New Toyota Highlander Spied With Chiseled Body, Loses Cardboard Cladding

New Toyota Highlander spied with chiseled body, loses cardboard cladding

A new Toyota Highlander is on its way, and this is the second time one of our spy shooters has caught it out testing. Initially, we saw a Highlander with bizarre cardboard cladding, but this prototype is outfitted in more traditional car camouflage. And boy has Toyota covered it up.

Some details are still recognizable through the camo such as the grille and headlights. It's easy to tell the grille on this generation of Highlander apart from the grille on the old, especially when they're lined up right next to each other. There appear to be curved ridges showing through the black, unlike the straight bars we see on the Highlander directly behind it. Much thinner, LED headlights are displayed alongside the new grille, poking through their shrouding. The side mirrors have new mounting points and are shaped differently, too.

Lexus Builds Origami Car Completely From Cardboard In Uk

Lexus UK Builds Origami Car Completely from CardboardLexus UK has created an IS made completely from cardboard, which they’ve called the Origami Car.
Each cardboard panel had to be individually laser cut and then assembled with glue, and the interior is fully articulated. The entire vehicle took three months to build — the level of detail is absolutely amazing.

Osaka Craftsman Crowned 'the Prince Of Cardboard'

Osaka craftsman crowned 'the prince of cardboard'To excel at his employment duties, Kiyoshi Shimazu likes to think outside the box.
The 31-year-old’s job is to design and manufacture playthings and toys from corrugated cardboard, a task he has proved so adept at that he has gained the nickname “the prince of cardboard.”