Two Men Found In Wooden Boat Off Aomori

Two men found in wooden boat off Aomori

Japan Coast Guard officials have found two men on a wooden boat drifting in the Sea of Japan off Aomori Prefecture in northeastern Japan. The men are believed to have come from North Korea.

A local fishing cooperative informed the Coast Guard of the boat's presence on Sunday morning. It was drifting about 1.5 kilometers off the town of Fukaura.

Blackboard Drawings Wow Children In Aomori

Blackboard drawings wow children in Aomori

A series of intricate artworks created with chalk on classroom blackboards has wowed children in northeastern Japan.

Students from Tokyo-based Musashino Art University drew the pictures in 8 rooms at a junior high school in Aomori Prefecture on Friday.

Aomori Float Festival Gets Underway

Aomori float festival gets underway

One of Japan's most popular summer festivals is underway in the northern city of Aomori.

The annual Aomori Nebuta Festival features huge paper lantern floats depicting legendary heroes and samurai warriors. It began on Thursday and runs until next Tuesday.

Free Sim Cards Available At Aomori, Sendai Airports

Free SIM cards available at Aomori, Sendai airports

AOMORI--A tourist is not only welcomed by pristine snow at Aomori Airport right now, but also free Internet access, so visitors can snap shots of the white landscape and then instantly post them online.

A SIM card machine has been set up at the airport's international flight arrival lobby to enable tourists to access the Internet free of charge. A similar machine has also been set up at Sendai Airport, with both being made available in November.

30,000 Aomori Apples Re-create Fruity Mosaic Of Kabuki Ukiyo-e

30,000 Aomori apples re-create fruity mosaic of Kabuki ukiyo-e

HIROSAKI, Aomori Prefecture--A huge fruity mosaic of an iconic Japanese artwork completed in the Hirosakijo castle courtyard on Oct. 18 is set to become the apple of locals' eye.

Using about 30,000 apples, the specialty of the prefecture, a portrait of a Kabuki actor by Toshusai Sharaku of the Edo Period was reproduced on a base measuring 17 meters long and 9 meters wide. It was set up by the main keep of the castle, which is part of Hirosaki Park here in northwestern Japan.

Historic Aomori Nebuta Festival Livens Up Aomori

Historic Aomori Nebuta Festival livens up AomoriThe Aomori Nebuta Festival, an annual summer event designated as an important intangible folk cultural asset, kicked off here on the night of Aug. 2, with giant Nebuta floats featuring samurai warriors and kabuki performers parading down this city's downtown area.The Aomori Nebuta Festival, an annual summer event designated as an important intangible folk cultural asset, kicked off here on the night of Aug. 2, with giant Nebuta floats featuring samurai warriors and kabuki performers parading down this city's downtown area.

No Longer Human Anime Train Runs Through Aomori

No Longer Human anime train runs through AomoriA special train featuring the Osamu Dazai character from the popular “Bungo (literary giant) Stray Dogs” anime series is set for a limited run.
It will journey through the hometown of the literary giant of the same name after whom the character is modeled.

Cameras With Image Sensors Installed To Take Photos Of Bears In Aomori City

Cameras with image sensors installed to take photos of bears in Aomori cityThe local forestry cooperative has set up nine cameras with image sensors in a few districts of this city to monitor bears as part of efforts to trap the beasts.
The cameras were installed in the districts where there have been many cases of bears being witnessed. The forestry cooperative is to consider specific measures such as setting up bear traps in collaboration with the Hachinohe Municipal Government if bears are confirmed to be in the districts.

4 Bodies Found In Wooden Boat Off Aomori

4 bodies found in wooden boat off AomoriFour bodies have been found in a wooden boat off the coast of Aomori Prefecture in northern Japan.
Japan Coast Guard officials are examining the vessel, which they think may have come from North Korea.
The capsized boat was entangled in a fixed fishing net off Sai Village.

Over 200 Scarecrows Keep Watchful Eyes Over Aomori Rice Paddies

Over 200 scarecrows keep watchful eyes over Aomori rice paddiesOver 200 scarecrows have appeared along a national road stretching through the Tsugaru Peninsula from north to south at the tip of Aomori Prefecture.
The 9th annual "Kakashi road" (scarecrow road) event, in which scarecrows crafted by locals are displayed along Route 280, opened on Sept. 1. A record number of 207 scarecrows are now being displayed along a roughly 40-kilometer section of the road from the city of Aomori to the town of Imabetsu through Sept. 30.

Incumbent Secures 4th Term As Aomori Governor

Incumbent secures 4th term as Aomori governorIncumbent Shingo Mimura secured a fourth term as governor of Aomori Prefecture in Sunday's election, beating a doctor who challenged him.
Mimura, 59, who ran as an independent with support from the local chapter of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party and the Komeito party, the LDP's junior coalition partner, secured broad support within the northeastern Japan prefecture, including labor unions in the power industry.

Foaling Season Comes For Aomori Horses

Foaling season comes for Aomori horsesHorses that roam free on a cape in northern Japan are now having foals after getting through the cold winter.
About 30 horses are pastured year-round on Cape Shiriyazaki in Aomori Prefecture. The horses are known for standing still in the bitter cold, even during storms.