This New Mario Kart Game Brings The Race To Your Living Room

This new Mario Kart game brings the race to your living room

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Transcript: Mario Kart just got "real." The beloved racing game is getting the augmented reality treatment. Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit will use the Nintendo Switch as its remote control. The game uses a real-life R/C replica of a kart with a camera attached to the top. Use objects around your house to customize your course, and with the help of the camera the track comes to life, streaming all the action from the kart cam to your TV. Mario Kart Live comes with 4 gates, 2 arrow signboards, and the option of choosing between Mario or Luigi as your racer. Expect Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit in stores on October 16th.

Heavy Rain Brings Down Sacred Tree At Gifu Shrine

Heavy rain brings down sacred tree at Gifu shrine

Heavy rain has toppled an ancient cedar tree at a shrine in Gifu Prefecture, central Japan.

The 40-meter-tall tree fell over on Saturday at Shinmei Shrine, cutting off power, damaging the roof of a nearby house and blocking a road.

Passenger Plane Brings Masks From China To Japan

Passenger plane brings masks from China to Japan

A passenger plane made landing at Narita Airport near Tokyo, carrying not passengers but masks from China.

Demand for vital medical supplies amid the coronavirus pandemic has been on the rise, while the number of overseas travelers has plunged.

1999 Acura Nsx Zanardi Edition Brings In $135,000 On Bring A Trailer

1999 Acura NSX Zanardi Edition brings in $135,000 on Bring a Trailer

Somebody just bought a 1999 Acura NSX Zanardi Edition for $135,000 on Bring a Trailer. And to that we say, we're jealous.

The Zanardi Edition is one of the more sought-after NSX models out there. Acura only ever sold 51 of them (named after racer Alex Zanardi), and they were sold during a time that nearly every NSX sold here was an NSX-T with the T-top. The hardtop Zanardi Edition features a number of performance improvements over a typical 1999 NSX.

Xperia 10 Ii (mark 2) Brings Oled To Sony's Midrange

Xperia 10 II (Mark 2) brings OLED to Sony's midrange

Sony has upped their game when it comes to their mid-range smartphone offering, as its newly announced Xperia 10 II (Mark 2) sports both an OLED display and is IP65/68 water resistant for the first time. It's nice to see some of these previous flagship features trickle down into the ‘super' mid-range.

Warm Winter Brings Pollen Season Earlier

Warm winter brings pollen season earlier

Unusually warm weather in parts of Japan has resulted in an earlier start of the pollen season.

Private weather forecaster Weather News says cedar pollen became prevalent in Tokyo last week. It says the high season for cedar pollen in the area arrived 10 days earlier than average.

Mitag Becomes Low Pressure System, Brings Rain

Mitag becomes low pressure system, brings rain

Tropical Storm Mitag turned into a low pressure system over the Sea of Japan Thursday afternoon. But Japan's Meteorological Agency is still warning of localized heavy rains across parts of western Japan as well as the eastern and northern part of the country, where the system is headed.

The low pressure system is moving east over the sea, accompanied by a front. It is making the atmosphere in wide areas from western to northern Japan unstable and generating rainclouds in some areas.

Mitag Brings Heavy Rain To Western Japan

Mitag brings heavy rain to western Japan

Tropical storm Mitag is bringing heavy localized rains mainly to western Japan.

The Meteorological Agency says Mitag is currently near the Korean Peninsula. Warm and humid air flowing toward the storm is making atmospheric conditions unstable.

Typhoon Mitag Brings Heavy Rains And Gusts

Typhoon Mitag brings heavy rains and gusts

A large and strong typhoon is bringing heavy rains and powerful winds to parts of southwestern Japan.

The Japan Meteorological Agency says Typhoon Mitag was over waters about 290 kilometers north of the Okinawan island of Yonaguni at 6 a.m. on Tuesday. It was moving north at a speed of 30 kilometers per hour.