SID bassist AKI to make his solo debutIt's been revealed that rock band SID bassist AKI will make his solo debut. Under the name "AKi", he will release his first album "ARISE" as a Tower Records limited album on January 28. He will also hold a solo live on February 3 at TSUTAYA O-EAST.

Actress Nishihara Aki Gives Birth To Her First Child

Actress Nishihara Aki gives birth to her first childActress Nishihara Aki (26) has given birth to her first child. According to her official blog, Nishihara gave birth to a baby girl on August 15 at 11:11 am. She revealed, "I was able to safely give birth to a 2885 gram (6 lbs 6 oz), healthy baby girl," and expressed her joy, "I wanted to meet her for a long time. The baby that I used to talk to while inside my stomach is now in my arms. That is such a happy thing. Right now I'm filled with happiness that I've never felt before."

Ske48's Deguchi Aki Announces Her Graduation

SKE48's Deguchi Aki announces her graduationSKE48 Team S member Deguchi Aki will be graduating from the group in April.
This announcement was made on March 13th during Team S' stage performance 'RESET' at SKE48 Theater. Deguchi's 26th birthday party was held during this show, but her sudden announcement surprised the fans.

Akb48's Takajo Aki Produces Pet Fashion Brand

AKB48's Takajo Aki produces pet fashion brandAKB48 member Takajo Aki attended an event to commemorate the launch of her pet fashion brand 'Vivre' at Venus Fort in Tokyo.
Takajo attended the event carrying her two chihuahuas. She explained that the brand name in French means "to live together".