Japanese Imperial Family And British Royal Family

Japanese Imperial Family and British Royal Family

The Japanese Imperial Family has long had close relations with the British Royal Family.

Emperor Emeritus Akihito has engaged in exchanges with the Royal Family since 1953, when he attended the coronation of Queen Elizabeth on behalf of Emperor Showa.

Toyota 86 British Green Limited: Bring It Here, Please

Toyota 86 British Green Limited: Bring it here, please

British Racing Green makes nearly everything better in the automotive world, even a small, Japanese sports car. Despite being about 6,000 miles away from Great Britain, Japan is channeling the British spirit with the Toyota 86 British Green Limited special edition.

Be it a Toyota or a Scion, the 86/FR-S has never been offered with a green paint option. We think that should've changed a long time ago after laying eyes on this beauty for the first time. It's obviously no Bentley or Jaguar, but we're universally smitten with the exterior spec of this special edition 86. The paint is only part of the deal here, too. There are bronze wheels unique to this 86, which set the green paint off just right. Hiding inside those bronze wheels are red Brembo brake calipers that look equally as nice. The optional (in the U.S.) Sachs dampers are standard equipment on this model, and a black trunk spoiler with green winglets ties the look together in the rear.

First Japan-british Drill Held Near Mt. Fuji

First Japan-British drill held near Mt. Fuji

The Japan Ground Self-Defense Force and the British army have held their first joint exercise near Mount Fuji in central Japan.

The drill began on Sunday and is scheduled to take place at the Kita-Fuji exercise camp in the area and other places for 13 days. It was agreed upon at a Japan-British summit in August last year.

Nagasaki Cafe Made From Iconic British Bus Draws Shutterbugs

Nagasaki cafe made from iconic British bus draws shutterbugs

A roadside cafe made from an authentic British double-decker bus recently opened in Nagasaki Prefecture, becoming an Instagram-friendly hit among users of the photo-sharing app.

London Cafe, which opened in September in the Nagasaki town of Hasami, is housed in a bus originally manufactured in the 1960s and deployed in the British capital's public transit system. The remodeled interior has a light color scheme and retro furnishings to match the iconic red-and-white exterior.

Japanese Armor Returns To Life In Suburban British Home

Japanese armor returns to life in suburban British home

Robert Soanes perhaps was not your typical British teenager. But he never considered himself to be a warrior, either.

But while most of his friends were following traditional pursuits, Soanes's childhood love of East Asia was flourishing, with a passion for martial arts, samurai swords and armor.

Japanese, British Fighter Planes Meet For 1st Time Since World War Ii

Japanese, British fighter planes meet for 1st time since World War IIBritish fighter planes will take on Japanese aircraft for the first time since World War II in aerial combat drills following the arrival in Japan on Saturday of four Royal Air Force Typhoon Eurofighters.
The joint practice at Japan's northern Misawa Air Base starts on Sunday and will be the first time Japan's air force train at home with a foreign force other than that of the United States.