Asahi Buys Fuller's Beer Business For $327 Million

Asahi buys Fuller's beer business for $327 million

LONDON--Japanese brewer Asahi is buying the beer business of Britain's Fuller Smith & Turner's for 250 million pounds ($327 million), in a deal that includes its flagship London Pride.

The deal announced Friday includes the Griffin Brewery in the London neighborhood of Chiswick, where the company was founded in 1845, and will allow Fuller's to focus on its pub and hotel holdings.

Sekai No Owari's Fukase Stars In A Beer Cm For Kirin

SEKAI NO OWARI's Fukase stars in a beer CM for Kirin

SEKAI NO OWARI's Fukase (Vo, G) stars in the latest CM for Kirin's 'Tanrei Green Label.' 

This is Fukase's first time starring in a CM without his bandmates. The CM was shot on the island of Oahu in Hawaii. In the CM, actress Tabe Mikako comes across a mysterious jukebox in a grassy field. When she presses the button on the jukebox, Fukase appears out of nowhere with an acoustic base and plays SEKAI NO OWARI's song "RAIN."

Have A Beer With Ketsumeishi In Their New Pv

Have a beer with Ketsumeishi in their new PV

Ketsumeishi will release their new song "Kanpai no Uta" on May 30. This single will only be available for purchase at CD shops in Okinawa and via their mobile site CLUB Ketsumeishi. 

"Kanpai no Uta" is a song that Ketsumeishi wrote for Orion Draft Beer's CM. The group stars in the new CM, which will air in Okinawa starting at the beginning of the month. Shot in Okinawa, the CM features various scenes of the members toasting beer. 

Asahi Breweries To Raise Beer Prices For First Time In Decade

Asahi Breweries to raise beer prices for first time in decade

Asahi Breweries Ltd. will raise the price of beer delivered mainly to bars and restaurants by about 10 percent in March 2018, the company's first price hike since 2008.

The increase will apply to bottles and barrels of the flagship Asahi Super Dry and other labels sold to wholesalers. The price for beer in cans will remain unchanged.

Kirin Looks To Expand Sales Around Asia With 'craft' Beer Series

Kirin looks to expand sales around Asia with 'craft' beer series

Kirin Holdings Co. plans to export its premium "craft" beers around Asia, starting with Taiwan in mid-May, and have regional demand account for 10 percent of overall sales of the series this fiscal year.

The beverage giant, citing the products' high reputation among foreign visitors to Japan, intends to further tap into the overseas market with three products that are part of Grand Kirin series launched in 2012.

Fuchu: How To Correctly Pour A Beer And Have A Safe Childbirth

FUCHU: How to correctly pour a beer and have a safe childbirthPlace a dry glass in your left palm and raise your right hand, the one you’re holding the can with, as high as possible. From there and all at once, pour the contents into the glass until it’s half full. It will seriously foam. Wait. Wait a bit more. When the foam has stabilized, tilt your glass and pour the beer down the side of the glass.

Beer-cooling Mugs Keep Your Cans Chilled

Beer-cooling mugs keep your cans chilledA cold beer is a luxury on warm days. Keeping your beer cool is a major challenge with the sun continuously negating your cooling efforts. That’s when you need to get your hands on something as effective as these cooling mugs.

Photo: Suds With Style As Graceful Geisha Open Kyoto Beer Garden

PHOTO: Suds with style as graceful geisha open Kyoto beer garden“Geiko” (Kyoto geisha) and young “maiko” apprentices hovered elegantly at tables and served customers tall cold ones as an annual summer beer garden opened in Kyoto’s Kamigyo Ward on July 1.
To fight off the summer heat in style, the beer joint is set up in the Japanese garden of the Kamishichiken-Kaburenjo theater in the ancient capital’s oldest entertainment district.

Big, Bold, Gold And Old--a Japanese Beer Story

Big, bold, gold and old--a Japanese beer storyTo some, it appears enticing, like the frothy head of a beer. To others, it resembles a “golden poop.” But one thing everyone has to agree on is that there’s a massive metallic-looking piece of art sitting atop a building in downtown Tokyo.

Green House Japan Stick Uses Ultrasound To Make Beer Delicious

Green House Japan stick uses ultrasound to make beer deliciousNot many of us get our beer servings right but for those who truly value the flavor of their beer, the presence of a generous smearing of foam would be deemed significant. It’s unfortunate though that many a times, we fail to conjure up the perfect serving with a healthy foam/beer ratio. Among the many solutions available to tackle this dodgy issue is the Green House stick.