The 302 Hp 2021 Toyota Rav4 Prime Will Start Under $40,000

The 302 hp 2021 Toyota RAV4 Prime will start under $40,000

The 2021 Toyota RAV4 Prime SE will ring the till at $39,220 (including a $1,120 destination charge) when it goes on sale this summer, Toyota announced Friday, as the company looks to claim the performance high ground in the compact crossover segment with its high-output plug-in hybrid. 

So far, hybrid variants of smaller mainstream two-row crossovers have been focused entirely on efficiency; even Toyota's own RAV4 Hybrid is rated at 41 mpg city, 38 mpg highway and 40 combined on the strength of its 219-horsepower conventional hybrid drive system. 

Toyota Corolla Sport Grmn To Get Awd, Too

Toyota Corolla Sport GRMN to get AWD, too

The WRC-inspired Toyota GR Yaris is one of the hot hatches nabbing lots of attention this year. The Japanese automaker has promised a version for the U.S., albeit on a different platform, and apparently with a different naming scheme. A report in Japan's Best Car magazine, via The Drive, says the potent Corolla rumored headed our way will be called the Corolla Sport GRMN, and it could debut for certain markets as soon as this fall. By any name, the hatch just got a lot more exciting if Best Car is right in saying the Corolla Sport GRMN will send some of its power to the rear axle, installing the "latest 4WD system that uses an electronically controlled coupling."

That sounds like a simpler setup to apportion torque than the 4WD system on the GR Yaris with its locking front and rear differentials. Depending on the tune and how much weight the machinery adds, having all tires contribute to forward progress could give Toyota's entry a sizable advantage over competition like the front-wheel drive Hyundai Veloster N and Volkswagen GTI. And ticking another vital box on the enthusiast's checklist, Toyota's six-speed manual transmission will be on tap for power transfer duty.

2021 Nissan Armada Spied With Refreshed Fascias

2021 Nissan Armada spied with refreshed fascias

We got a quick flash of the 2021 Nissan Armada in Nissan's teaser video (the one with the new Z and Frontier), but we get a much better look in these latest spy shots. They show that it will simply be undergoing a refresh of the current model, which will include the front and rear fascias.

Though fairly well covered, we do get a solid look at lights and even the grille. The headlights are taller and potentially wider than before, and LED running lights mark the top and bottom edges. The top edge of the headlights and the grille are higher than before, almost to the top edge of the hood, making the whole nose look taller and more blunt. In the middle of the grille, there seems to be a more bold "V" design to help the Armada fit in with other modern Nissans such as the Altima. At the back, the taillights have been redesigned and could be a bit wider than the old ones. They seem to have lost the chrome edging, too.

2020 Mazda Mx-5 Miata Luggage Test | How Much Fits In The Trunk?

2020 Mazda MX-5 Miata Luggage Test | How much fits in the trunk?

The Mazda Miata would not be my first choice for a road trip car. Would probably be in the bottom 10, in fact. The interior fits me like a coffin, the seats pinch my back and the amount of passenger legroom is laughable. It's not exactly the most serene car, either. 

But hey, there are sadists out there who may want to venture somewhere in it. I work with some of them. So, as they were the ones who requested this, here is the answer to the question: how much luggage fits in the Miata's trunk?

2021 Acura Tlx Vs Bmw 3 Series, Audi A4, Genesis G70, Volvo S60

2021 Acura TLX vs BMW 3 Series, Audi A4, Genesis G70, Volvo S60

The 2021 Acura TLX has been revealed, and it looks superb. We also have a handful of hard numbers, so you know that we've got to take a look at how they compare to the competition. As we only have numbers for the base turbocharged four-cylinder model, we're only looking at similarly equipped competitors. And with the small to midsize luxury sedan segment burgeoning these days, we've selected a mix of rear-drive, front-drive and all-wheel-drive options to compare to this front-drive-based sedan. You can see the raw numbers below, and a summary of them under that.

2021 Acura Tlx Revealed: Here Are Details On Performance, Tech, Style

2021 Acura TLX revealed: Here are details on performance, tech, style

We've been given our first official glimpse into the brand-new 2021 Acura TLX sedan, and so far we like what we see. It's clear that Acura wants to be considered a brand that focuses on performance, boosting power with two turbocharged engine options and the return of the Type S variant after a decade-long absence.

Acura stuck close to the well-received Type S concept when styling the new TLX, which means the sedan boasts crisp lines, aggressively creased sheetmetal and a low, wide stance. An angular grille is flanked by Acura's Jewel Eye headlights and Chicane LED running lights to create an expressive face, and similarly shaped taillights at the back end finish off a cohesive design. An A-Spec sport package adds darkened elements along with a unique set of 19-inch wheels and a rear spoiler.

Nissan Previews Next-gen Frontier Pickup In First Official Images

Nissan previews next-gen Frontier pickup in first official images

Nissan released a video today previewing and confirming the next-gen Z car. We got to see a shadowy silhouette of Nissan's upcoming sports car — find all the details on that here — but we also got a preview of many other future Nissan products. Most notable among the line of products rolling by us was the first look at Nissan's next-gen Frontier pickup.

We've heard scads of information about this truck coming our way, but this is the first time Nissan has shown what it's going to look like. The differences are clear as day. The front nose no longer slopes downward when viewed in profile, appearing like most upright truck faces do these days. Two proud twin strips of LED lighting bring it up to date with a signature look, and the hood features multiple muscular lines. Viewed from the side like this, we're getting Toyota Tacoma vibes from its blocky shape and brawny lines.

Nissan Posts $6.2 Billion Annual Loss And Unveils Plan To Cut Costs

Nissan posts $6.2 billion annual loss and unveils plan to cut costs

TOKYO — Nissan outlined a new plan on Thursday to become a smaller, more cost-efficient carmaker after the coronavirus pandemic exacerbated a slide in profitability that culminated in its first annual loss in 11 years.

Under a new four-year plan, the Japanese manufacturer will slash its production capacity and model range by about a fifth to help cut 300 billion yen from fixed costs. It will shut plants in Spain and Indonesia, leave the South Korean market and pull its Datsun brand from Russia as part of a strategy unveiled on Wednesday to share production globally with its partners Renault and Mitsubishi.

2022 Nissan 400z Coupe Previewed On Video

2022 Nissan 400Z coupe previewed on video

Nissan put an end to years of motley rumors and wild speculation by releasing a short video that shows the next-generation Z for the first time. The flick confirms the yet-unnamed model will arrive as a retro-styled coupe.

The current-generation Z entered production in 2009, so it's very old in sports car years. Enthusiasts worried Nissan didn't know how to replace it, or didn't want to because coupe sales are declining globally. The high-riding Gripz concept introduced at the 2015 Frankfurt auto show was interpreted by many as a nod-and-wink way of announcing plans to take the nameplate into crossover territory. Nissan's preview video sets the record straight: The next installment in the Z story is around the corner, and it will once again take the form of a low-slung coupe.